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-';.>^ . 

^BGf^S I 


A Carefully Selected List of Books Suitable for a Sunday School Library 

This is a splendid list of books to add to your Sunday School Library. If 

your school does not already have a library, start one 

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Regular Price of the Entire Set, = = $32.10 
Our Special Price, Delivered, = = - 22.95 
Your Choice of 50 Books, Prepaid, for only 14.95 

Twenty-five books or more, 20 per cent discount from the prices quoted. 
Less numbers at regular rate. 




About Money (to children),. .$ 50 

Alone in London, 35 

All Aboard (Life on the Lake) 35 

Among the Giants, 50 

Attic Philosopher in Paris,... 35 
Aunt Martha's Corner Cup- 
board, 35 

Autocrat of the Breakfast Ta- 
ble, 35 

Back to Bethel, 30 

Bible .Stories without Names, 75 

Black Beauty, 35 

Bonnie Jean, 35 

Book of Golden Deeds, 35 

Charley Newcomer, 25 

Children of the Bible, 35 

Child's Garden of Verses, 35 

Christian Living, 35 

Christian Year 35 

Crew of the Dolphin, The, 35 

Crown of Wild Olive, The,... 35 

Daily Food for Christians,.... 35 

Daniel the Fearless, 35 

David the King 35 

Dog of Flanders, A, 35 

Drummond's Addresses, 35 

Early Bible History 35 

Elijah the Prophet, 35 

Elizabeth and Her German 

Garden, 35 

Esther the Queen, 35 

Evangeline, 35 

Fairy-Land of Science, 35 

Fred's Dark Day , 35 

Golden Legend, The, 35 

Good Shepherd, The, 35 

Grandfather's Chair, 35 

How a Farthing Made a For- 
tune, 35 

Imitation of Christ. On the,... 35 

Jessica's First Prayer, 35 

Jesus the Savior, 1 t Vol 35 

Jesus the Savior, 2nd Vol., ... 35 

John the Baptist, 35 

Joseph the Ruler, 35 

Kept for the Master's Use, ... 35 








King of the Golden River, 35 

Laddie, and Miss Toosey's 

Mission, 35 

Letters to the Young, 75 

Life of David, 35 

Light of Asia, 35 

Lord Our Righteousness, The, 50 

Men of the Bible, 30 

Moses the Leader, 35 

Mothers of the Bible, ........ 30 

Natural Law in the Spiritual 

World, 35 

Paul and Virginia, 35 

Paul the Herald of the Cross,. 40 

Peep Behind the Scenes, 35 

Pilgrim's Progress 35 

Pleasures of Life, The, 35 

Poor and Proud, 35 

Prince of the House of David, 35 
Prodigal Son and other Sto- 
ries, 35 

Rab and His Friends, 35 

Rollo in Geneva, 50 

Rollo in London, 50 

Rollo in Naples, 50 

Rollo in Paris, 50 

Rollo in Rome, 50 

Rollo in Scotland 50 

Rollo in Switzerland, 50 

Rollo on the Atlantic, 50 

Rollo on the Rhine, 50 

Ruth the True-Hearted 35 

Samuel the Judge, 35 

Scarlet Line, The, 35 

Square Talk, A, 50 

Stalker's Life of Christ, 60 

Stalker's Life of Paul, 60 

Story of Palestine 35 

Sunday Talks to the Young, .. 35 

Through the Looking Glass,.. 35 

Told at Twilight, 35 

True and Beautiful, 35 

Uncle Tom's Cabi ii ^. ^ ^ ^ . . . . . 35 

Zoe, Author ^j^^t^^^ /5^*^'- ^^ 

^ $32 




Mfg. & Supply Company, Chicagfo, III., 

Is owned and operated by mem- 
bers of the Brethren church and 
solicits your patronage. This Com- 
for their catalogue. It is FREE. 

Free Trip to Colorado 

We wish to arrange with one member in 
every town or coimcy to assist us in getting 
up a party to join our cheap monthly ex- 
cursions to Colorado. Can furnish you with 
free transportation to accompany them on 
the trip. 


Send us your full name and address when 
you read this notice and we will send you 
full particulars by first mail, also adver- 
tising matter. 


Will all tell you that they are doing 
well here, and in fact you can be personally 
convinced by taking a drive through the 
Great South Platte Valley, Colorado. If 
you desire to make a change, come and see 
a country where the people are healthy, 
prosperous and contented. 


You can buy Irrigated Farms or town lots 
at low prices, terms of payment can usually 
be made to suit you. If you cannot come 
yourself we will make selections for you; 
have a few choice Snyder town lots for 
sale on monthly payments, sure to double 
In value in the near future. 


Sterling', Colorado. 


Washington, is south of 

eight miles north of Mabton, on the N. P. 
Railroad. It is the center of the largest 
tract of irrigated land in the great north- 
west. It has a healthful, mild climate, with 
scarcely any zero weather, and no sun 
strokes, cyclones, hail storms or blizzards. 
It is adapted to general farming and fruit. 
Sunnyside has no saloons, but it has a new 
High School building and eleven teachers, 
large church and Sunday-school attendance. 
It leads every other place in the State for 
its high moral, religious and intellectual 
standing. Wages are high and help scarce. 
Good farms can be rented in fall and win- 
ter. Improved and unimproved lands can 
be had at all times at such prices as will 
make the owner ten per cent per annum on 
his investment. Money can be loaned on 
gilt-edge real-estate security at six or sev- 
en per cent per annum. The Brethren have 
a good churchhouse, able ministers and a 
splendid opportunity for growth. Corre- 
spondence invited. S. J. HARRISON. 


Our New Book and 
Bible Catalogue 

Drop us a Postal and we will do the rest. 


Elerin, niinois. 


A Permanent 
Cure for Piles 

We have treated Brethren from all over 
the United States during the past 27 years 
of our successful practice as rectal special- 
ists, and in the Brethren Almanac have 
always carried an announcement of our 
proposition, which is to accept no money 
until the patient is satisfied a cure has been 
effected. The Brethren Publishing House 
would not continue to publish these an- 
nouncements if they were not positive our 
institution was a reliable one in every 
respect and that we absolutely accept no 
money till cured. Treating the number of 
Brethren we do every year, the Almanac 
publishers would certainly receive com- 
plaints, if we did not carry out in every 
respect the promises made in our advertise- 
ment. We treat piles, fistula, and 
diseases of the rectum, and accept no 
money till the patient is cured. We 
tell upon examina- 
tion what the cost 
will be for a cure 
and the length of 
time required, but 
our examinations 
are always free and 
the patient is not 
urged to remain if 
these conditions 
are not satisfac- 
tory. Write to-day 
for a 252-page illus- 
trated treatise on 
diseases of the 
rectum, containing 
also hundreds of 
letters from prom- 
inen t people 
throughout the 
country whom we 
have cured. We 
also send the ladies a ic8-page treatise 
containing letters from ladies only, and 
urge all those who may be afflicted to in- 
vestigate fully the letters and information 
contained in these free books. 

Dean of 

Columbian University 

Write to any of the following Brethren 

and they will tell you how they were 


Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Harnish, Laton, Cal. 

J. A. Brugh, 412 Everett Ave., Kansas 
City, Kans. 

M. McElroy, Marengo. Iowa. 

Mrs. Silas Hoover, Bills, Pa. 

J. J. Cripe, Pyrmont, Ind. 

Ira G. Cripe, Cerrogordo. Ill, 

Mrs. Enoch Carter, Varck, Kans. 

Mrs. W. C. Zook, Basehor, Kans. 

J. H. Shetter, Morrill, Kans. 

Miss Cora Deardorf, Cherry Street, 
Kansas City, Mo. 

H. A. Foreman, President Fourth National 
Bank, St. Louis, Mo. 

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Spurling, Ham- 
mond, 111. 

J. W. Howser, Centropolis, Kans. 

A. H. Reeves, Minister, Barnum, Minn. 

J. C. Cripe. Berthold, N.D. 

Mr. and Mrs. John Ross, Sydney, Ind. 

Washington, D, C, 

August 25, 1904. 
Drs. Thornton and Minor, 

St. Louis and. Kansas City, Mo. 

Gentlemen — In the hope that I may aid 
in pointing to afflicted humanity a relief 
from their suffering, 1 cheerfully and un- 
solicited break a rule of many years' stand- 
ing and write a testimonial. It is to the 
skill and integrity of Dr. Minor and his 

For several years I had been troubled 
occasionally, and during the last four years 
incessantly, with hemorrhoids. I con- 
sulted three physicians and most 
carefully followed for weeks their pre- 
scriptions. Finally 
I was informed that 
the case was of too 
long standing to 
yield to the astrin- 
gent treatment, and 
that a sure and per- 
manent cure could 
be effected only by 
subjecting myself 
to a surgical opera- 
tion under the in- 
fluence of an anaes- 
thetic. To this I 
had serious ^objec- 

Two months ago 
your advertisement 
attracted my atten- 
tion and I imme- 
diately called. 
After an examina- 
tion you assured me that a cure could be 
brought about, and stated the length of 
time that it would consume. 

1 entered upon the course of treatment 
and am happy to say that every promise 
you made was kept to the letter, and that 
at no time did I suffer any greater pain or 
discomfort than I had endured hundreds 
of times during the progress of the disease. 
At the present time I feel perfectly well, 
and I have your assurance that I shall 
never again be similarly troubled— an 
assurance that my experience with you 
makes doubly sure. 

Wishing you a continuance of your well- 
merited success, I am, 

Very gratefully yours, 


Dean of Columbian University, 

Washington, D. C. 

Address : 









Dominical I/etter A. Epact r.... 24 Roman Indication. ., 3 

Lunar Cycle or Golden No... 6. Solar Cycle 10 Julian Period.. ...... ......6618 

The Jewish Era witli their 5666th year commences September 30, 1905. ' 
The Mohammedan Era with their 1323rd year commences March 8, 1905 
Septuagesima Sunday Feb. 19 Palm Sunday April 6 'Whit Sunday June H 

Sexagesima Sunday Feb. 26 Maund Thursday April 20 Trinity Sunday June 18 

Quinquagesima Sunday Mar. 5 Good Friday April 21 Corpus Christi June 22 

Shrove Tuesday Mar. 7 Easter Sunday April 23 1st Sunday in Advent Dec* 3 

Asb Wednesday Man 8 Low Sunday April 30 Sunday's after Trinity are 23 

Quadragesima Sunday Mar. 12 Rogation Sunday May 28 
Mid Lent Sunday Mar. 29 Ascension Day . June I Christmas falls on Monday. 

The Four Seasons or Cardinal Point^s. 

Vernal Equinox, Sun enters T March 2ist, 2 oVlock in the morning 

Summer Solstice, Sun enters 25 June 2ist, iq o'clock in the evening 

AiTtumnal Equinox Sun enters :f^ September 23rd, 12 o'clock at noon 

V.^inter Solstice, Sun enters V3 December 22nd, 70'clock in the morning 

March 15, I7. 18, June 14. ^6 17. September 20, 22, 23, December 20, 22, 23. 

O Sun is called the Ooverning Planet. this year. 


Venus after April 27 Venus until April 27. 

Mars until May 8. .Mars after May 8. 

Jupiter after May 4 until November 24. Jupiter until May 4, after November 24. 

Saturn after February 3, until August 23. Saturn until February 3, after August 23. 

Mercury March 9, to April 22; June 24, to August Mercury to March 9; April 23, to June 24, 

29 ; October 12, to December 15 August' 29, to October 12; after December is! 


Mercury rises before the Sun, January 22, May '21, September 15; sets after the Sun April 4, August 2, 
December 16; Venus March 21, June 2; Mars May 8; Saturn August 23; Jupiter November 24. 


In the year 1905 there will be four ecUpses, two of the Sun and two of the Moon. 

1. A partial Eclipse of the Moon, February 19 invisible in America; the beginning visible in the east-, 
ern portion of Europe and Africa, and the whole of Asia and Australia, and the end visible throughout 
the whole of Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. 

2. An annular Eclipse of the Sun, March 5, invisible in America, visible in Australia and Indian Ocean. 

3. A partial Eclipse of the Moon August 14, visible here; the beginniue visible generally in North 
and South America, Europe and Africa; &nd the ending generally throughout the whole of North and 
South America, and the extreme western portion of Africa. 


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Characters of the Constellations. 

<1P^ Aries, the Ram. 
J^^ Taurus, the Bull. 
11^ Gemini, the Twins. 
So^g Cancer, the Crab. 

^ <ff^ Leo, the Lion. / ^ Sagittarius, Bowman. 

rrji^ Virgo, the Virgin. V^^ Capricornus, the Goat. 
-^ ^ Libra, the Balance, xr^ Aquarius, the Butler. 
1T|^sjj|g Scorpio the Scorpion. KS Pisces, the Fishes. 

Astronomical Characters Explained. 

New Moon 

Full Moon. 

First Quarter. 

Last Quarter. 

Q Moan's Asc. Node, or Dragon's Head 
f^ Moon's Desc. Node, or Dragon's Tail. 
W Moon's Ascension. 

,<R Moon's Descension. 
^ Moon in Apogee, farthest from the Earth 
(^ Moon in Perigee, nearest to the Earth. 

Ij Saturn. 



71 Jupiter. 


Mferc ry. 

S Mars. 






(J Moon. 



Planets and Aspects 

(5 Conjunction, or planets in the same longitude. 
>fc Sextile, when they are 60 degrees apart. 
D Quartile, when they are 90 degrees apart. 
A Trine, when they are 120 degrees apart. 
§ Opposition, when they are 180 degrees apart. 

Anatomy of Man's Body, as said to be governed by the Twelve Constellations. 

The Head and Face, 
^ Aries. 

^ Gemini. 

•it LEO. 

Reins y 
jjfe Libra. 

f^ Sagittarius. 

^ Aquarius. 

(^ Taurus 

Breast, , 
)u^ Cancer. 

M Virgo. 

cfg Scorpio. 

h'vees , 
^ Capricornus. 

The Feet, 
>S: Pisces. 


NEW WALL CARDS, etc. These are only a few of the good features 
about this Catalogue. SEND FOR A COPY TO-DAY. IT IS FREE. 


Elgin, Illinois. 

PILES, Drs. Thornton and Minor, 1020 Oak St., Kansas City, Mo. PILES. 

Are endorsed by Brethren from all parts of the country. See letters on page 3, and 
read carefully their proposition to cure piles, fistula, and all diseases of the rectum. No 
money until cured. Write to-day for their free book, " Plain Talk to Sick Women," an 
illustrated treatise on diseases of women by one of the greatest specialists in America, 
sent free and postpaid. Also a 232-page illustrated book on Rectal Diseases. Write to-day 
or call on them for free examination. 



First Month— 31 Days. 


and Days 






r, & s. 
h. m. 

li. m. 

h.' m. 

I New 

1 Sun 

2 Mon 

3 Tues 

4 Wed 

5 Thu 

6 Fri 

7 Sat 

Year's Sunday 

Luke 2 Day's length p hours 14 min 

3 29i7 2314 37 
. -I--- 437 

John H. Umstad was born, 1802: — 
He was a gifted Brethren preacher. 
Enoch's day. God took him. 
Corrections for this department soHcited. 
Robert Morrison was born, 1782. 
Joan of Arc was born, 1412. 
Elder Peter Nead was born, 1796. 

A 7 


A 20 


m s 

10 13 


II 7 


p m ij 



^^^ 2 



4 37 

1st Sunday after Epiphany Luke 2 

001/ ^0 ^ 6/ 
'^ -^ 722I438 

^ 4 39 

Day's length p hours 20 min. 


6 4 

7 2 

7 21 

8 Sun 

9 Mon 

10 Tue 

11 Wed 

12 Thu 

13 Fri 

14 Sat 

GaHleo died in Italy, 1642. 
Florida and Mississippi seceded, 1861. 
C. Schwenkfeld died, Germany, 1562. 
Ben. Butler died, Washington, 1893. 
Eld. Henry Kurtz died in Ohio, 1874. 
Menno Simon died in the year 1559. 
Benedict Arnold born in Conn., 1741. 

'■^ 15 



A I 



A 14 


9 55 




X 13 

5 22 

II 45 


^ 5 

a m 





7 20 1 4 40 

7 18I442 
7 1714 43 

2nd Sunday after Epiphany John 2 

Day's length p hours 28 min. 

15 Sun 

16 Mon 

17 Tue 

18 Wed 

19 Thu 

20 Fri 

21 Sat 

Edward Everett died in Boston, 1865. 
Edward Gibbon died in London, 1794. 
Benj. Franklin was born in Mass., 1706. 
Daniel Webster was born in N. H., 1782. 
Gen. R. E. Lee was born in Va., 1807. 
John Ruskin died in Brantwood, 1900. 
John C. Breckenridge born in Ky., 1821. 


7 34 



P^ 8 


2 6 


p^ 20 


3 4 


» I 

10 19 

4 3 


M 14 

II 6 

5 2 



a m 

5 59 



12 3 



4 44 
4 45 
4 47 
4 49 

jrd Sunday after Epiphany Matthew 8 Day's length p hours 40 man. 

22 Sun 

23 Mon 

24 Tue 

25 Wed 

26 Thu 

27 Fri 

28 Sat 

Queen Victoria died, 1901. 
William Pitt died in Putney, 1806. 
Eld. James R. Gish was born, Va., 1826. 
Robert Burns was born, Scotland, 1759. 
Breth. church organized, Smyrna, 1896. 
James G. Blaine died, Washington, 1893. 
Alex. Mack, Jr., born in Germany, 1712. 


I I 

7 54 


^ 6 



7 9 

f# 18 


9 26 

7 8 

^ I 



7 7 

W- 13 


II 44 

7 6 



a m 

7 5 




7 4 




4th Sunday after Epiphany Matthew 8 Day's length p hours 54 min. 

29 Sun 

30 Mon 

31 Tues 

E. Swedenborg born, Stockholm, 1688. 
Chas. I was beheaded in London, 1649. 
C. H. Spurgeon died in France, 1892. 

^ 22| 7151 I 2517 31457 
^ 7I 8 8| 227I7 2I458 
HE 2i| 9 iJ 338I7 i|459 

MOOK'S FOASES. Eastern States. 

New Moon, 5th 1-17 P. M. . . 

First Quarter, 13th 3:10 P. M. . . 

Full Moon. 21st 2:14 A. M. . . 

Last Quarter, 27th, 7:19 P. M... 

Central States. Western States. 

..12:37 P. M 11:57 A. M. 

.. 2-30 P. M 1:50 P. M. 

.. 1:34 A. M 12:54 A. M. 

. . 6: 39 P. M 5: 59 P. M. 


"He'B not the man he used to be. I should hardly have known him, he has fallen 
away so much." What a lesson in those words, and yet we hear them nearly every day! 
Not really sick, but ailing— losing flesh, dispirited, melancholy. There are many in just 
that condition. A word of encouragement and a little timely advice to commence treat- 
ment with Dr. Peter's Blood Vitalizer will quickly change the aspect. Mr. George Adolph, 
Burlingame, Kans., says: "Everyone in town knew my condition. Words cannot telj to9 
good your Blood Vitalizer did me." 



When the Brethren located the Pub- 
lishing House in Elgin in 1899, there 
were no members in the city. Our first 
services were held in the homes of 
members, and then were moved into one 
of the rooms in the Publishing House. 
In the meantime we cast about for a 
church, either to purchase a lot and build, 
or purchase one already built. 

On Highland Avenue, in the immedi- 
ate vicinity of where a number of mem- 
bers had procured homes, there happen- 
ed to be a well constructed and partly 
unfinished church owned by the Dis- 
ciples. This building was purchased and 
finished by the Elgin congregation, and 
now we have a neat, commodious and 
conveniently located house of worship. 

In the building we have a large, well 
seated auditorium and also a number of 
side rooms for Sunday school and prayer 
meeting purposes, with an excellent base- 
ment. The house is heated by hot air 

and lighted by electricity. The accom- 
panying cut shows the building as it ap- 
peared when purchased from the Dis- 
ciples. We have not found it necessary 
to make any changes whatever on the 

The edifice is on the Highland street 
car line, and can be easily reached from 
any part of the city. At this time there 
are about fifty members residing within 
ten minutes' walk of the house, five of 
them being ministers and five deacons. 
Our church is charmingly located, and in 
the course of a few years we expect to 
see a large body of members residing 
on the west side of the city where our 
people are settling and building up pleas- 
ant and desirable homes. We could not 
ask for better church and Sunday-school 
privileges, but as time goes by we hope 
to grow stronger, and be able to reach 
every part of Elgin and the surrounding 
community with our whole gospel plea. 

FEBRUARY Second Month— 28 Days. 


and Days 


pi. noon 
s. d. 



h. m. 

r. & s. 
h. m. 

h. m. 



h. m. 

1 Wed 

2 Thu 

3 Fri 

4 Sat 

Eld. Quinter born, Philadelphia, i8i6. 
Mexican War ended, 1848. 
Horace Greeley, born in N. H., 181 1. 
Eld. Daniel Vaniman was born, 1835. 

#• 20 


II 35. 


6 3 

3 s. 

6595 I 
6585 2 

6575 3 

6 ^th Sunday after Epiphany Matthew ij Day's length 10 hours 10 min. 

5 Sun 

6 Mon 

7 Tue 

8 Wed 

9 Thu 

10 Fri 

11 Sat 

D. L. Moody was born in Mass., 1837. 

Chas. II died in London, 1685. 

Chas. Dickens, born in England, 1812. 

Russo-Japanese war begun, 1904. 

W. H. Harrison was born in Va., 1773. 

Fall of Roanoke Island, 1862. 

Daniel Boone was born in Pa., 1735. 

^^ 27 

I 9 



^ 9 


7 44 


^ 24 




5 7 


9 35 


X 22 




^ 6 

4 43 

II 25 

6 50 

## 18 527 

a m 

6 49_ 





7 6th Sunday after Epiphany Matthew ly Day's length 10 hours 26 min. 

12 Sun 

13 Mon 

14 Tue 

15 Wed 

16 Thu 

17 Fri 

18 Sat 

Abraham Lincoln was born in Ky., 1809. 
Admiral Porter died, Washington, 1891. 
Wm. T. Sherman died, N. Y. Cy., 1891. 
Galileo was born in Italy, 1564. 
Philip Melanchthon born, Baden, 1497. 
Columbia was burned, 1865. 
Martin Luther died in Saxony, 1546. 



m 9 
« 21 

6 14 

7 2 
7 54 

9 45 

II 40 

I 46 

4 35 

5 47 







8 Septuagesima Sunday 

Matthew 20 Day s length 10 hours 44 min. 

19 Sun Alex. Mack, Sr., died in Pa., 1735. 

20 Mon Henry Drummond died in Surrey, i860. 

21 Tue Santa Ana born in Jalapa, Mex., 1795. 

22 Wed, Geo. Washington born in Va., 1732. 

23 Thu iJohn Q. Adams died, Washington, 1848. 

24 Fri I Christopher Sower was baptized, 1737. 

25 Sat I Fulton died (day before) N. Y., 1815. 






6 38 5 22 

6 37 5 23 
6 36 5 24 
6 34 5 26 

II 48I632I5 28 
am I631I529 

p Sexagesima Sunday 


Day's length 11 hours 2 min. 

26 Sun I Victor M. Hugo was born, 1802. 

2y Mon I Longfellow was born in Maine, 1807. 

28 TuesfBiela's Comet was discovered, 1826. 



5 33 


New Moon, 4th 

First Quarter, 
Full Moon, 
Last Quarter, 

Eastern States. Central States. Western States. 

6:05 A. M 5:25 A. M 4: 45 A. M. 

12th 11:20 A. M 10:40 A. 

19th, 1:52 P. M 1:12 P. 

26th, 5:03 A. M 4:23 A. 

M 10: 00 A. M. 

M 12: 32 P. M. 

M 3: 43 A. M. 

Well Preserved Men and Women. 

We find some remarkably weU preserved 
men and women who are sixty, seventy and 
even eighty, years old, but the great major- 
ity show the effect of early struggles, hard 
work and privations long before they reach 
that age. They need a mild, invigorating 
remedy to help nature restore the failing 
functions. Such a remedy is Dr. Peter's 
Blood Vitalizer. 

Piles — No Money Until Cured. 

Read our advertisement on page 3, then 
send for our 352-page book for men and 108- 
page book for ladies. Both mailed free. 

Drs. Thornton and Minor, 

1020 Oak St. Kansas City, Mo. 




Many a young man enters life with the 
idea that the world owes him a living, 
and that it shall be his business from 
now on to get back what is owing to 
him. All the common newspapers and 
almanacs are full of advertisements how 
to make money, and how to get rich, and 
how to get a big return for a small 
investment. Even good schools some- 
times offer shortest courses and sure 
paying employ to follow! 

As a boy I remember that I used to 
think, sometimes, that if I could some- 
how manage to get a cent out of every- 
body's pocket, nobody would be any 
poorer, while I would be rich. But that 
was when I hadn't very much sense yet. 
That was when I thought that the world 
owed me a living, and the problem with 
me was how to get it. 

When a man's every energy goes to 
getting something out of life, he usually 
gets it. With ordinary intelligence one 
can usually get about what he wants in 
this world. It is rather a question of 
how much he really wants to acquire 
his object. How earnest he is in his 
desire to obtain, — this is the whole ques- 

Having done all I could to get some- 
thing out of life, when all my days have 
been spent in the getting, then I may 
have actually acquired a very great deal. 
And I may be prominent, or I may be 
educated, or I may be rich. But what 
are these? If a man spends his whole 
life in getting something out of it, he 
will leave the world a poorer world, and 
he can take nothing with him. And if 
a man's behavior leaves the world poor- 
er, and himself none the better, I should 
count that life a failure. I do not know 
what other term to apply. 

From the beginning to the end he got. 
From his parents he got early care and 
attention. From his brothers and sisters 

he got his child lessons. From the doc- 
tor he got his medicine. From his teach- 
ers he got his education. From his 
preacher he got ethical teaching. From 
his employers he got his wages. From 
those who dealt with him he got the 
best of the bargain! From the stand- 
point of the business world that life 
would be called a success. 

But I have come to believe the basis 
of such calculation is wrong. The prem- 
ise is wrong. The conclusion is wrong. 
The ethics is wrong. The first thing a 
man does after coming into this world 
is to get into debt to his parents. What 
is he ever able to return to them for 
their watchfulness and care over him 
during the utter helplessness of his in- 
fant years? They clothe him, and nurse 
him, and feed him, and school him. He 
can give nothing back to them as an 
adequate return. He gets his religious 
teaching from the home circle, from the 
Sunday-school teachers, and from the 
preachers. And he must go into debt 
for this, as he has nothing equivalent to 

So when a boy is full grown, with 
twenty-one years of receiving-from-oth- 
ers as his experience, he has got the cart 
before the horse if he sets out with the 
idea that the world owes him anything! 
The fact is he is in debt to the world 
up to his ears! 

Setting out with the recognition of this 
debt, a conscientious man will feel like 
making strong efforts to pay off the in- 
debtedness. And so it comes to him that 
his view of life is different. He does not 
think the world owes him a living. He 
does not think to be getting something 
out of life as long as he lives. His 
thought is different. His endeavor is to 
pay back what he owes. His ideal lies 
hidden in a life of giving. His hope is 
that he should put something into the 


Third Month— 31 Days. 


and Days 


pi. noon 
s. d. 



h. m. 

Moon SUN 
r. & s. rises 
h. m. h. m. 



h. m. 

1 Wed David, the King of Israel. 

2 Thu John Wesley died in London, 1791. 

3 Fri I [Data for this department solicited.] 

4 Sat lAlex. Campbell died in W. Va., 1866. 

^ 13 
#• 28 
•^ 10 
^^ 28 


II 6 

4 2 


4 6 26 
6 24 

5 34 

5 37 

6 21 5 39 

10 Quinquagesima Sunday 

Luke 18 Day's length 11 hours 20 min. 

5 Sun 

6 Mon 

7 Tue 

8 Wed 

9 Thu 

10 Fri 

11 Sat 

[Subscribe for the Messenger, $1.50.] 
P. H. Sheridan was born in N. Y., 1831 
British & For. Bible Soc. organ., 1804. 
R. H. Miller died, Mt. Morris, 1892. 
Battle Monitor and Merrimac, 1862. 
Mazzini died in Italy, 1872. 
Tasso (Italian poet) born, Italy, 1544. 

A 9 

II 50 

5 59 




3 s. 



I 16 



^ 18 




f# 0, 




f# 12 


10 16 


pf 25 

4 9 




5 43 
5 44 

5 45 
5 47 

1st Sunday in Lent Matthew 4 Day's length 11 hours ^8 min 

12 Sun 

13 Mon 

14 Tue 

15 Wed 

16 Thu 

17 Fri 

18 Sat 

[The Inglenook. Sample copy free. 
Benj. Harrison died, Indianapolis, 1901. 
[Send for Missionary Visitor, 50 cents.] 
Julius Caesar died in Rome, 44 B. C. 
Eld. Peter Nead died near Dayton, 1877. 
St. Patrick's Day. 
John C. Calhoun born in'S. C, 1782. 


5 45 



9 21 

10 18 

a m 
12 27 

1 29 

2 21 


3 54 

4 I 

6 10 
6 8 


5 57 

12 2nd Sunday in Lent Matthew 15 Day's length 11 hours j6 min 

19 Sun 

20 Mon 

21 Tue 

22 Wed 

23 Thu 

24 Fri 

25 Sat 

Livingstone was born in Scotland, 181 3. 
Alex. Mack, Jr., died in Pa., 1803. 
Gen. Johnston died, Washington, 1891 
Jonathan Edwards died in N. J., 1758. 
Battle of Winchester, Va., 1862. 
Longfellow died in Mass., 1882. 
John Anderson died in Madras, 1855. 


II 15 


6 2 


a m 


6 I 

§;•• 10 

12 II 

7 3 


^•' 25 

I 7 


5 58i 

A 9 

2 3 


5 57 

A 24 



5 55 

m 6 

3 55 

II 43 5 54! 


5 59 

6 o 

J J ^rd Sunday in Lent 

Luke II Day's length 12 hours 14 min. 

26 Sun 

27 Mon 

28 Tue 

29 Wed 

30 Thu 

31 Fri 

Beethoven died in Vienna, 1827. 
Vera Cruz was captured, 1847. 
Raphael was born in Italy, 1483. 
Chas. Wesleydied in London, 1788. 
Earthquake in Peru, S. America, 1828. 
J. C. Calhoun died in Washington, 1850. 

^m II 
^^ 24 

5 5316 7 
55i|6 9 
5 4916 II 
5 4816 12 



New Moon, 6th,. . . 

Eastern States. 
12: 19 A. M 

Central States. 

11: 39 P. M 

3:19 A. M 

11: 15 P. M 

Western States. 
10: 59 P. M. 

First Quarter, 14tli,. . . 
FuU Moon, 20th,... 

3: 59 A. M 

11: 55 P. M 

2: 39 A. M. 

10: 35 P. M. 

Last Quarter, 27th,. . . 

4: 35 P. M 

3: 55 P. M 

3: 15 P. M. 


" It does my heart good to hear people, when they call for the Blood Vitalizer, speak so 
highly of the good it is doing," writes Mr. Frederick Dinse, 33 Bahrer Avenue, Cleveland, 
Ohio, one of the agents for the remedy in that city. 

In view of such comments, it is not to be wondered at that the agents for Dr. Peter's 
Blood Vitalizer are so enthusiastic in their work. It is also a source of much satisfaction 
to a manufacturer to know that he is placing before the public a remedy which is possessed 
9f positive merit. 



world. His happiness lies in making oth- 
er people happy. His education is that 
he owes the world a good life, and his 
intention is to pay it. He says to him- 
self, "I am debtor." 

Take this idea with the man into the 
walks of life, and it affects him all the 
way. When he meets another man, his 
thought is not what he can get out of 
him, but, " What good can I do for 
him?" When he goes to church, his 
thought is not what he can hope to get 
out of the services, but, " What good 
can I help to put into it?" As an em- 
ploye, his thought is not how much he 
can get out of his employer, but, ''How 
much can I do for him in the given 
time?" As an employer, his thought is 
■not what is the extreme limit to which 
the law will allow me to crush the 
under fellow down, but, " What can I af- 
ford to pay those in my employ, that 
they may have also the bounties of 

This is a joyful life. It is a pleasure 
to see how the people all over town smile 
on the mail carrier. Because he gives 
to them daily. And there are few crusty 
old fellows for mail carriers. The same 
reason comes into account. The life of 
any one who gives to the good of others 
is the most joyful life available. But 
only those who live it know it. 

I do. not know Christ other than 
through this channel. But in this I love 
him and appreciate him. His big soul 
was all aglow when he saw some one 
to whom he could be of service. And 
this bei-ng of service to others is not 
confined to the miraculous. It was not 
so in his life. It is the little, everyday, 
thoughtful service that you can do, and 
I must do, if we would be like the 
Master, the blessed Master. 

What greater joy can man have in 
this world than to meet another who 
knows not the Truth, and who would 
like to know? What greater joy can one 
have than to know of the suffering of 
some one, to whom he can administer 
gratuitous and unexpected comfort? 
What greater sense of over-joy can one 
experience than to come in close touch 
with the Divine Life, living as the Di- 

vine Life lived? He went about doing 
good. This is the divine view of human 
life, that men should do men good, and 
not evil. This is the divine idea wrought 
out in man. That every man seek an- 
other's good. 
Bulsar, India. 

Now I lay me down to sleep, 

I pray thee. Lord, my soul to keep; 

If I should die before I wake, 

I pray thee, Lord, my soul to take. 


By H. M. Barwick. 

From different state reports we learn 
that sixty-seven per cent of the paupers 
and criminals in their county infirmaries. 
State reformatories and penitentiaries are 
either wholly illiterate or else received 
but little schooling, while only three 
per cent were high school graduates and 
college attendants. 

Some statistics also give the per cent 
who had been taught an industrial trade, 
while from other sources we learn the 
per cent that received a legacy of money 
from their parents, but neither of them 
anyway compared with education as a 
preventive of crime. This generation of 
greedy money-grabbers ought to consid- 
er such facts, and church people ought 
also to see that the best legacy for chil- 
dren is an education that prepares them 
for usefulness in society, because plenty 
of money for the child is not a- safe- 
guard against degenerating. 

Our schools and colleges should also 
be surrounded with moral and spiritual 
influences, for when we neglect our edu- 
cational factors we are neglecting our 
souls' interests. 



Fourth Month— 30 



and Days 


pi. noon 
s. d. 



h. m. 

r. & s. 
h. m. 

h. m. 

h. m. 

I Sat 

Gospel Visitor started, 185 1. 

i^: io| 9 49 

4 I 

5 44 


14 4th Sunday in Lent Luke 11 

Day's length 12 hours 52 min. 

2 Sun 

3 Mon 

4 Tue 

5 Wed 

6 Thu 

7 Fri 

8 Sat 

Thomas Jefferson born in Va., 1743. 
Washington Irving born in N. Y., 1783. 
W. H. Harrison died, Washington,! 841. 
Easter! R. Rakes died, England, 181 1. 
Raphael died in Rome, 1520. 
Wordsw.orth born in England, 1770. 
Fall of Island No. 10, 1862. 

§;•• 22 



II 14 

II 56! 



## 12 

I 22 

H# 24 

2 6 

W 8 



5 3I542 
8 9 

5 37 

6 17 
6 19 

6 20 


75 ^th Sunday in Lent 

John 8 Day's length 12 hours ^4 min. 

9 Sun 

10 Mon 

11 Tue 

12 Wed 

13 Thu 

14 Fri 

15 Sat 

Payne, author, Sweet Home, died, 1852. 
Ft. Pulaski was captured, 1862. 
Civil War in America began, 1861. 
Adoniram Judson died at sea, 1850. 

Assassination of Lincoln, 1865. 
Lincoln died in Washington, 1865. 

M 20 



5 34 

tt 2 


II 52 

5 33 

tt 16 



5 31 


7 9 

I 8 


m 27 

8 4 



.f# 8 








16 Palm Sunday 

Matthew 21 Day's length Jj hours 10 min. 

16 Sun 

17 Mon 

18 Tue 

19 Wed 

20 Thu 

21 Fri 

22 Sat 

Philip Yonce died in Ohio, 1864. 
Franklin died in Philadelphia, 1790. 
Battle of Cerro Gordo, 1847. 
P. Melanchthon died Germany, 1560. 
Brainard, missionary, born, Conn., 1718. 
Spanish-American War began, 1898. 
James Buchanan, born in Pa., 1791. 

f# 20 




^■- 2 




^■- 14 

II 45 








12 41 



A 24 




m 7 








// Easter Sunday 

Mark 16 

Day's length I ^ hours 26 min. 

23 Sun 

24 Mon 

25 Tue 

26 Wed 

27 Thu 

28 Fri 

29 Sat 

Shakespeare died in England, 1616. 

New Orleans taken, 1862. 

First eleven baptisms at Bulsar, 1897. 

John H. Umstad died, 1873. 

U. S. Grant was born in Ohio, 1822. 

James Monroe was born in Va., 1758. 

Parson Brownlow died in Tenn., 1877. 

3 34 

6 14 

7 I 
7 47 

11 30 

12 19 





18 1st Sunday after Easter 

John 20 

Day's length ij hours 42 min. 

30 Sun [James R. Gish died, Arkansas, 1896. 

20| 913I 3 7l5 9I651 


New Moon, 4th, 

First Quarter, 12th, 
FuU Moon, 19th, 

Last Quarter, 26th, 

Eastern States. 

. . 6: 23 P. M 

. . 4: 41 P. M 

. 8: 37 A. M 

. 6: 13 A. M 

Central States. Western States. 

.. 5:43 P. M 5:03 P. M. 

.. 4:01 P. M 3:21 P. M. 

. . 7: 57 A. M 7: 17 A. M. 

.. 5:33 A. M 4: 53 A. M. 

The Road to a Happy Old Age. 

The road to a happy old age lies in care- 
ful and temperate living and in promptly- 
correcting those little irregularities which 
appear in the bodily functions. Of reme- 
dies to accomplish this there is probably no 
medicine that serves the purpose better 
than I>r. Peter's Blood Vitalizer. 

Read what the Brethren say of 

Drs. Thornton and Minor, 

On page 3 of this book. They treat Piles, 
Fistula, and Diseases of Women. Send for 
their 352 -page free book if afflicted. Ad- 
1020 Oak St. 


Kansas City, Mo. 


Bristol — Where the Annual Meeting is to be Held. 


The Annual Meeting for this year will 
be held at Bristol, Tenn., commencing on 
Tuesday morning, June 13, The Stand- 
ing Committee will meet on Thursday, at 
8 A. M., June 8, and organize by elect- 
ing a moderator, reading clerk and writ- 
ing clerk. The retiring officers are H. 
C, Early, I. D. Parker and H. B. Brum- 
baugh. Each State district is entitled 
to one elder on the Standing Committee. 
Districts having thirty-five hundred or 
more members may send two elders as 

In the open conference each congrega- 
tion may be represented by one delegate, 

either from the laity or official body. 
Congregations having two hundred mem- 
bers have the privilege of sending two 
delegates to the open conference. Sis- 
ters may serve as delegates in the open 
conference, but not on the Standing 
Committee. Only regularly ordained 
elders or bishops can serve on this com- 
mittee. It requires a two-thirds vote of 
the delegates and Standing Committee to 
carry a question in the open conference. 
As usual, the people will commence 
gathering Friday and Saturday. As 
many as possible should reach Bristol by 
Saturday, so there need be no traveling 
on Sunday. Sunday is to be the big 



Fifth Month— 31 Days. 


and Days 


Moon's Moon Moon 
pi. noon south | r. & s. 
s. d. h. m. h. m 

h. m. 

h. m. 

1 Monj Battle of Manila, 1898. 

2 Tue I Bishop Coke buried, Indian Ocean, 1814. 

3 Wed| 

4 Thu I Thomas Huxley born in London, 1825. 

5 Fri I Napoleon died at St. Helena, 1821. 

6 Sat [Robespierre (Frenchman) born, 1758. 


9 55 
II 20 


3 35 

4 5 



7 57 

6 52 



ip 2nd Sunday after Easter John 10 

Day's length zj hours §8 min. 

7 Sun 

8 Mon 

9 Tue 

10 Wed 

11 Thu 

12 Fri 

13 Sat 

Robert Browning born, London, 181 2. 
Earthquake at Martinique, 1902. 
Bunyan licensed to preach, Eng., 1672. 
Pacific Railroad completed, 1869. 
William Pitt died, 1778. 
J. E. B. Stuart died in Va., 1864. 
Vienna taken by the French, 1809. 

P^ 24 






5 4 

5 57 

6 50 

7 43 

9 49 
II 31 

5 I 
5 o 

4 59 
a m I4 58 

12 i7|4 57 
I 17I456 


7 o 


20 jrd Sunday after Easter 

John 16 Day's length 14 hours 12 min. 

14 Sun 

15 Mon 

16 Tue 

17 Wed 

18 Thu 

19 Fri 

20 Sat 


A. M. at Bismark Grove, Kans., 1883. 

Wm. H. Seward was born, N. Y., 1801. 

John Jay died in N. Y., 1829. 

A. M. at Covington, Ohio, 1875. 

Quinter died, North Manchester, 1888. 

A. M. at Harrisburg, Pa., 1902. 




11 21 
a m 

12 19 
I 17 

225 454 
3 8|4 53 
4 49 

8 9 






7 10 



4th Sunday after Easter 
21 Sun 

John 16 Day's length 14 hours 24 min. 

22 Mon 

23 Tue 

24 Wed 

25 Thu 

26 Fri 

27 Sat 

A. M. in Wayne county, Ohio,, 1872. 
'a. M., North Manchester, Ind., i 
A. M. at Muncie, Ind„ '93 ; Roanoke, '99. 
A. M. at Carthage, Mo., 1904. 
Arlington Heights captured, 1861. 
A. M., Illinois, '74; Pa., 'yy; Kans., '96. 
A. M. at Pertle Springs, Mo., 1890. 

^ 10 

#• 25 

4 4 
4 55 





4 47 

4 45 
4 44 
4 43 



22 ^th Sunday after Easter 

John 16 Day's length 14 hours 34 mm. 

28 Sun 

A.M. at Lincoln, Nebr., 1901. 

^ S 

7 53 

i39|4 43 


29 Mon 

A.M. at Meversdale, Pa., 1894. 

X 17 


2 8 



30 Tue 

A.M. at Milford, Ind., 1882. 

^ 29 





31 Wed 

A.M. Ottawa, '87, Bur'ton Pk, '98. 

ff# II 

10 ij 3 6 



MOON'S PEASES. Eastern States. 

New Moon, 4th, 10:49 A. M 

First Quarter, 12th, 1:46 A. M. . . . 

Fun Moon, 18th 4:36 P. M. . . 

Last Quarter, 25th 9:49 P. M. . . 

Central States. 

. .10: 09 A. M.. . 
. . 1: 06 A. M.. . 
. . 3: 56 P. M... 
. . 9: 09 P. M.. . 

Western States. 

9: 29 A. M. 

12: 26 A. M. 

3: 16 P. M. 

8: 29 P. M. 


Read our ad on Page 3 of this Almanac. We Accept no Pay until Patient 

is Cured. Send for Free Treatise. 

Drs. Thornton and Minor, 1020 Oak St., Kansas City, Mo. 



day at the conference. In the morning 
there will be Sunday-school work of 
some kind. This is to be followed by 
preaching. There will also be preach- 
ing in the afternoon and in the evening. 
For these services good speakers are 

Monday is likely to be one of the 
most interesting days at the conference. 
The forenoon will be demoted to Sun- 
day-school work, and there is certain to 
be some most inspiring talking. This 
meeting will be in charge of the Gen- 
eral Sunday-school Committee. The 
Annual Meeting missionary meeting is 
to be held in the afternoon, where 
able addresses will be delivered, to be 
followed by the collection. As near as 
possible every congregation, as well as 
every member in the Brotherhood, 
should have a part in this collection. 
During the forepart of the week other 
meetings, in addition to the open con- 
ference, will be held, and in due time a 
program of these services will be pub- 

Bristol, where the meeting is to be 
held, is on the state line, separating 
Tennessee and Virginia. The meeting 
will be held on the Tennessee side. The 
city has a population of about fifteen 
thousand and possesses good railroad fa- 
cilities. The citizens of Bristol are much 
interested in the Annual Conference, and 
are preparing to give our people a regu- 
lar Southern reception. 

We hope to see a good representation 
from every part of the Brotherhood. 
In the spring a number of announce- 
ments concerning this meeting will be 
published in the Gospel Messenger. 
The different railroads will give reduced 
rates. But all of this in detail will be 
made known through the Messenger. 

The picture at the head of this article 
represents one of the business streets of 
Bristol. The city is an enterprising 
place, is located in a fine part of the 
great South and is favored with some 
charming scenery. Some of our people 
are likely to fall in love with this sec- 
tion of the country. 


Not all tramps are poor, and now and 
then they abundantly reward those who 
show them kindness. Of a lady in Oma- 
ha, Nebr., it is said that one day last 
winter a man, ragged and weather-beat- 
en, came to her door, begging shelter 
for the night. He had applied at the 
hotels of the city, but none of them 
would receive so miserable-looking a 
creature as a guest. Her heart went out 
to him in pity, for he was homeless in a 
heavy snow-storm, and he looked tired 
and cold and sick. Eventually, at some 
inconvenience, room was found for him 
for the night. The next day he was too 
ill to rise, so a doctor was sent for, and 
his hostess nursed him. As the case 

grew more serious the man became fear- 
ful that he was going to die. One day 
while his hostess was alone with him he 
asked for his old coat, and when it was 
handed to him he took from beneath the 
lining a greasy package, wrapped in a 
newspaper. This he gave to his kind 
friend, with the remark that if he re- 
covered he would like to have it again, 
but if he died he wished her to keep it. 
His fears were justified, for in a week 
afterwards he was dead. Then the pack- 
age was opened, and in it was a thousand 
dollars, apparently the savings of his life. 
It is not often that benevolence is so 
highly rewarded in this life, but we are 
assured that it never misses its reward 
in the next life. 



Sixth Month—so Days. 


and Days 


pi. noon 
s. d. 



h. m. 

r. & s. 
h. m. 

h. m. 



h. m. 

1 Thu 1 James Buchanan died in Pa., 1868. 

2 Fri lA. M. at Hagerstown, Md., 1891. 

3 Sat |A. M., Myersdale, '73; Broadway, '79. 

irf 25 


II 34 

3 59 


4 39 


2 J 6th Sunday after Easter 

John 75 Days length 14 hours 42 min. 


8 Thu 

9 F^i 
10 Sat 

A. M. at Decatur, 111., 1895. 

A. M. at Lanark, 111., 1880. 

Eld. D. P. Saylor died in Md., 1885. 

A. M. at Ashland, Ohio, 1881. 

A. M. at Frederick, Md., 1897. 

Chas. Dickens died in England, 1870. 

Judson volunteered for missions, 1810. 


2 8 

3 I 

3 54 

4 47 

5 39 


10 15 

11 6 
II 49 

4 39 
4 39 
4 37 
4 37 


y 22 
y 22 


24 Whit Sunday 

John 14 Day's length 14 hours 48 min. 








16 Fri 

17 Sat 

A. M. at North Manchester, Ind., 1878. 
Wm. C. Bryant died in N. Y., 1878. 
A. M. to be held at Bristol, Tenn., 1905. 
Benedict Arnold died in London, 1801. 
Eld. John Kline killed in Va., 1864. 
Battle at Petersburg, Va., 1864. 
Eld. John Kline was born, 1797. 

rf 29 

7 22 

I 9 


s?= II 


I, S3 


^■' 24 

9 8 



A 9 

10 4 

3 4 


1^ 23 



4 35 


II 59 

4 37 

4 35 




4 35 



25 Trinity Sunday 

John J 

Day's length 14 hours 50 min. 

18 Sun 

19 Mon 

20 Tue 

21 Wed 

22 Thu 

23 Fri 

24 Sat 

Battle of Waterloo, 181 5. 

Council of Nice, 325. 

Accession of Queen Victoria, 1837. 

Santa Ana died in Mexico City, 1876. 

Memory, body of Christ. 

Eld. D. P. Saylor was born, 181 1. 

Henry Ward Beecher born, Conn., 1813. 

#- 6 



4 35 

#• 18 



4 35 

^^ I 


10 17 

4 35 

^^ 13 

3 34 


4 34 

^^ 27 


II 18 

4 35 


5 6 

II 55 

4 35 


5 49 

a m 

4 35 




26 1st Sunday after Trinity Luke 16 Day's length 14 hours 50 min. 

25 Sun 

26 Mon 

27 Tue 

28 Wed 

29 Thu 

30 Fri 

Polk appointed Maj. Gen., 1861. 
Pizarro, Spanish soldier, died, 1541. 
Joseph Smith died, Nauvoo, 111., 1844. 
John Wesley born in England, 1703. 
Henry Clay died in Washington, 1852. 
Chas. Guiteau hanged, Washington, '82. 














713 I 8 

756 132 

8 41 2 10 

927 246 

10 16 3 28 

4 35 

4 35 

4 35 

4 35 





New Moon, 3rd,. . . 
First Quarter, 10th,. . . 
Full Moon, 17th,. . . 

Eastern States. 

12: 50 A. M 

.... 8: 04 A. M 

Central States. 

12: 10 A. M 

7: 24 A. M 

Western States. 

11: 30 A. M. 

6: 44 A. M. 

12: 51 A. M 

12: 11 A. M 

9t- ftK T> M 

11: 31 P. M. 

Last Quarter 24th 

9- A^ v> A/r 

1: 25 P. M. 


A careworn face, pale and haggard, is sure to leave its impress on our minds. If it is 
the face of some loved one, mother, wife or child, our heart is filled with sadness. Such 
faces will haunt us in our sleep and are present to our minds in our waking hours. It is 
human to be solicitous for those we love. Possibly while reading this, you see before you 
a loved face, thin and blanched, tortured by disease. W^hat would you think if an invest- 
ment in a couple of bottles of Dr. Peter's Blood Vitalizer should change the picture to one 
of joy and health? C. Kroon, Duncansby, Miss., says: "We are highly satisfied with the 
Blood Vitalizer. It has made our children healthy and rosy cheeked." 




All over the Brotherhood we are build- 
ing new churches, and in some instances 
the old churches are being remodeled. 
Some of the old churches are removed, 
and others take their place. 

The first temple on Mount Moriah, 
after serving its purpose for generations, 
was destroyed, and in course of time the 
second temple was built. While the new 
temple was modeled after the former, it 
was not as large or as grand as Solo- 
mon's temple. Herod remodeled the 
second temple, greatly enlarged the 
structure and did much to enhance its 

God approves of these necessary 
changes in temples, though he may not 
have approved of Herod's waste of 
money in embellishing the house of God. 
The same in principle may be true to- 
day. It is all right for us to tear down 
old meetinghouses, when necessary, and 
build new ones; it is proper for us to 
remodel our churches and make them 
more convenient; it is also pleasing to 
the Lord for us to build new churches 
after the most improved plans for his 
services; but he does not want us to 
make an extravagant use of money. He 
certainly does not want his people to 
waste money on steeples and other 
things merely to please the eye and make 
a display. 

We claim to be a plain people, and we 
ought to have plain meetinghouses. But 
this does not mean that we are to dis- 
pense with neatness, convenience, dura- 
bility and taste. A congregation can 
build a plain house and at the same 
time have every church convenience 
knovv^n. Where it can be done our 
church buildings should be provided with 
the different rooms necessary for preach- 
ing, prayer meeting and Sunday school. 
While this may render some departure 
in architecture necessary, it does not in 
any sense justify the extravagant use of 
money on the house of God. 

The conveniences of a church should 
be made a special study, for a congre- 
gation ought to be able to make a wise 
use of every part of the house dedicat- 
ed to God's services. Special atten- 
tion should be given to the audience 
room. It should be neat, well propor- 
tioned, well lighted, properly seated, well 
heated and arranged for good ventila- 
tion. Then it ought to be so planned 
that the speaker from the stand may be 
heard in every part of the room. Neat- 
ness and taste on the inside of a build- 
ing does not necessarily mean pride, ex- 
travagance and display. It ought to 
mean good common sense. 

The future of the church depends upon 
what we accomplish in the Sunday 
school; hence the importance of so ar- 
ranging the rooms, provided for that pur- 
pose, as to do the very best work pos- 
sible. These rooms cannot be had in 
most of the old churches, but they should 
be kept in view when erecting new meet- 

Then the location of the church in a 
community is of great importance. 
Never build a meetinghouse to one side 
of a town or village. Select the very 
best place possible near the center, on 
a good street, where there is plenty of 
light. In the past some of our people 
have made mistakes by building their 
house of worship at the edge of a town 
or village, or a short distance out from 
the town. We should never make any 
more mistakes of this kind. If we want 
to reach the people we must build our 
churches where the people can reach 
them with as little inconvenience as pos- 


An English vicar was standing on a 
Monday morning at his gate, when one 
of his parishioners arrived with a basket 
of potatoes. "What's this?" asked he. 
" It's some of our very best taturs, sr'r. 
My wife said you should have some of 
them, as she heard you say in the sermon 
that common taturs (commentators) 
didn't agree with you." 



Seventh Month — 31 Days. 


and Days 


pi. noon 
s. d. 



h. m. 

r. & s. 
h. m. 

h. m. 



h. m. 

I Sat 1 Battle of Gettysburg, 1863. 


II 7 



sy 2nd Sunday after Trinity Luke 14 Day's length 14 hours 48 min. 

2 Sun 

3 Mon 

4 Tue 

5 Wed 

6 Thu 

7 Fri 

8 Sat 

Garfield shot in Washington, 1881. 
P. C. & B. at W. consolidated, 1883. 
Declaration of Independence, 1776. 
Battle of Chippewa, 1814. 
Huss born in Bohemia, 1369, died, 141 5. 
Thomas Hooker died in Conn., 1647. 
P. B. Shelly died in Italy, 1822. 


^^ 22 
^- 6 

pmoles. I436I724 







II 29 

4 37 
4 39 
4 39 


W ^ ^y ^-^ ^y ^^!>> / ^^ 

Day's length 14 hours 42 min. 
~7^ z~rr~rm 7~zz~^rzr-. 

2g ^rd Sunday after Trinity Luke i§ 


7 3 
9 47 
II 40 


Sun ! 













Braddock's Defeat, 1755. 
John Calvin born in France, 1509. 
John Q. Adams born in Mass., 1767. 
Julius Caesar was born, 100 B. C. 
Gen. Braddock died, 1755. 
Judson arrived at Burmah, 181 3. 
Rembrandt born, 1607. 


12 22 





4 40 7 20 
4 40 7 20 
441 719 
441 719 
4 42 7 18 

415443 7U 

2p 4th Sunday after Trinity Luke 6 

Day's length 14 hours ^4 min. 

16 Sun 

17 Mon 

18 Tue 

19 Wed 

20 Thu 

21 Fri 

22 Sat 

Isaac Watts born (following day) 1674. 
Adam Smith died in Edinburg, 1790. 
Godefroy de Bouillon died in iioo. 
Battle of Winchester, Va., 1864. 
I'etrarch (Italian poet) born, 1304. 
Battle of Bull Run, 1861. 
Eld. Henry Kurtz born, Germany, 1796. 







815 4 44i 

^ 15 



4 45 

^^ 28 




^ 10 




d 2s 

3 44 


4 47 

^ 9 





7 16 



7 12 

JO 5th Sunday after Trinity 

Luke 5 

Day's length 14 hours 22 min. 







26 Wed 1 



28 Fri 1 



U. S. Grant died in N. Y., 1885. 

Martin Van Buren died in N. Y., 1862. 

Samuel Mohler died in Ohio, 1891. 

St. Anne. 

Battle, Atlanta, Ga., (fol. day), 1864. 

Robespierre died, 1794. 

Wm. Wilberforce died in London, 1833. 


'M 12 
M 24 

W 6 

5 9|ii 26 


6 34 am 


8 7 

9 49 


1 22 

2 5 

4 49 
4 53 
4 54 

7 10 
7 10 
7 9 
7 8 
7 7 
7 6 

jj 6th Sunday after Trinity Matthew 5 

30 Sun I William Penn died in England, 1718. 

31 Mon I Christian Hope died in Kansas, 1899. 

Day's length 14 hours 10 mm. 


18I1043I 3 5314 5517 
51^139! I456I7 

MOON'S PHASES. Eastern States. Central States. 

New Moon, 2nd 12:49 P. M 12:09 P. M. . . 

First Quarter, 9th, 12:46 P. M 12:06 P. M. . . 

FuU Moon, 16th, 10:31 A. M 9:51 A. M. . . 

Last Quarter, 24th 8: 08 A. M 7: 28 A. M. . . 

New Moon, 31st, 11:02 P. M 10: 22 P. M. . . 

Western States. 

11: 29 A. M. 

11: 26 A. M. 

9: 11 A. M. 

6: 48 A. M. 

9: 42 A. M. 

Drs. Thornton and Minor, Kansas City and St. Louis, Mo. 

Are Endorsed by Brethren from All parts of the Country because of their Honesty. 

Read their Ad on Page 3 and Send for their FREE Book 

on Piles, Fistula and Diseases of Women. 



Brethren Church, Waynesboro, Pa. 



This is one of the oldest congrega- 
tions, if not the oldest, of the Brethren 
west of the Susquehanna river. It was 
organized in 1750 by Eld. Abram Stouf- 
fer, who was ordained to the eldership 
by Bishop Peter Becker, of near Phila- 
delphia. The region at that time was in- 
fested with hostile tribes of Indians. 
The French and Indian war a few years 
later increased the uneasiness felt by the 
members, and the work was hindered 
and the growth of the church retarded 
during most of the latter half of the 
eighteenth centdry. Worship was con- 
ducted in dwelling houses in the winter 
and in barns during the summer. Eld. 
Stouffer remained with the congregation 
several years and then returned to east- 
ern Pennsylvania, and Eld. George Adam 
Martin was left in charge of the work. 

The first resident bishop was Eld. Wm. 
Stover, who emigrated from Switzerland 
and who was elected to the ministry and 
ordained to the eldership while Eld 


Martin had charge of the work. Eld. 
Stover was the great-great-grandfather 
of Bro. Wilbur B. Stover, missionary to 

The original territory of the Antietam 
congregation was very large, comprising 
what are now known as the Manor and 
the Beaver Creek in Maryland and Welsh 
Run, Back Creek, Ridge and Falling 
Spring congregations in Pennsylvania. 

The first church building was erected 
in 1795 in Price's Grove, near Waynes- 
boro. Another was erected in 1836 at 
Welty's. Preaching services are still 
held at these two places as well as at 
four other points in the congregation. 

The new Waynesboro church shown 
by the picture was dedicated Oct. 2, 1904. 
It was built on the site of the old Union 
church erected in 1830 and which the 
Antietam congregation purchased in 1870. 
The new church is one of the largest and 
most substantial in Waynesboro. It has 
a frontage of 101 feet and a depth of 


Eighth Month— 31 Days. 


and Days 


pi. noon 
s. d. 



h. m. 

r. & s.. 
h. m. 

h. m. 



h. m. 

1 Tue 

2 Wed 

3 Thu 

4 Fri 

5 Sat 

Robert Morrison died in China, 1834. 

First miss, meeting, Yokohama, 1873. 
First steamboat trip by Fuhon, 1807. 
Battle of Baton Rouge, La., 1862. 

^ 17 

^ 13 

^ 25 

W' 9 


1 29 

2 22 


4 8 

7 35 


9 34 

10 9 

4 57 

4 59 

5 I 

7 3 
7 2 
7 I 

^2 yth Sunday after Trinity 


Day's length Jj hours 56 min. 




Sun ! Alfred Tennyson born in England, 1809. 
Mon I j . Caspar Aquila was born, 1488. 
Tue jRobert Moffat died, 1883. 



Adoniram Judson born in Mass., 1788. 
Richard Cecil died, 1810. 
Robert G. IngersoU born, N. Y., 1833. 
James Russell Lowell died, Mass., 1891. 




II 25 

5 2 
5 3 

A 23 



5 4 

m 3 



5 5 



I 14 

5 6 

m 28 


2 8 

5 7 

#• 10 


3 5 

5 8| 

jj 8th Sunday after Trinity Matthew 7 Day's length ij hours 42 





13 Sun 

14 Mon 

15 Tue 

16 Wed 

17 Thu 

18 Fri 

19 Sat 

Farragut died in N. H., 1870. 
Napoleon was born, Corsica, 1769. 
Waldensian return to Piedmont, 1689. 
William Carey born, 1761. 
Confederate Congress met, 1862. 
Blaise Pascal died, Paris, 1662. 


II 17 

4 4| 






^^ 20 

12 6 



A 2 

12 53 



A. 14 




A 28 




^ 10 

3 4 


5 16 


6 50 


^4 pth Sunday after Trinity 

Luke 16 Day's length Jj hours 26 min. 

20 Sun 

21 Mon 

22 Tue 

23 Wed 

24 Thu 

25 Fri 

26 Sat 

Mt. Morris College opened, 1879. 
John Tyndall born in Ireland, 1820. 
Battle of Catlett's Station, 1862. 
Louis XVI was born in France, 1754. 
Wm. Wilberforce born in England, 1759. 
Herschel died in England, 1822. 
Christopher Sower II, died in Pa., 1784. 



5 59 

9 54 
II 39 

647 am 

7 37 1244 

8 301 I 42 

5 17I643 
5 18I642 
5 20I640 

5 2i|6 39 


J5 loth Sunday after Trinity Luke ip Day's length 13 hours 8 min. 

27 Sun 

28 Mon 

29 Tue 

30 Wed 

31 Thu 

Battle of Long Island, 1776. 

Ira D. Sankey was born in Pa., 1840. 

Oliver W. Holmes born, Mass., 1809. 

Mark Antony died, 30 B. C. 

John Bunyan died in London, 1688. 


10 19 

11 15 

I 5l 

2 4o|5 2616 34 
342 527I633 
4 4915 281632 
3 s. I529I631 


First Qua 


rter 7th 

Eastern States. 
5- 16 P M 

Central States. 
4: 36 P. M 

Western States. 
3: 56 P. M. 

10: 31 P. M 

1: 09 A. M 

8* 13 A M 

9-51 P. M 

9: 11 P. M. 

Last Quarter, 23rd,. . . 

12-29 A. M 

11: 49 P. M. 

... 7: 33 A. M 

6: 53 A. M. 

, ^^ ...x, . . . 

Gloomy People. 

There are some people in this world who 
are gloomy, morose and pessimistic by na- 
ture, others are so because their blood and 
livers are out of order. If you have a 
friend who is continually crusty — maybe 
you are so yourself — g-et him to use Dr. 
Peter's Blood Vitalizer, and see how quick- 
ly things will brighten. 


What Is Needed. 

You don't have to be actually sick before 
needing a blood cleanser. The best of us 
need an occasional toning up. There is 
probably no remedy in existence which ex- 
erts such a beneficial effect on the system 
as Dr. Peter's Blood Vitalizer — made of 
pure, health-giving roots and herbs. 
Thousands have testified to its merits. 


68 feet. It is built of brick, trimmed 
with light stone. It has a Sunday-school 
room which is separated from the main 
auditorium by rolling partitions. When 
thrown into one room the seating ca- 
pacity, including the gallery, is about 
1,100. The building is well ventilated. 
It is heated by hot air furnaces and is 
lighted by electricity. 

Of the 560 members of the Antietam 
congregation about three hundred reside 
in Waynesboro (fifty years ago there 
were but four members in town). 

The congregation supports two mis- 
sionaries in India and two orphans are 
maintained there by the Sisters' Mission- 
ary Circle of Waynesboro. The Sisters' 
Circle was organized in 1895. 

The Waynesboro church also has a 

missionary association which was or- 
ganized in 1893. Our Missionary Read- 
ing Circle, which is now located at Cov- 
ington, Ohio, was organized here at one 
of the association meetings. 

The first Sunday school in Waynes- 
boro was organized in 1878, with Bro. 
J. F. Oiler as superintendent. 

The following have served in the elder- 
ship: Wm. Stover, Daniel Stover, Jacob 
Holsinger, Jacob Fahrney, Wm. Boyer, 
Jacob Price, Jos. F. Rohrer, Jacob F. 
Oiler, Jacob Snider. The present elders 
are D. M. Baker, J. B. Ruthrauff. The 
other ministers are C. R. Oellig, H. M. 
Stover, F. D. Anthony and Isaac Rid- 

Four annual meetings have been held 
in the congregation; in 1810, 1829, 1847 
and 1866 respectively. 



The young wife and expectant mother 
is carefully advised by the older ones 
" not to reach," " not to scream if she be- 
comes frightened," and if her adviser is, 
fortunately, a wise woman, she is also 
instructed to avoid looking upon de- 
formity or anything hideous. Some- 
times one cannot help becoming fright- 
ened to some extent, but every expectant 
mother must carefully avoid giving way 
to or being overcome by fright. She 
must control her emotions, not let them 
control her. But we should train our 
children to exercise self-control while 
they are yet little. This can be done, 
and the child can so train himself, if he 
will. This is a most valuable lesson all 
through life. The loss of self-control in 
the expectant mother results seriously 
upon the character of her child. For this 
reason the father should very carefully 
guard and shield his wife against exces- 
sive grief, sorrow or fear, and should 

seek to make her life a happy one, es- 
pecially during this trying time. 

A family were once riding in a steam- 
boat, when one child fell overboard. The 
mother screamed and failed to control 
her emotion. Some time later a foolish 
son was born. This son was a natural 
mechanic,' and more than usually gifted 
in other ways; but his mind was a wreck 
because of that loss of control over the 
parent mind . 

But fright is not the only thing against 
which we must guard. Excessive grief 
or sorrow may bring as sad results, while 
anger is even worse. Many a criminal 
in prison garb is but the result of an 
angry disposition upon the part of an 
unwilling mother. When a parent seeks 
to destroy the embryotic life, can he ex- 
pect this murderous disposition will have 
no effect upon the offspring? What we 
want our children to be, the parents 
must determine by their own disposition 


SEPTEMBER Ninth Month— 30 Days. 


and Days 


pi. noon 
s. d. 



h. m 

r. & s. 

h. m. 

h. m. 



h. m 

1 Fri 

2 Sat 

1 Battle of Sedan, 1870. 

Atlanta captured by Sherman, 1864. 

^ 6 
^ 18 

8 8 
" 842 


5 33 


j6 nth Sunday after Trinity Luke 18 

3 Sun 

4 Mon 

5 Tue 

6 Wed 
7_ Thu 

8 Fri 

9 Sat 

Day's length 12 hours 50 min. 

Oliver Cromwell died in London, 1658. 
Phebe Carey was born in Ohio, 1824. 
Publishing House moved to Elgin, 1899. 
Lafayette was born in France, 1757. 
John G. Whittier died in N. H., 1892. 
Galveston flood, 19CXD. 
Mosheim (church historian) died, 1755. 






5 35 


10 4 



10 51 

5 37 


II 39 



a m 





6 19 




57 I2th Sunday after Trinity Mark 5 Day's length 12 hours ^2 min. 

10 Sun 

11 Mon 

12 Tue 

13 Wed 

14 Thu 

15 Fri 

16 Sat 

Battle of Lake Champlain, 1814. 
Alex. Campbell born in Ireland, 1788. 
Great flood in Spain, 3,000 lost, 1891. 
Brethren at Work started, Lanark, 1876. 
Postal convention in Berne, 1874. 
Revolution in Guatemala, 1891. 

10 2 

11 34 

12 18 
I I 


3 54 

7 o 

7 55 

5 44 

5 45 
5 47 
5 49 


6 14 
6 10 
6 9 

^8 i^th Sunday after Trinity Luke 10 Day's length 12 hours 14 min. 

17 Sun 

18 Mon 

19 Tue 

20 Wed 

21 Thu 

22 Fri 

23 Sat 

U. S. Constitution adopted, 1787. 
Fugitive Slave Law signed, 1850. 
James A. Garfield died in N. J., 188 1. 
Battle of Chickamauga, 1863. 
Savonarola born in Italy, 1452. 
London Miss. Society organized, 1795 
Neptune discovered, 1846. 

2 26 

3 9 

3 54 


9 35 

10 16 

11 I 

II 54 




5p 14th Sunday after Trinity Luke ly Day's length 11 hours 56 mini. 

24 Sun 

25 Mon 

26 Tue 

27 Wed 

28 Thu 

29 Fri 

30 Sat 

Gen. D. H. Hill died in N. C, 1889. 
Benedict Arnold deserted, 1780. 
Christopher- Sower, 2nd, born, 1721. 
Breth. church organized in Colo., 1873. 
Frances E. Willard born in N. Y., 1839 
Lord Nelson born in England, 1758. 
Geo. Whitefield died in Mass., 1770. 

m 10 

8 4 

12 53 

6 2 

^ 25 



6 3 

«# 8 

9 53 


6 4 


1048I 332 
II 44 3 s, 

6 5 
6 7 

%' 14 

pm39 638 

6 8 

%' 28 



6 10 


5 57 
5 55 
5 53 
5 5^ 


First Quarter 
FuU Moon, 
Last Quarter, 
New Moon, 

Eastern States. 

Central States. Western States. 

5th 11:08 P. M 10:28 P. M 9:48 P. M. 

13th 1:10 P. M 12:30 P. M 11:50 A. M. 

21st, 5:13 P. M 4:33 P. M 3:53 P. M. 

28th. 4:59 P. M 4:19 P. M 3:39 P. M. 

A Word to Mothers. 

Mothers, make confidants of your daugh- 
ters. Teach them to come to you with 
their troubles, physical as well as mental. 
There Is a period in every girl's physical 
development which requires watchful care. 
Every irregularity should be promptly cor- 
rected. Dr. Peter's Blood Vitalizer exerts 
a most beneficial influence on woman's deli- 
cate organism. 


Thousands of People. 

There are thousands of people who pass 
year after year without a really well day. 
They are never bed-ridden, but they have 
a constant feeling of weariness and weak- 
ness which unfits them for work and pleas- 
ure. Dr. Peter's Blood Vitalizer is just 
what such people need. It makes live blood 
and makes it circulate and nourish the vital 
organs. It invigorates and strengthens the 
entire system. 


and conduct. If we want them to be 
great and good, our own characters must 
be above reproach. We must be men 
and women of prayer, because we cannot 
be pure and good and noble in our own 
strength. Our thoughts are incorporat- 
ed in our children's characters. A cer- 
tain mother who had asked a son of 
God decided that this child must be like 
one who had in years long past seemed 
to her the embodiment of manly char- 
acter and beauty. But how attain this 
ideal? Not even a small photograph of 
the features could be obtained. So she 
decided that her mind should dwell con- 
stantly upon her ideal. Every morning 
she would, upon waking, look upon a 
picture in memory's album of the one 
noble character. She asked God to make 
her son like that one who years ago 
had been so strong and brave and kind. 
(She never doubted that it would be a 
son.) In due time a son was born: 
strong, healthy, more robust than any of 
her other children. Whom did he favor? 
Not one of his relatives. He was not a 
pretty child. Strong lines of character 
marked his features from the first. As 
time advanced this child became one 
honored and trusted by all his teachers, 
schoolm.ates and neighbors, because of 
his strength of character. When called 
as a witness in a case where the man on 
trial was one much disliked, one who 
had many times erred, and against whom 
prejudice was strong, this boy testified 
that although the man was in the habit 
of domineering over others, and was of 
a quarrelsome disposition, and though he 
himself had never liked the man, and 
had suffered somewhat at his hands, yet 
the man was entirely innocent in this 
case, having acted only in self-defense. 
And the boy's testimony won the case 
against more than a score of other wit- 
nesses, and much prejudice, because he 
was known to be honest and truthful. 
When the proper time comes, a man of 
power for good will be recognized in 
this youth, and only the mother will 
know whom he " takes after." 

A poor family was united after years 
of separation and hardship. The wife 
was so happy to be again mistress of her 
own home. Her husband was so kind 
and considerate, how could she help be- 
ing glad? And her health was so well 
cared for, she never had felt so well and 
happy before. She said aftetward, " I 
just felt as though I could tear a house 
down and build it up again; I felt so 
strong and well, and so happy." A 
daughter was born. Nothing remark- 
able(?), that daughter became one of 
the most cheerful, brave and helpful of 
woinanly characters in times of great ad- 
versity. A support to the poor and af- 
flicted, a comfort to the sorrowing, a 
bright angel of hope to the tried and 
tempted and fallen. Her personal influ- 
ence would bring health into 4:he sick 
room, and her own private life was one 
of victorious struggle against great ob- 

Mothers^ look at the beautiful things 
around you. Do not let your mind dwell 
upon the unpleasant experiences of life. 
If compelled to dwell continually with 
the unbeautiful, the unlovely, the vile and 
disagreeable, do not let your mind retain 
the impressions made by these things. 
Turn your thoughts resolutely away to 
some lovely picture, even if it be only a 
picture of fancy, painted in the aircastles 
of imagination. Think of things that are 
pure and beautiful and good; and your 
child will be as you have governed your 
thoughts. It is said that Robert Inger- 
soll's mother read books of skepticism 
and infidelity before his birth. She 
thought that her own mind was strong 
enough to bear it. But what of the em- 
bryotic mind? If possible, read good 
books, the lives of noble characters. 
Seek pleasant and noble companionship, 
look at things that are beautiful. See 
the beauty in nature, and refuse to look 
upon or think of the unlovely. But if 
the desirable literature, society and sur- 
roundings canhot be, we can at least 
have pictures of them in our minds — in 
our thoughts. Philpp. 4: 8. 


OCTOBER Tenth Month— 31 Days. 


and Days 


pi. noon 
s. d. 



h. m. 

r. & s. 
h. m 

h. m. 

h. m. 

40 if)th Sunday after Trinity Matthew 6 Day's length 11 hovirs ^8 min. 

1 Sun 

2 Mon 

3 Tue 

4 Wed 

5 Thu 

6 Fri 

7 Sat 

Elgin church organized, 1899. 
First raihoad in United States, 1833. 
Miles Standish died in Mass., 1656. 
Rutherford B. Hayes born, Ohio, 1822. 
Jonathan Edwards born in Conn., 1703. 
William Tyndale executed, 1536. 
Edgar Allen Poe died, Baltimore, 1849. 






27I 8 




6 17 

7 10 

8 o 

9 33 
II 22 

a m 


6 12 

5 49 


6 1315 47 

6 i6|5 44 


41 1 6th Sunday after Trinity 


Day's length 11 hours 20 min. 

8 Sun 

9 Mon 

10 Tue 

11 Wed 

12 Thu 

13 Fri 

14 Sat 

The great Chicago fire, 1871. 
David Brainerd (Miss.) died, 1747. 
W. H. Seward died in N. Y., 1872. 
Eld. Samuel Zigler was born, 1816. 
Columbus discovered America, 1492. 

William Penn was born in London, 1644. 















847I 148 

9 33| 245 

10 16 344 

1059 4 39 

11 43! 5 37 
am I 3ris 
1224! 627 






6 2y 



5 39 
5 37 
5 35 
5 33 

42 yth Sunday after Trinity Luke 14 

Day's length . 

Ti hours 2 min. 

15 Sun 

«f 14 

I 7 




16 Mon 

First Breth. Miss., to India sailed 1894. 

«f 27 


7 35 



17 Tue 

Burgoyne's surrender, 1777. 

P^ 9 





18 Wed 

Moffat embarked for S. Africa, 1816. 

p^ 21 





19 Thu 

CornwaUis surrendered, 1781. 



9 45 



20 Fri 

Battle of Navorina, 1827. 


5 3 




21 Sat 

Battle of Trafalgar, 1805. 

M 27 

5 55 

II 40 



4S i8th Sunday after Trinity Matthezu 22 Day's length 10 hours 44 mm. 

22 Sun 


-H 9 

6 47 a m 

6 38I 5 22 

23 Mon 

Surrender of Metz, 1870. 

'•m 23 




24 Tue 

Daniel Webster died in Mass., 1852. 

«# 8 


I 13 

641 519 

25 Wed 

Christian Hope baptized, 1874. 

ff 20 


2 25 

642 5 18 

26 Thu 


^■- 2 

10 21 


643 517 

27 Fri 

Theodore Roosevelt born in N. Y., 1858. 


II 17 

4 45 

^4415 16 

28 Sat 

John Locke died, 1704. 


pmi4|a)set|6 45|5 15 

44 ipth Sunday after Trinity Matthew p Day's length 10 hours 26 mm. 

29 Sun 

30 Mon 

31 Tue 

Sir Walter Raleigh died, London, 161 8. 
John Adams was born in Mass., 1735. 
Luther nailed thesis to door, 15 17. 

^ 7| I 12I 6341647 

^ 20| 212I 724I648 

^ 6| 311I 815I649 



MOON'S FHASSS. Eastern States. 

First Quarter, 5th, 7:54 A. M 

Full Moon, 13th, 6:26 A. M 

Last Quarter, 21st 7: 50 A. M 

New Moon, 28th, 1:57 A. M 

Central States. Western States. 

. . 7: 14 A. M 6: 34 A. M. 

. . 5: 46 A. M 5: 06 A. M. 

. . 7: 10 A. M 6: 30 A. M. 

. . 1:17 A. M 12:37 A. M. 

You Are the Best Judge. 

You are the best judge of your own feel- 
ings. The doctor looks for symptoms, and 
having found them, follows certain pre- 
cepts, but the rest is largely guesswork. 
Dr. Peter's Blood Vitalizer acts on one prin- 
ciple, as old as life itself. It strikes at 
the root of the disease — the impurity in 
the blood. No guesswork about that. 


A Different Disease. 

A different disease every week is felt by 
those whose stomach, blood or liver is out 
of order. They never enjoy life long at a 
time, for they suffer with every ailment 
that is going. The vitality is so low that 
the system cannot resist disease. The sys- 
tem can be quickly fortified by the use of 
Dr. Peter's Blood Vitalizer. 


Abilene Church, Kansas. 



What is known as the Abilene church, 
Kansas, was partly organized in 1869 at 
Bro. John Humberger's. In 1858 John 
Humberger moved from Iowa to Pipe 
Creek, four miles west of where Minne- 
apolis, Kans., now stands, and took up 
a claim. Here the Indians became too 
hostile, and he moved to Abilene (the 
city of the plains), Kans., and lived in a 
corncrib and built a log cabin, 12x14 
feet, along the Kaw river, two miles 
from Abilene. In 1867 Jonas Dehaven 
moved here, he being a minister in the 
second degree and the first one of the 
Brethren ministers in this part of the 

In 1869 Bro. John Humberger was 
elected to the ministry, and the first 
love feast was held in his house. The 
following seven members were living 
here at the time the church was organ- 

ized: John Humberger and wife, Jonas 
Dehaven and wife, Christian Mast and 
wife, Christina Dehaven, who became the 
wife of the writer afterwards. Since 
then these have all been removed by 
death, except brethren John Humberger 
and Christian Mast, the latter of whom 
is living in Osage county, Kansas. 

In the fall of 1871 two deacons were 
elected, Bro. Ben Horner and Bro. Mi- 
chael Flory. In 1872 Bro. Abraham Bear 
was elected to the deacon's office, and in 
the same year the writer was the first 
to be received into the church by bap- 
tism at this place. 

Elders present at the organization 
were Isaac Hershey and L. H. Flack. 
In 1872 Bro. Humberger was advanced 
to the second degree, and later ordained. 
In 1873 Michael Forney was elected to 
the ministry. In 1875 a love feast was 


NOVEMBER Eleventh Month— 30 Days. 


and Days 


pi. noon 
s. d. 



h. m. 

r. & s. 
h. m. 

h. m. 

h. m 

1 Wed 

2 Thu 

3 Fri 

4 Sat 

All Saints Day. 

James K. Polk born in N. C, 1795. 
Wm. CuUen Bryant born, Mass., 1794. 
Brethren arrived S. California, 1884. 


4 9 

5 9 


10 12 

11 12 


651 5 9 
6525 8 

653 5 7 
6545 6 

45 20th Sunday after Trinity Matthew 22 Day's length 10 hours 10 min. 

5 Sun 

6 Mon 

7 Tue 

8 Wed 

9 Thu 

II Sat 

B. F. Butler was born in N. H., 1818. 


Battle of Belmont, Mo., 1861. 

John Milton died in London, 1674. 

Mohammed born (day fol.) 570. 

10 Fri Luther was born in Saxony, 1483. 

Alfred de Musset born in Paris, 1810. 

•^•sS 13 


12 41 


'■■^ 26 




^ 8 




A 20 




^ 7 




^ 19 

II 5 



#r 6 

II 49 


7 I 




4 59 

46 2ist Sunday after Trinity 


Day's length p hours 56 min. 

12 Sun 

13 Mon 

14 Tue 

15 Wed 

16 Thu 

17 Fri 

18 Sat 

Danish mission started, 1875. 
Meteoric showers of 1833 and 1837. 
Jean Paul Richter died, 1825. 
Eld. Daniel Vaniman died, Kans., 1903. 
Eld. Geo. Wolfe died in Illinois, 1865. 
S. M. E. China Con. organized, 1886. 
Chester A. Arthur died in N. Y., 1886. 


7 2 




7 3 

P^ 12 

1 21 


7 4 

P^ 25 

2 10 


7 5 

M 10 



7 ^ 

M 24 



7 7 

^ 6 



7 8 


4 57 
4 55 
4 54 
4 53 

4y 22nd Sunday after Trinity Matthezv 18 Day's length p hours 42 min. 

19 Sun 

20 Mon 

21 Tue 

22 Wed 
22, Thu 

24 Fri 

25 Sat 

James A. Garfield born in Ohio, 1831. 
Eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, 1857. 
Voltaire was born in Paris, 1694. 
S. Ottumwa church organized, 1900. 
Franklin Pierce born in N. H., 1804. 
John Knox died in Scotland, 1572. 
Isaac Watts died in England, 1748. 

5 33 


8 7 

9 o 
9 55 


II 32 



1 13 

2 19 

4 43 

4 49 
4 47 
4 47 

2srd Sunday after Trinity Matthew 22 Day's length p hours 30 mm. 

26 Sun 

27 Mon 

28 Tue 

29 Wed 

30 Thu 

Great tempest of 1703. 
George B. Crittenden died in Ky., 1880. 
Washington Irving died in N. Y., 1859. 
Horace Greeley died in N. Y., 1872. 
John Bunyan baptized in England, 1628. 

W |pra52 



m 19 




#■ 5 

250 7 55 


# 17 

346 859I718 

4 45 
4 44 
4 43 
4 43 


First Quarter, 3rd, 
Fun Moon, 12th, 

Last Quarter, 19th, 
New Moon, 26th, 

Eastern States. Central States. "Western States. 

8-39 P. M 7:59 P. M 7: 19 P. M. 

••l2-il A M 11:31 P. M.- .10:51 P. M. 

■ 8-33 R M:.... 7:53 P. M 7:13 P. M. 

"ll-47 A. M 11:07 A. M 10:27 A. M. 


Thoughtlessness, not penuriousness, is 
the reason why so many husbands allow 
their wives to become old before their 
time in the worry and care of looking after 
their homes and children and, in the mean- 
time, neglecting their own health. They 
should be urged to make use of Dr. Peter's 
Blood Vitalizer. It rejuvenates both mind 
and body and makes life again worth living. 

The Jewel of Health. 

Pure, rich blood is the jewel of health. 
If our blood is " right," all the vital organs 
are nourished by it and we are well. If it 
is " wrong," the first thing we need is a 
blood tonic to make it right again. Dr. 
Peter's Blood Vitalizer is the proper rem- 
edy. You do not have to use bottle after 
bottle of the Blood Vitalizer to discover its 
merits. The first few doses will demon- 
strate its health-giving powers. 


held at the home of Brother Bear, at 
which time an election was also held 
for a minister and two deacons. Bro. 
Abraham Bear was elected to the min- 
istry, and Bro. S. A. Sutter and the 
writer were elected as deacons. 

In 1876-77 Bro. S. A. Sutter and the 
writer made the annual visit, including 
five different counties and traveling 
about five hundred miles. The church 
gave us th£ privilege of doing some of 
this by correspondence. 

In 1877 J. M. Elliot and Humphrey 
Talhelm, two ministers in the second de- 
gree, S. H. Meuchley and Samuel Hough, 
two deacons, moved into this congrega- 
tion. About 1880 Bro. L. W. Fitzwater 
was elected to the ministry, and the 
same time the Saline Valley church was 
organized, which had formerly been a 
part of the Abilene church. In 1880 Eld- 
er John Forney moved into the congre- 
gation. The church was divided into 
three churches: the Chapman church, the 
Fairview church and the Abilene church. 
The Fairview church, having but few 
members, was soon restored to the Abi- 
lene church, of which it is still a part. 

In 1883 seven or eight of the members 
went off with the Old Order Brethren. 
Three of this number came back, and 
two of them died in that faith. 

In 1886 the Herington church was or- 
ganized, composed of a part of the Abi- 
lene church, which, a few years later, 
was disorganized and taken back into 
the Abilene church. In 1889 the church 
made several attempts to raise money to 
build a churchhouse, but could not de- 
cide on a location, and also failed to get 
enough money subscribed. 

In 1889 Bro. P. R. Wrightsman and 
wife, by consent of the church, got by 
subscription almost enough money to 
construct a house of worship. The 
house is 40x50 feet, having a basement 
under the entire house. In 1890 another 
house was built in the west end of the 
congregation, called the Holland church. 
This was 40x60 feet. We now have two 

churchhouses, with a membership of 
about 170 members, five elders, three 
ministers in the second degree and two 
in the first degree, and eight deacons, 
some being quite old and inactive; six 
appointments for preaching, with one 
Brethren Sunday school and two union 
Sunday schools, mostly conducted by the 

Bro. Michael Forney died about 1885. 
Bro. Ben Horner moved to Illinois in 
1902. In 1878 Samuel Hough, a deacon, 
moved in and was elected to the min-r 
istry in 1879. Geo. Mower, a minister in 
the second degree, moved in in 1878 and 
in 1879 he was ordained to the full min- 
istry. He still lives here, but is a mem- 
ber of the Old Orders. 

In 1879 Geo. K. Sappington was elect- 
ed deacon; he was elected to the min- 
istry in 1881, in the Beaverdam church, 
Md., and to the eldership in 1891. Jesse 
Shick was elected deacon in 1879, and 
elected to the ministry in 1890; now liv- 
ing in Iowa. In 1884 Geo. S. Wine, an 
elder, moved in; and in 1882 D. J. Shaf- 
fer, a minister in the second degree, 
moved in. He is now dead. In 1884 J. 
D. Trostle, an elder, moved in and was 
a great help to the church; he had 
charge of the church until death. Dan- 
iel Hollinger, a minister in the second 
degree, moved among us. Although he 
was blind, still he preached some. He 
also died in this congregation. William 
Dohens, a deacon, came here in 1879; 
died about .1884. Nathan Nelson, a dea- 
con, came here in 1884, and later died 
here. Jonas Leedy, a deacon, came here 
in 1880; moved in and out several times. 
Samuel Larkin, a minister, came here in 
1883, died in 1902. J. T. Neher, a min- 
ister, came here in 1884, later went to 
California. Samuel Furrey, a minister, 
came about 1882; he is an elder and is 
still living here. Christian Hope came 
here in 1885 and died here. About the 
same year A. Shatto was elected deacon; 
in 1891 to the minis _ 
to North Dakot^B^GecTrge Manorr w£^ 


DECEMBER Twelfth Month— 31 Days. 


and Days 


pi. noon 
s. d. 



h. m. 


r. & s. 

h. m. 

h. m. 

h. m. 

1 Fri 

2 Sat 

Siege of Quebec, 1775. 

John Brown was executed in Va., 1859. 

^^ 4 
^^ 16 




7 19 441 

49 1st Sunday in Advent Matthew 2i Day's length p hours 20 min. 

3 Sun 

4 Mon 

5 Tue 

6 Wed 

7 Thu 

8 Fri 

9 Sat 

Samuel Cooper died, 1876. 
Thomas Hobbes of England died, 1679. 
Martin Van Buren born in N. Y., 1782. 
Jefferson Davis died in La., 1889. 
Christian Hope born in Denmark, 1844. 
Eli Whitney was born in Mass., 1765. 
John Milton born in London, 1608. 


6 12 

II 59 





A 28 

7 3« 



^ 10 




^ 22 

9 3 

2 19 

y 22 

## 8 



7 22 

pif 20 

10 31 




4 39 

50 2nd Sunday in Advent 

10 Sun 

Luke 21 

Days length p hours 10 min. 



Great fire in Charleston, 1861. 
Robert Browning died in Italy, 1889. 
Battle of Fredericksburg, 1862. 
Washington died, Mt. Vernon, 1799. 
Nero (Roman emperor) born, Italy, 37. 
The great New York fire, 1835. 

12 Tue 

13 Wed 

14 Thu 

15 Fri 

16 Sat 

57- ^rd Sunday in Advent 


II 17 

5 8 



am ! 3ris 


If: 6 

12 6 

5 55 


M 18 




nffllg 5 




« 17 



7 22 




4 37 
4 37 
4 35 

Matthew 11 Day's length p hours 10 min. 

17 Sun I John G. Whittier born in Mass., 1807. 

18 Mon j Battle of Lexington, Ky., 1862. 

19 Tue 

20 Wed 

21 Thu 

22 Fri 

23 Sat 

Eld. Robert Calvin died, 1851. 
South Carolina seceded, i860. 
Robert Moffat was born in 1795. 
Pilgrims landed, Plymouth Rock, 1620. 
Joseph Smith was born, 1805. 

f# 13 


10 37.7 25 
1131 725 

am 7 25 




6 I 

'^ 24 


12 41 


A 10 

7 44 

I 16 


A 23 


226 726 

m 8 

9 34 


7 25[ 

4 35 
4 35 
4 35 
4 35 
4 35 
4 34 
4 35 

5^ 4th Sunday in Advent 

John I 

Day's length p hours 10 min. 

10321 444I725I435 
ii32|3s. I725I435 

pni32| 5 35!7 25|4 35 
1301 6367251435 
225 741 725 435 
317 844725 435 
4 51 944724436 

24 Sun 

25 Mon 

26 Tue 

27 Wed 

28 Thu 

29 Fri 

30 Sat 

Thackeray died in London, 1863. 


7'exas admitted, 1845. 

Geo. Whitefield born in England, 1714. 

Chas. Wesley born in England, 1708. 

Wm. Gladstone born in Liverpool, 1809. 

Battle of Savannah, 1778. 

5J Sunday after Christmas 

Luke 2 

Day's length p hours 12 min. 

23I 455I1045I724I436 

31 Sun [John Wycliffe died, 1384. |_ 

MOON'S PHASES. Eastern States. Central States. Western States. 

First Quarter, 3rd, 1:37 P. M 12:i57 P. M 12:17 P. M. 

Pun Moon, 11th, 6:25 P. M 5:45 P. M 5:05 P. M. 

Last Quarter, 19tli 7:08 A. M 6:28 A. M 5:48 A. M. 

New Moon, 25th, 11:03 P. M 10: 23 P. M 9: 43 P. M. 

There Comes a Time. 

There comes a time in our lives when no 
amount of medical skill will be able to 
ward off the grim harvester Death, but that 
does not justify us in careless living, or 
in neglecting to help nature restore our 
bodily functions. Dr. Peter's Blood Vital- 
izer is the hand maid of nature in the work 
of restoration. 


Bracing Up the Old Shanty. 

" Bracing up the old shanty," remarked 
an old farmer to his neighbor, as he took 
a dose of Dr. Peter's Blood Vitalizer, and 
there was more truth than humor in the 
remark. In old age, when the natural 
strength begins to fail, a mild, invigorating 
remedy becomes an actual necessity. The 
Blood Vitalizer is especially adapted for 
such cases. 


elected minister in 1889, advanced in 1892 
and ordained to the full ministry in 1897. 
He is still living here. About 1891 John 
Hantz was elected deacon; 1893 elected 
minister; advanced to the second degree 
in 1895, and later to the eldership, and 
is still living here. In 1896 C. A. Shank 
was elected to the ministry, advanced, 
and later to the eldership while in Col- 
orado, in 1903. J. W. Sheets, a deacon, 
came in 1883 and is still living here. In 
1896 James Brock was elected deacon, 
and later he, with two others, Luther 
Shatto and John Burkholder, was elect- 
ed to the ministry. Luther Shatto 
moved to North Dakota and the other 
two are still living here. About 1895 
William Phillipp'i, a minister, came and 

is still living here. In 1900 Ben. For- 
ney, an elder, came and is still with tks. 
C. H. Brown, an elder, is living here 
since 1899. John Dixon, a deacon, is al- 
so living here since 1902. In 1895 John 
Manon was elected deacon and is still 
here. In 1902 Isaac Strool was 
elected deacon and still lives at this 
place; at the same time David Hostetter 
was elected deacon and moved to Penn- 
sylvania in 1903. Martin Cline came 
here in 1903. In 1885 J. E. Keller was 
elected to the ministry, was soon ad- 
vanced and later ordained in Iowa, and 
is living at Tipton, Iowa. Jacob L. 
Trostle was elected deacon in 1896 and 
moved to Colorado in 1903. 

Abilene, Kans., R. F. D. No. 2. 


Time, strictly speaking, does not age, 
but is the measurement of existence or 
being by which age is determined. And 
according to this measuring things are 
called new and old. And as to things 
being new and old there is no definite- 
ness. This is determined proportionate- 
ly as to the length of the time they are 
supposed to exist or have a being. Som-e 
things are old after the existence of a 
year or less; other things are young aft- 
er being in existence thousands of years; 
so that the new and the old, as known 
by us, are determined by our customs 
and usages. 

We speak of the new country and the 
old country, the new States and the old 
ones, the nev/ houses and barns 
and the old ones, the new fields, 
fences, trees, orchards, etc., and the 
old ones, the new-born child and 
the old man or woman, and so 
on, all through the long list of 
beings and things that exist in the world 
as we know and understand them. And 
to the things new and old we gjttach im- 
portance and show our likes and dislikes 

according to our training, education and 

Some of us are disposed to grumble 
and be out of tune with the present con- 
dition of things because, say we, they 
are not as they were in the good old 
times of yore, when we were not tackled 
and elbowed at every turn and corner 
for money, for papers, magazines, books, 
building churches, sending missionaries 
and a hundred other new things about 
which we knew nothing when we were 
bo3^s and girls, — in the good old times 
when the reading matter of the home 
consisted of a Bible, hymn book and fam- 
ily Almanac. Well, yes, those were the 
good old times of our fathers and moth- 
ers, and perhaps their abundance was 
proportionately as great with their possi- 
bilities as are ours now in these bad new 
times. And, furthermore, we must re- 
member that the times and things that 
we now look back upon as being old, to 
them were new; so that what now seems 
old to us was new to them. And while 
some things now may not be just what 
we would have them be, how many of us 


would be pleased to step into their 
places as they occupied and filled them? 
Granting that the old times were as 
good as the possibilities would reason- 
ably allow, there are few of us indeed 
who would be pleased to exchange what 
we now have for what they had. 

There is a correspondence and fitness 
of things that belong to each other, and 
as time shifts them into the background 
they would lose their fitness were we to 
try to resurrect them and attach them to 
the new order of things. Let the past 
bury its dead; we have to do with the 
present and the living. Some things nat- 
urally live longer than others, so that 
as the new things come in, the cor- 
respondence is not lost, because they 
are yet new in their age, life and pur- 
pose — and in this way form a part of 
the new, or the present, instead of be'- 
ing relegated to the society of the old 
and the past. 

The wise man has said: "There is 
nothing new under the sun," and in his 
saying there is more truth than we, at 
first, suppose. All things material were 
from the beginning, though in different 
forms. A few years ago as we stood on 
the top of Egypt's most notable pyra- 
mid and thought of it being erected thou- 
sands of years before, the thought came 
to us, How very old, yes, very old in 

this pyramidal form. But, comparative- 
ly speaking, as a pyramid it was new, as' 
every particle of the material used 
in its construction was from the begin- 
ning, and therefore its real age dates 
from that time. 

But taking the terms in their more 
common acceptation, the subject, .the 
new and the old, is a very interesting 
one, and a comparison is justifiable. We 
have our new men and our old ones. It 
alwaj^s has been so; and it does us good 
to look at them as such. The young of 
to-day enjoy many advantages in the 
way of acquisitions and possibilities 
But the old have the advantage of practi- 
cal experiences which count greatly in 
their favor, so that the one largely com- 
pensates for the other. And by a happy 
blending of the two together we have the 
.secret of the real success in life. Let 
the young men do the pushing while 
the old men guide the boat. This ought 
to be true in our business life, and es- 
pecially true in the church life. The 
young cannot afford to despise the ex- 
perience of the aged; neither should the 
old refuse to consider the greater intel- 
lectual acquisition of the young. The 
new and the old must necessarily go , 
hand in hand, because the one is con- 
tinually growing into the other. 

H. B. B. 



It is a known fact that the interest 
taken in a new or old field depends to a 
large extent on the amount of knowledge 
we possess of the place and its surround- 
ings, the work and its true condition. 
We all picture in our minds how things 
are, and very often we find our picture 
entirely different from the real one. To 
this end the following lines are written, 
that our friends may be able to form a 
correct opinion of conditions which are 

being reported from this field from time 
to time. 

Dahanu is a town of about 2,500 in- 
habitants. It spreads itself for several 
miles along the sea, like many another 
seaport town. Being only seventy-eight 
miles from Bombay, and the countyseat 
of this " taluka," many a government of- 
ficial " tents it " along the beach during 
March, April and May. Seven miles 
north along the coast is said to be the 



best beach on this side of India, and here 
the Parsees have selected the site for 
their sanitarium. 

The population of this vicinity is made 
up of numerous castes, as in most parts 
of India. The difference in external ap- 
pearance between the different classes 
often produces pictures of great contrast. 
From the Varle}^ of the hills and jungles 
who, excepting the few yards of cloth 
wrapped about his head and . the two- 
foot rag covering his loins, is absolutely 

In the Operating Room. 

naked, to the proud Musselman dressed 
in gaudy silks of bright red and green, 
there are, comparatively speaking, few 
grades but great contrasts. For in a 
country like this the poor are very poor, 
while the well-to-do are rich compared 
to their unfortunate neighbors. 

The natives are of medium size, lean 
and erect. They have gracefully curved 
features and strong, athletic bodies. But 
generations of excess in different vices 
have made them weak and limited their 
resistance to disease. 

The coiffure of the men is very pecu- 
liar. The hair is cut in all sorts of forms 
depending on the freaks of the barber 
and customer. Some have their head 
shaved half way back over the head. 
Others cut a strip of hair an inch wide 
running longitudinally across their head. 
But in all cases they allow a tuft of hair 

to grow long from the crown, looking 
much like the Chinaman's queue. 

There are many small towns and vil- 
lages around Dahanu. Mulyan is one of 
the most important of these. It is the 
railway station of Dahanu, and here you 
will find us living rather than at Dahanu, 
as you would suppose from our postal 
address. On account of our work being 
mainly among the villagers, the hill and 
the jungle people; and for the conveni- 
ence of railroad travel, Mulyan is decid- 
edly the best center for us. Here Bro. 
Ebey's live in a native house, and I occu- 
py a native shop for living as well as 
dispensary purposes. 

An Indian native hut is a quaint look- 
ing affair. Around here can be seen hun- 
dreds of these, built of bamboo and mud 
and covered with a liberal coat of straw 
and palm leaves. Sticks of wood are 
placed over these so as to keep them 
from being blown away. Almost invari- 
ably a vine of some kind is planted near 
the house, which in time spreads itself 
over the entire roof, giving the place an 
attractive appearance. The interior is 
often composed of one large room, with 
one end arranged for the cattle and poul- 
try, while the rest is occupied by the 
family, be it composed of two or ten 
members. The floor is mother earth 
plastered over with mud and cow dung. 
The kitchen utensils are of brass, copper 
and clay, most of them being of the lat- 
ter. The cookstove or " choola " is in 
the shape of a horseshoe, small, low and 
built of mud. Their Sapolio is ashes and 
their soap, lime, and general antiseptic, 
the dung of the sacred animal — the cow. 

The native is a simpleton in many 
w^ays. A week ago the mother of our 
assistant station-master came very near 
dying because of three heavy meals, all 
given within two hours while she was 
suffering with high fever. The result 
was that I had to work with her two 
hours in the middle of the night, and 
then barely saved her life. When giv- 
ing medicines to patients we have to be 



careful and repeat the directions three 
or four times, and even then not infre- 
quently they take an entire day's medi- 
cine at one dose. 

Getting definite information concern- 
ing symptoms is another great difficulty 
in the way. They are not close observ- 
ers, and unless I use my own judgment, 
I am likely to be misled by their de- 
scription. For example, " dumb " is a 
term with which they designate a gener- 
al condition of difficulty of breathing. 
But whether it is the result of cough, 
asthma, a loaded stomach pressing on the 
heart, or actual heart disease, it 
makes no difference, they simply ask 
for " dumb-non-duva " — medicine for 
" dumb." " Gant " is another general 
term. It may be a simple swelling, a 
large tumor, a stye or a rupture, it is all 
" gant." The Indian is in a hurry when 
it comes to getting doctored. He wants 
his cure performed on short order, and 
I sometimes think that even our mission- 
aries catch that spirit, forgetting that it 
requires time even under the improved 
surroundings of an American home to 
cure chronic diseases. But in spite of all 
these things we get some excellent cases 
and excellent results. In my judgm.ent 
our best field lies in the operative one; 
where within one week a person who has 

been blind for years, needing the assist- 
ance of some member of his family at 
every move, is made to see and help him- 
self. During the last two weeks I have 
performed two operations of this kind. 
The last one was on an old lady brought 
from a village twenty miles away. She 
had been totally blind for over three 
years, and her joy was boundless when 
she discovered that she could see after 
the operation. She is now lying on the 
mud floor of a room at the public inn, 
which I have engaged for her use. She 
says her body aches on account of the 
uneven floor on which she lies, but she 
is willing to suffer for eight days to re- 
cover her sight. Twice a day our native 
workers go to see her and instruct her 
in the way of life. We are developing 
rapidly in this operative line. Thirty- 
five operations have already been per- 
formed, and we hope that the time is not 
far off when we can have a hospital with 
its facilities to aid us in our work. 

September was the biggest month in 
the history of our dispensary. From 765 
patients in January to 1,521 in Septem- 
ber is fair progress for the short time. 
We pray the Lord of the harvest to give 
us wisdom, and enable us to gather these 
golden sheaves into his garner. 

Dahanu, India. 



I lived in this world over forty-four 
years before I ever saw a potter's wheel, 
and the potter at work. 

The potter and his work is a favorite 
subject with the sacred writers. Think- 
ing there may be some of the Almanac 
readers equally as ignorant, or unfortu- 
nate as myself, I shall describe the proc- 
ess somewhat. 

I suppose the potter's wheel of to-day 
is the same as we read about in the 

Bible. It consists of a solid wooden 
wheel about three feet in diameter, fas- 
tened to an upright shaft a few inches 
from the floor. On the top of this shaft, 
at about three feet from the floor, is a 
small wheel about a foot in diameter. 
On this small horizontal wheel is where 
the potter does his work. He sits so 
that his feet and legs are above the 
large wheel, and with one foot he moves 
the wheel. The potter takes the lump of 



clay of such a size as he desires to use, 
lays it on the middle of the top of the 
small wheel. In a vessel at his side is 
found water, where he wets his hands, 
in order to make the clay work smoothly 
and easily. 

When one looks at the potter at his 
work, and sees hbvf simple and easy the 
process is, one is almost inclined to 
think, " I could do that too." The own- 
er of the wheel tells me that many per- 
sons have that idea, and desire to show 
how easily they could do the same. But 
they always find it quite another story. 
It requires about three years to learn 
the trade. Some of the thoughts that 
came to me while thinking on this sub- 
ject are as follows: 

1. The potter has full control of the 
clay, and can make any vessel he pleases. 
He has power over the clay to make a 
vessel to honor or dishonor. 

2. Whether a vessel is to honor, as 
men see it, is not of special importance; 
for both are of equal importance in the 
eyes of the maker. Are you seemingly 
an insignificant vessel among God's peo- 
ple? Your place is one that needs some 
person to fill it, and you are that one, 
and you are appreciated by the Great 
Potter the same as those who fill a more 
pretentious place. 

3. When I attempted to form a vessel 
I made a failure of it, and it was impos- 
sible for the potter to remedy the de- 
fect until he reduced the clay to its origi- 
nal formless mass. I stopped to ask my- 
self whether the Creator can reform the 
character that has been spoiled by the 
inexperienced or wicked dabbler. It was 
not the fault of the clay that I made a 
failure of my attempt. Is it possible that 
souls may be lost through no fault of 
their own? God knows: I do not. I 
only know that " God will do right and 
his judgments are righteous." 

4. When I had spoiled my work, the 
potter took the same lump of clay, and 
in a few moments' time, behold, a beau- 
tifully-formed vessel. That is what the 
love of God and the power of the Holy 

Ghost sometimes does, when an ill- 
shaped soul is brought under the re- 
quired influence, and is reformed by the 
power of the trained potter. 

5. After the vessels are formed on the 
wheel, they are dried. This is a process 
that must have its time. Should the ves- 
sels be set out into the hot sun at once, 
they would crack and be much injured, 
if not ruined. - But if dried slowly in the 
shade they remain in a perfect condi- 
tion. Moses, at forty years of age, was 
ready to be the deliverer of Israel; but 
the Lord set him in the shade forty 
years before he was fit to use, and then 
it was that Moses saw his weakness, and, 
as he supposed, unfitness. But now the 
Lord saw that he could use him. Thus 
the Lord even in this day may set a per- 
son in the shade, to be prepared for some 
work in the future. It is not always the 
man who comes to the front in his early 
years that holds his position and influ- 
ence. Sometimes he is like the potter's 
vessel that is dried in the hot sun; the 
strain is too great, and he may be greatly 
injured and even ruined. Had he gained 
his experience a little more in the shade, 
he might have escaped some of the mis- 
takes which he sees when it is too late. 

6. After the vessels are dried, they are 
burned. This is the finishing process; 
this is the supreme test. The one that 
fails here fails forever. Until the vessel 
is placed in the oven, it is possible to 
use the clay again if the vessel is spoiled 
or broken, but a potter's vessel, spoiled 
in burning, is a complete wreck. One 
can scarcely look upon a sadder lesson 
than a pile of broken crockery. A still 
sadder view is that of a human being, 
broken and spoiled in life's battle. In- 
stead of being prepared for greater use- 
fulness, by the trials of life, he could not 
bear the strain, and one looks upon a 
wasted and ruined life, fragments of what 
might have been useful and beautiful. 

This burning in the fire is necessary 
before a vessel can be of use. So the 
Lord knows that trials are necessary for 
us, in preparing us as vessels for the 
Master's use. To John the Revelator it 
was said, " He that overcometh shall re- 
ceive the crown of glory." Remember 
that all things work together for good 
to them that love God. 

MalmOj Sweden. 




Exquisitely beautiful is the effigy of 
Queen Victoria, now placed beside that 
of her husband on the royal tomb in the 
Mausoleum at Frogmore, England. It 
is the work of Baron Marochetti, who 

after the Queen's death, in 1901, her cas- 
ket was laid in it beside his, as she had 
desired. It is covered by the massive 
marble slab on which the effigies now lie 
side by side. For nearly forty years the 

Effigies of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert on their Tomb at Frogmore. 

was the Queen's favorite sculptor, and 
the designer of all the statues executed 
by her orders. It is remarkable, as are 
his other works, for its simplicity and fi- 
delity to nature. It represents Her Maj- 
esty in her earlier years, and was mod- 
eled before the death of the Prince Con- 
sort. The figure shows her in her royal 
robes, wearing a jeweled crown, and with 
the sceptre in her left hand. The ex- 
pression of the face is that of peaceful 
sleep, the features lulled in calm repose. 
The place for it has been empty until 
now, since the effigy of Prince Albert 
was put there. The erection of the 
mausoleum was begun soon after his 
death, in 1861, and his body was depos- 
ited there as soon as the building was 
completed. The sarcophagus occupies 
the entire width of the marble floor, and 

white figure of the Prince had been there, 
waiting its companion. It is now com- 
pleted by the addition of her own effigy, 
"according to the Queen's wish. On the 
walls of the building is the touching in-^ 
scription placed there by her orders: 
" Farewell, beloved. Here at last 
I will rest with thee. With thee, 
in Christ, will I rise again." Her pa- 
thetic resolve is now fulfilled. The ef- 
figies of the illustrious couple, so ardent- 
ly attached to one another in life, lie side 
by side, as do their bodies under the 
slab, and though a long interval elapsed 
between their deaths, it may now be said 
of them, as of the ancient king and his 
son: "Lovely and pleasant in their 
lives, and in their death they were 
not divided." — 2 Samuel 1 : 23. — Christian 




Corrected up to and Including Dec. 5, 1904, 

For the convenience of the Gish Fund Department we have found it necessary to arrange the Ministe- 
rial List alphabetically instead of under States. 

Kept in our large fire-proof vaults is a systematically-arranged file, containing a card, 4x6 inches, for 
each minister in the Brotherhood. On each minister's card are his name and address. If he changes his 
address, the change is noted on his card. If he orders a book, as provided for by the Gish Fund, that is 
entered. When a minister dies, or is relieved of his office, his card is removed from the file. If a brother 
is elected to the ministry a new card, containing his name and address, is placed in the file. 

The following list is set up from these cards. Should any mistakes be discovered, write us so we can 
correct the card list. The corrections now made will appear in the Almanac list for 1905. 

Biniato^on, Prodromus Rhodes. 


Bare, John Cowley, Alberta, N. W. T. 

Brown, Chas. H Wolseley, Assa. 

Buck, Abram Francis, Assa., N. W, T. 

Irvin, David M Francis, Assa. 

Kenepp, Samuel J Tyvan, Assa. 

Shamberger, George A Nanton, Alberta. 

Shock, D. Warren Osage, Assa. 

Staufifer, Harvey Tyven, Assa. 

Tigner, Wm. H Nanton, Alberta, West Canada. 


Eskildsen, C. C Hirshalsvej 17, Hjorring. 

Hansen, Christian Bethesda, Bronderslev. 

Jespersen, P St. Hundborg, Sjorring. 

Johansen, Martin Sovany per Bested. 

Poulsen, P. C Munkegade 3, Frederickshavn. 

Svendsen, Theodor Brodrehjemmet, Sindal. 


Fercken, G. J Montreal (Ain). 


Berkebile, S. P Bulsar. 

Blough, J. M B. B. Ry., Bulsar. 

Ebey, Adam B. B. Ry., Dahanu. 

Eby, E. H Bulsar. 

Emmert, Jesse B. B. Ry., Bulsar. 

Lichty, D. J B. B. Ry., Bulsar. 

Long, Isaac S B. B. Ry., Jalalpor. 

McCann, S. N B. B. Ry., Anklesvar. 

Pittenger, J. M Bulsar. 

Ross, Amos W Bulsar. 

Stover, Wilbur B. B. Ry., Bulsar. 

Yeremian, O. H Poste Restante, Bombay. 


Anderson, Andreas Limhamn. 

Johanson, Olof Upplandsgatan 77, Stockholm. 

Jonson, Per Wanneberga-Winslof. 

Lysell, Carl Ferlof. 

Olin, O. P Sodervidding. 

Pettersson, Job Bromsten. 

Risberg, J. M Kjeflinge. 

Vaninian, A. W • MalmO. 

Weiler. H. O Drottninggatan 19. Landskrona. 


Pellet, A 2 Pont Neuf Carouge, Geneva. 


Abernathy, I. W>. Wilson, W. Va. 

Abernathy, J. W Wilson, W. Va. 

Akers, Dr. R. T Alumridge, Va. 

Akers, Wash Carthage, Va. 

Albaugh, J. E Bannister, Mich. 

Allbright, Wm. H Kesley, Iowa. 

Alldredge, J . S Anderson, Ind. 

Allen, H. C Snowflake, Tenn. 

Allen Harvey W Lake Park, Iowa. 

Allen, J. R Hampton, lo vv a. 

Allen, Thomas York, N. Dak. 

Allison, David W Shippensburg, Pa. 

Altland, Chas Bigmount, Pa. 

Amick, Joseph Elgin, IIL 

ivnderson, G Snowflake, Tenn. 

Anderson, V Libertyville, Iowa. 

Andes, Levi Newton, Kans. 

Andrews, M. E Oysterville, Wash. 

Angle, Lee Wirtz, Va. 

Anglemyer, D. H Nappanee, Ind. 

Anglemyer, Jesse J Nappanee, Ind. 

Annon, G. W Thornton, W. Va. 

Annon, S. M . . . , Philippi, W. Va. 

Annon, Zech Thornton, W. Va. 

Anthony, F. D Waynesboro, Pa. 

Anthony, Wm. A Shady Grove, Pa. 

Appleman, Jacob Hydro, Okla. 

Appleman, John F Mexico, Ind. 

Argabright, J. H Cabool, Mo. 

Armentrout, G. W Dighton, Kans. 

Arnold, Albert S Eglon, W. Va. 

Arnold, A. W Kirby, W. Va. 

Arnold, Charley M New Paris, Ind. 

Arnold, D. B Burlington, W. Va. 

Arnold, D. E Purgitsville, W. Va. 

Arnold, G. S Burlington, W. Va. 

Arnold, John Lintner, 111. 

Arnold, John A Eglon, W. Va. 

Arnold, Perry A Ogden Center, Mich. 

Arnold, Peter Burlington, W. Va. 

Arnold, W Somerset, Ohio. 

Atkins, J. M Cabool, Mo. 

Atkinson, R Kingsley, Iowa. 

Auker, J. C Morrill, Minn. 

Ausherman, C. F R. R. 50, Myersville, Md. 

Ausherman, D Burkittsville, Md. 

Austin, A. W Gushing, Okla. 

Auvil, A. C Junior, W, Va. 

Babylon, E Menges Mills, Pa. 

Badger, Robert Panther, Iowa. 

Badger, Samuel Panther, Iowa. 

Baer, M. T Fristoe, Mo. 

Bagwell, E. B Bremen, Ohio. 

Bahr, Jacob Talent, Oregon. 

Bailey, John P Mt. Etna, Iowa. 

Bakener, Fred Leaf River, 111. 

Baker, C. L 'East Berlin, Pa. 

Baker, D Stephens City, Va. 

Baker, D Carson City, Mich. 

Baker, David S. Wautauga, Tenn. 

Baker, D. H Abbottstown, Pa. 

Baker, D, M Waynesboro, Pa. 

Baker, F. L Handley, Mo. 



Baker, Henry... R. F. D. No. ii, Greenville, Ohio. 

Baker, H. C Mondovi, Wis. 

Baker, H. Jesse 

, . R. F. D. No. I, New Weston, Ohio. 

Baker, H. M North Star, Ohio. 

Baker, J. H Astoria, 111. 

Baker, John K Antioch, W. Va. 

Baker, J. S Everett, Pa. 

Baker, Lawrence Stony Ridge, Ohio. 

Baker, Levi R. F. D., Elsie, Mich. 

Baker, N. E Corydon, Ind. 

Baker, N. R Whistler, Ala. 

Baker, Raphael Gormania, W. Va. 

Baker, S. H 2319 E. ist Ave., Spokane, Wash. 

Baltimore, A. H. .R. F. D. No. i, Lebanon, Oregon. 

Bame, Chas. A 356 Fourth Ave., Dayton, Ohio. 

Bantz, C. M Huntingdon, Tenn. 

Barkdoll, H. M. , Warrenville, 111. 

Barklow, B. F Myrtlepoint, Ore. 

Barklow, C. H Myrtlepoint, Oregon. 

Barklow, T Myrtlepoint, Oregon. 

Barnes, F Brandonville, W. Va. 

Barnett, J. W. Myrtlepoint, Oregon. 

Barnhart, A Helms, Va. 

Barnhart, A. B.. .62 E. Wash. St., Hagerstown, Md. 

Barnhart, D. B R. R. No. i, Overbrook, Kans. 

Barnhart, G Carthage, Mo. 

Barnhart, J R. R. i, Boones Mill, Va. 

Barnhart, John Mansfield, 111. 

Barnhart, J. E R. R. No. i, Springfield, Ohio. 

Barnhart, J. W R. R. 3, Wirtz, Va. 

Barnhart, O Willis, Va. 

Barnhart, Walter J Shelby, Mich. 

Barnhart, W. W North Manchester, Ind. 

Barnhizer, I Mt. Morris, 111. 

Barnthouse, Jasper 

8, cor. Craig St. & Lawn Ave., Uniontown, Pa. 

BarrettCj James S Baileytown, Tenn. 

Barto, I Mechanicsburg, Pa. 

Barton, James Corunna, Ind. 

Barwick, H. M McPherson, Kans. 

Basehore, G. H. .702 W. 17th St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Bashor, A McAlisterville, Pa. 

Bashor, A. M Lawrenceburg, Tenn. 

Bashor, D Holme'sville, Nebr. 

Bashor, J. D Tonkawa, Okla. 

Bashor, John C Jonesboro, Tenn. 

Bashor, Joseph Platteville, Colo. 

Bashor, M. M Porters, Idaho. 

Baugher, G. M Brodbecks, Pa. 

Baum, H. L Shannon, 111. 

Beagle, Eli Herring, Ohio. 

Beahm, I. N. H Elizabethtown, Pa. 

Beahm, J. C Accident, Md. 

Beahm, S. P Bedford City, Va. 

Beale, Jesse Waterloo, Iowa. 

Beam, Joseph R. F. D. No. 3, Somerset, Pa. 

Bean, E. G Indian Camp, W. Va. 

Bean, Wm. M Bellefontaine, Ohio. 

Beanblossom, D. W. 3109 Olive St., St. Joseph, Mo. 

Beard, David R R. R. 6, Westminster, Md. 

Beaver, I Lochiel Union, Pa. 

Beaver, O. J Nora Springs, Iowa. 

Beaver, S. S R. F. D. No. 3, Lititz, Pa. 

Becker, G. S Deodate, Pa. 

Beckner, Perry McPherson, Kans. 

Beckner, W. O McPherson, Kans. 

Beeghly, James W Accident, Md. 

Beeghly, Jer Accident, Md. 

Beeghly, John W Dayton, Ohio. 

Beeghly, Martin Ellison, N. Dak. 

Beeghly, S. A Coalport, Pa. 

Beelman, Adam Chicago, Ohio. 

Beelman, Henry Dillsburg, Pa. 

Beer, J. H Rockton, Pa. 

Beery, C. O Elderton, Pa. 

Beery, Jacob D Augusta, W. Va. 

Beery, P. H Covington, Ohio. 

Beery, Salem R. R. 4, McCune, Kans. 

Benner, Levi B Duncansville, Pa. 

Bennet, D. H Minneapolis, Kans. 

Bennett, David I 

Cor. 14th & Washington Sts., Huntingdon, Pa. 
Bennett, John Artemas, Pa. 

Bergin, George Pleasant Plains, Okla. 

Berkebile, D Delta, Ohio. 

Berkebile, D. G Wauseon, Ohio. 

Berkey, I. L Goshen, Ind. 

Berkey, Joseph Hillsboro, Pa. 

Berkeybile, Aaron Dubois, Nebr. 

Berkley, Albert Derby St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Berkley, J Kimmel, Pa. 

Berkley, Norman W., 

29 Sell St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Berkman, D. G Lanesburg, Ark. 

Berkman, Hiram Fredric, Iowa. 

Beshoar, John R Barbara, Pa. 

Betts, David Caldwell, Idaho. 

Betts, I. F Nampa, Idaho. 

Betts, Jacob Caldwell, Idaho. 

Beverage, Josiah Monterey, Va. 

Beverage, J. W Monterey, Va. 

Bible, J. W Mouth of Seneca, W, Va. 

Billheimer, I Edna Mills, Ind. 

Bingaman, A. L Cerrogordo, 111. 

Binkley, N. W Laura, Ohio. 

Biser, M. M Burlington, W. Va. 

Biser, Solomon Headsville, W. Va. 

Bishop, Nathan Knobsville, Pa. 

Bixler, U Westminster, Md. 

Bixler, Wm R. R., East Akron, Ohio. 

Bjorkland, John Rocky ford, Colo. 

Blessing, S. A R. R. 4, Dayton, Ohio. 

Blevins, J. C Parsons, N. Car. 

Blickenstaff, D. J R. F. D. No. i, Oakley, 111. 

Blickenstaff, Jesse Ottawa, Kans. 

Blocher, Amos H York, N. Dak. 

Blocher, Ira G R. R. 4, Greenville, Ohio. 

Blocher, Michael Perth, N. Dak. 

Blocher, S. W.......R. R. No. 4, Greenville, Ohio. 

Blough, A. P Waterloo, Iowa. 

Blough, E. J R. F. D. I, Holsopple, Pa. 

Blough, J. E .R. F. D. I, Holsopple, Pa. 

Blough, J. W Hooversville, Pa. 

Blough, P. J Hooversville, Pa. 

Blough, S. S 

1 120 Greenfield Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Blough, W. W Beachdale, Pa. 

Bock, Daniel Kokomo, Ind. 

Boggs, William Covington, Ohio. 

Bogue, Frank M Windfall, Ind. 

Bohn, J. S. Peru, Ind. 

Bollinger, B. B Shipshewana, Ind. 

Bolhnger, D , Shipshewana, Ind. 

Bollinger, I. M R. R. 2, South Whitley, Ind. 

Bollinger, R. B R. R., South Whitley, Ind. 

Bollinger, Samuel Ferris, Mich. 

Bollinger, S R. F. D. No. 6, Wooster, Ohio. 

Bollman, Jeise G. ..R. F. D. No. 3, Nappanee, Ind. 

Bomberger, Cyrus R. R. 4, Lebanon, Pa. 

Bond, Wm White, Pa. 

Bonebrake, David Altenwald, Pa. 

Bonewitz, J Newberg, Oregon. 

Bonsack, Chas. D , , Westminster, Md. 

Book, Edmund Blain, Pa. 

Book, I. B North Manchester, Ind. 

Book, Isaac Warble, Pa. 

Book, Wm. I Gettysburg, Pa. 

Bookwalter, L. A R. R. No. 10, Dayton, Ohio. 

Bookwalter, Sylvan.. R. F. D. 2, New Paris, Ohio. 

Booti, Samuel .Alumine, Va. 

Boone, John O Ferrum, Va. 

Booth e, Jesse R. F. D. No. 3, Floyd, Va. 

Boothe, Noah R Dulany, Va. 

Booz, Jacob ."" Salfordville, Pa. 

Booze, H Aline, Okla. 

Borough, Samuel. . .Marietta St., South Bend, Ind. 
Borough, Wm .... Marietta St., South Bend, Ind. 

Bosely, J. F Bulltown, W. Va. 

Bosely, J. W Bulltown, W. Va. 

Bosserman, Eleazer R. F. D. No. 18, Rawson, Ohio. 

Bosserman, J. H R. R. g, Lawrence, Kans. 

Bosserman, Levi D Bagley, Iowa. 

Bosserman, W. P Lambert, Okla, 

Bowen, Francis Stoystown, Pa. 

Bowers, A. J Colfax, Ind. 

Bowers, Geo, F Taneytown, Md. 



Bowers, James Elkhart, Ind. 

Bowers, Peter Parkersburg, 111. 

Bowlus, John S Broad Run, Md. 

Bowman, A Hagerstown, Ind. 

Bowman, Asa Epperly, Va. 

Bowman, C. A Johnson City, Tenn. 

Bowman, D Dillons Mills, Va. 

Bowman, D Glensted, Mo. 

Bowman, Daniel Altamont, Kans. 

Bowman, D. E Hagerstown, Ind. 

Bowman, Daniel F Johnson City, Tenn. 

Bowman, Geo R. F. D. No. i, Callaway, Va. 

Bowman, Isaac R. R. i, Boone Mill, Va. 

Bowman, Joseph R. R. No. i, Callaway, Va. 

Bowman, Jos. B Jonesboro, Tenn. 

Bowman, J. J Dayton, Ohio. 

Bowman, J. P Jonesboro, Tenn. 

Bowman, J. W Hagerstown, Ind. 

Bowman, L. A R. F. D. No. i, Callaway, Va. 

Bowman, Michael Topeka, Ind. 

Bowman, Peter Epperly, Va. 

Bowman, R. F 

130 N. Liberty St., Webb City, Mo 

Bowman, S. I Harrisonburg, Va. 

Bowman, S. J R. R. No. 4, Jonesboro, Tenn. 

Bowman, S. L Cowans Depot, Va. 

Bowser, G. W Arcadia, Ind. 

Bowser, Israel M York, Pa. 

Bowser, John Tatesville, Pa. 

Bowser, J. J Cleveland, Kans. 

Bowser, Samuel Maxwell, Iowa. 

Boyd, A. L Cordell, Okla. 

Boyd, C. F Newville, N. Dak. 

Boyer, Allen Lena, 111. 

Bradley, E. J Saluda, N. C. 

Bradley, F. H Surrey, N. Dak. 

Bradshaw, John Brummett, N. C. 

Brallier, Chester A Pierceton, Ind. 

Brallier, D. S 213 Seventh St., Altoona, Pa. 

Brallier, Geo. H Greenville, Iowa. 

Brallier, H. H Pierceton, Ind. 

Brammell, H. L Ozawkie, Kans. 

Branscom, Geo.' A Melvin Hill, N. C. 

Branson, I. E R. R. No. 2, Muncie, Ind. 

Braucher, U. D Somerset, Pa. 

Bray, W. T R. F. D. No. 3, Montrose, Mo. 

Breshears, Burr E Chesaw, Wash. 

Bricker, G. W Darkesville, W. Va. 

Bricker, Jacob, 2135 Walbrook Ave., Baltimore, Md. 

Brickey, Allen Jenson, Ark. 

Bridge, Albert. Monticello, Ind. 

Bridge, G. O Idaville, Ind. 

Bright, J. C R. R. No. 4, Dayton, Ohio. 

Bright, J. Homer R. R. No. i. Union, Ohio. 

Brilhart, D R. R. 2, York, Pa. 

Brindle, J. H Kaufifman, Pa. 

Britton, J. F Manassas, Va. 

Broadwater, J R. R., Preston, Minn. 

Brooks, J. W Newville, N. Dak. 

Brouse, W. P Nampa, Idaho. 

Brower, Alfred Dale, Iowa. 

Brower, C. M South English, Iowa. 

Brower, D. M Ashland, Oregon. 

Brower, J. A Mayville, N. Dak. 

Brower, J. D South English, Iowa. 

Brower, J. J Marshalltown, Iowa. 

Brower, Peter South English, Iowa. 

Brower, S. F Ollie, Iowa. 

Brown, Charles C Abilene, Kans. 

Brown, C. H Navarre, Kans. 

Brown, E. C Westminster, Md. 

Brown, Jer New Windsor, Md. 

Brown, J. K Woodbury, Pa. 

Brown, S. M...1554 Riddell Ave., Wichita, Kans. 

Brown, Wm. F Christie, Tenn. 

Brubacher, A. H R. R. No. i, Lebanon, Pa. 

Brubaker, A Gratis, Ohio. 

Brubaker, A. C...1108 Vine St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Brubaker, B. F R. R. No. 4, Lyons, Kans. 

Brubaker, C Neffsville, Pa. 

Brubaker, C. C McPherson, Kans. 

Brubaker, Chas. H 

....530 S. Grand Ave, Santa Barbara, Cal. 

Brubaker, D Perryville, Ohio. 

Brubaker, D. E Mt. Morris, 111. 

Brubaker, D. M Liberty, 111. 

Brubaker, D, R Salem, Va. 

Brubaker, E. B Brubaker, Pa. 

Brubaker, Ellis S R. R. 9, Wabash, Ind. 

Brubaker, H Coyle, Okla. 

Brubaker, H. T R. R. No. 2, Sterling, Kans. 

Brubaker, Isaac S McPherson, Kans. 

Brubaker, I. W R. R. No. 2, Monroe, Iowa. 

Brubaker, Jonathan Virden, 111. 

Brubaker, J. A Gotebo, Okla. 

Brubaker, J. F West Alexandria, Ohio. 

Brubaker, J. H Virden, 111. 

Brubaker, J. H Surrey, N. Dak. 

Brubaker, J, O Surrey, N. Dak. 

Brubaker, J. S Glendora, Cal. 

Brubaker, L. E Hickman, Va. 

Brubaker, N. F Fruita, Colo. 

Brubaker, Peter Worthington, Minn. 

Brubaker, S. F Girard, 111. 

Brubaker, W. R Surrey, N. Dak. 

Brubaker, W. U Rockton, Pa, 

Brumbaugh, A Greenville, Ohio. 

Brumbaugh, Elmer, 

R. R. No. 4, Tippecanoe City, Ohio. 

Brumbaugh, G. B James Creek, Pa. 

Brumbaugh, G. W Clovercreek, Pa. 

Brumbaugh, H. B Huntingdon, Pa. 

Brumbaugh, Henry H Defiance, Pa. 

Brumbaugh, I. Harvey Huntingdon, Pa. 

Brumbaugh, Irvin B James Creek, Pa. 

Brumbaugh, J. B Bellwood, Pa, 

Brumbaugh, J. B Huntingdon, Pa. 

Brumbaugh, James D Martinsburg, Pa. 

Brumbaugh, 1. H Barbara, Pa. 

Brumbaugh, J. H...R. R. No. 3, Brookville, Ohio. 

Brumbaugh, J. K West Milton, Ohio. 

Brumbaugh, J. R R. R. No. 2, Arcanum, Ohio. 

Brumbaugh, L, R Denton, Md. 

Brumbaugh, M. G Huntingdon, Pa. 

Brvimbaugh, Reuben H James Creek, Pa. 

Brumbaugh, S. I Saxton, Pa. 

Brunk, E. E Stet, Mo. 

Brunk, Henry Greentown, Ind. 

Brunner, Edward A Frederick, Md. 

Brunton, W^alter Ozawkie, Kans. 

Bryant, J. E Grand Junction, Colo. 

Bucher, Allen Annville, Pa. 

Bucher, Christian Schaefferstown, Pa. 

Bucher, Cyrus Astoria, 111". 

Bucher, G Quarry ville, Pa. 

Bucher, Rufus P Mechanic Grove, Pa. 

Bucher, S. G Astoria, 111. 

Buck, C. L New Enterprise, Pa, 

Buck, O. D Franklin Grove, 111. 

Buckingham, W. I Laplace, 111. 

Bucklew, William Clayton, Ohio. 

Bucklew, Solomon Canton, 111. 

Buckley, J. S Sterling, 111. 

Buckmaster, G. W Reck, Ind. T. 

Budd, Amos Corunna, Ind. 

Bueghly, Martin Ellison, N. Dak. 

Bullion, Earl Phoenix, Arizona. 

Buntain, George W Newtonsville, Ohio. 

Burall, J. M Ijamsville, Md. 

Burcham, W Noblesville, Ind. 

Burger, R. E Allerton, 111. 

Burger, S, J Brighton, Ind. 

Burger, S. J . Baltic, Ohio. 

Burget, A. B Clovercreek, Pa. 

Burghart, P Warrensburg, Mo. 

Burgin, George W McPherson, Kans. 

Burkepile, C. E R. D. No. i, Butler, Ohio. 

Burkhart, J. S R. F. D. No. 2, Johnstown, Pa. 

Burkholder, C. K Richland, Nebr. 

Burkholder, J R. R. 3, Harmony, Minn. 

Burkholder, J. H Holland, Kans. 

Burns, I. S Wakarusa, Ind. 

Burns, W. H R. R. i. Kappa, Ind. 

Burough, S South Bend, Ind. 

Burrow, G. P Waynesville, Mo. 

Bussard, John M R. R. 50, Myersville, Md. 

Bussard, Wm New Paris, Ind, 



Butcher, E. C Caldwell, Kans. 

Buterbaugh, J. O West Beaver Creek, Md. 

Butler, Henry Richland, Iowa. 

Butterbaugh, J. W 

68 Summit Ave., Jersey City, N. J. 

Button, O. O Ramona, Kans. 

Byer, W. D Idaho Falls, Idaho. 

Byer, W. H Ramey, Mmn 

Byerly, David Lima, Ohio. 

Byerly, D. M Craigsville, Ind. 

Byerly, Jesse Peterson, Ind. 

Byers, Calvin S.... Corbet Add., Hagerstown, Md. 
Byers, David Canton, Ohio. 

Cakerice, J Conrad Grove, Iowa. 

Caldwell, L. D Mathias, W. Va. 

Calhoun, Allen Boyer, W. Va. 

Calvert, J. G Inglewood, Cal. 

Calvert, Noah H Richards, Mo. 

Calvert, Vv m Bell, Ohic. 

Calvert, W. O. .R. F. D. No. 2, Lawrenceville, 111. 

Campbell, D. C R. R. No. i, Colfax, Ind. 

Campbell, J. A Fristoe, Mo. 

Campbell, J. F Princeton, Ind. 

Campbell, U. S R. F. D. No. i, Bryant, Va. 

Cark, Lewis H .Bladen, Nebr. 

Carl, Geo. C Newberg, Oregon. 

Carl, O. S New Paris, Pa. 

Carper, George East Akron Sta., Akron, Oliio. 

Caslow, Ellis F Yale, Iowa. 

Cassady, Harrv J Huntingdon, Pa. 

Cassel, F. P Lansdale, Pa. 

Cassel, I Fairview Village, Pa. 

Castle, N. P Brownsville, Md. 

Caylor, A Greentown, Ind. 

Chambers, A. Midland, Va. 

Chambers, D Middleton, Mich. 

Chambers, Geo. W Locust Grove, Va. 

Chambers, J. W Middleton, Mich. 

Chandler, William Myrtlepoint, Oregon. 

Charles, Warren Grampian, Pa. 

Chemberlen, G. F Covina, Cal. 

Childers, W. H Grumpier, N. Car. 

Chirighotis, D Mt. Morris, 111. 

Christian, J. H R. R. 5, Huntington, Ind. 

Christian^ J. H Gettysburg, Ohio. 

Christner, ^ .mos Gebhart, Pa. 

Christner, A. D R. F. D., Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

Claar, Abram J Queen, Pa. 

Claar, J. C Queen, Pa. 

Claar, Michael McKees, Pa. 

Clair, A. L Mt. Morris, 111. 

Clanahan, John Edith, Va. 

Clapper, Daniel Ellerslie, Md. 

Clapper, D. S Everett, Pa 

Clapper, G. M Carrington, N. Dak. 

Clapper, John Earned, Kans. 

Clapper, Sherman Chewelah, Wash. 

Clark, B. O Sheridan, Mo. 

Clark, Dennis Maysville, W. Va. 

Clark, D. C. (colored) Palestine, Ark. 

Clark, E. F Meyersdale, Pa. 

Clark, Jesse D Jonesboro, Tenn. 

Clark, John S..2531 Stevens Ave., Parsons, Kans. 

Clark, N. J Mountain City, Tenn, 

Clark, Wm Johnson City, Tenn. 

Clark, Wm. H Sheridan, Mo. 

Cleaver, Geo. D Curwinsville, Pa. 

Clem, Amsey E New Paris, Ind. 

Clemens, G. W Stet, Mo. 

Click. Daniel M Tekoa, Wash. 

Click, D. M Grand Junction, Colo. 

Click, J. W Bridgewater, Va. 

Click, Samuel R. F. D. No. 2, Boise, Idaho. 

Cline, Geo Kempton, Ind. 

Cline, J. F Menlo, Kans. 

Cline, John W Mt. Sidney, Va. 

Cline, Justus H Bridgewater, Va. 

Cline, Joseph M Knightly, Va. 

Cline, J. W. ..129 E. Lake Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Cline, M. J Dayton, Va. 

Cline, Samuel R. F. D., Penn Laird, Va. 

Cline, Samuel West Newton, Pa. 

Coate, A. David Celina, Ohio. 

Cobb, E. M Elgin, 111. 

Cober, Ephraim Sabetha, Kans. 

Cochran, Martin .Tollgate, W. Va. 

Cockley, N. B Huntsdale, Pa. 

Coflfman, H. C. N South English, Iowa. 

Cofifman, J. D South English, Iowa. 

Coffman, J. M..R. F. D. No. i, Harrisonburg, Va. 

Cofifman, Luther C Daleville, Va. 

Cofifman, N. Walter Barren Ridge, Va. 

Cofifman, T. R Parkerf ord. Pa. 

Colbert, George Ottawa, Kans. 

Collins, Benjamin Greenbank, W. Va. 

Collins, John R. R. 9, Laporte, Ind. 

Conner, Abram Manassas, Va. 

Conner, W. K Bridgewater, Va. 

Connor, J Graters Ford, Pa. 

Cook, Amos R. R. 39, Union City, Ind. 

Cook, A. L Barnum, W. Va. 

Cook, Hezekiah Dillsburg, Pa. 

Cook, O. W Dillsburg, Pa. 

Cook, S. G Petersburg, W. Va. 

Cook, W. G Mt. Morris, 111. 

Cool, A. S Rolla, N. Dak. 

Cool, N. J R. F. D. No. 2, Beaverdam, Ohio. 

Coppock, Jacob Tippecanoe City, Ohio. 

Cordier, F. P Celina, Ohio. 

Corle, O. S New Paris, Pa. 

Correll, P. M R. R. i, Mosheim, Tenn 

Cosner, J. T Bismarck, W. Va. 

Cosner, Wm. H Wilson, W. Va. 

Cottrell, D. Owen Box 104, Union Bridge, Md. 

Couser, D. G R. R. No. 3, Lincoln, Nebr. 

Couser, J. A. R Mayhill, Ohio. 

Cover, Samuel C . . . Craf ton. Pa. 

Cox, John M Lordsburg, Cal. 

Cox, Samuel M Kipple, Pa. 

Coy, Aaron R. R. No. 8, Dayton, Ohio. 

Cripe, David B Dunlap, Kans. 

Cripe, D. C .■ Brethren, Mich. 

Cripe, D. E Mounds, Ind. Ter. 

Cripe, D. S R. R. No. 2, South Bend, Ind. 

Cripe, Israel Mt. Carroll, 111. 

Cripe, Jacob R. R. 13, Galveston, Ind. 

Cripe, John Tamalco, 111. 

Crijje, Jonathan R. R. 2, North Liberty, Ind. 

Cripe, John W Goshen, Ind. 

Cripe, Nath Hillisburg, Ind. 

Crissman, G. W St. John, Kans. 

Crissman, John Hortons, Pa. 

Crist, A. D Gardner, Kans. 

Crist, D. A Quinter, Kans. 

Crist, D. W Timberville, Va. 

Crist, Henry F R. R. No. 2, Gardner, Kans. 

Crist, Isaac' H Gardner, Kans. 

Crist, J. E R. R. No. i, Paola, Kans. 

Crites, Albert Wenatchee, Wash. 

Cross, J. J R. R. I, Michigan City, Ind. 

Crosswhite, A. G Flora, Ind. 

Crouch, E. M North Manchester, Ind. 

Grouse, J. H Wacker, 111. 

Grouse, J. M Oakhill, W. Va. 

Crouthamel, Hillery Line Lexington, Pa. 

Crowell, Devolt Bradford, Ohio. 

Cruea, Moses Slater, Mo. 

Crumpacker, A. H Redfield, Kans. 

Crumpacker, Emory C Bonsacks, Va. 

Crumpacker, F. H McPherson, Kans. 

Crumpacker, S Bonsacks, Va. 

Crumpacker, S. P Redfield, Kans. 

Crumrine, N. W Wabash, Ind. 

Culler, D. D Mt. Morris, 111. 

Culler, Geo R. F. D. No. i, Woodland, Mich. 

Gulp, Chas 112 Champa Ave., Dayton, Ohio. 

Gulp, Fred Carrington, N. Dak. 

Cummings, James F Naflfs, Va. 

Custer, Frank C Mayhill, Ohio. 

Czigans, Milton Spurgeon, W. Va. 

Daggett, A. C Covert, Kans. 

Daggett, C. F Belleville, Kans. 

Dale, N. S Calhoun, 111. 

Darr, John J Gideon, Pa. 

Davis, C Dunkirk, Ind. 




Davis, C. W....R. R. No. i, Lawrenceburg, Tenn. 

Davis, D. C Trade, Tenn. 

Davfs, John F Route No. i, Jonesville, Va. 

Davis, J. N Springs, Pa. 

Davis, Wm Morrill, Kans. 

Dawson, M. M Jenson, Ark. 

Deal, John Rosedale, N. Dak. 

Deanor, H. C Brownsville, Md. 

Deardorflf, Geo. E Brethren, Mich. 

Deardorff , Henry Argos, Ind. 

Deardorff, Isaac Brethren, Mich. 

Deardorff, John D. W Gettysburg, Pa. 

Deardorff, J. W Hyland, N. Dak. 

Deary, James E Alvada, Ohio. 

Deaton, J. F West Alexandria, Ohio. 

Debolt, A Masontown, Pa. 

Decker, S. E Ashland, Oregon. 

Deeter, Manly Milf ord, Ind. 

Deeter, W. R Milford, Ind. 

Deleplain, J Waynesville, Mo. 

Dell, Jacob S Holmesville, Nebr. 

Delp, Chas. E Aurelia, Iowa. 

Delp, Jacob Pearl City. 111. 

Delp, S. E New Murdock, Kans. 

Demmy, John C Astoria, 111. 

Denton, T. C Daleville, Va. 

Dessenburg, Wm Ashland, Ohio. 

Detrick A. J Gushing, Okla. 

Detweiler, A. J Larke, Pa. 

Detweiler, Andrew S Larke, Pa. 

Detweiler, D. T New Enterprise, Pa. 

Devilbiss, W. B Ottawa, Kans. 

Dibert, D. W Everett, Pa. 

Dickerson, Moses Epperly, Va. 

Dickey, A. M McPherson, Kans. 

Dickey, J. P Alvada, Ohio. 

Dickey, J. S '.R. R. No. i, Tiosa, Ind. 

Dickey, L. H Alvada, Ohio. 

Diehl, C. H Jonesboro, Tenn. 

Diehl^ D. A Jonesboro, Tenn. 

Diehl, John I Reading, Minn. 

Diehl, J. B Carroll, Iowa. 

Diehl, J. W Panora, Iowa. 

Dierdorff , D. T Pierson, Iowa. 

Dierdorff, J. W Lanark, 111. 

Dierdorff, M Yale, Iowa. 

Dietz, J. F 41 Sell St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Digman, S. P Barnum, W. Va. 

Digman, T. B Berkley Springs, W. Va. 

Diller, Aaron Nashville, Okla. 

Dilling, David Monticello, Ind. 

Dilling, L. S Hagerstown, Ind. 

Dillman, Morris Peru, Ind. 

Dively, Fred C 

R. F. D. No. I, Roaring Springs, Pa. 

Dolby, Wiley (colored) ........ Continental, Ohio." 

Dorer, Solomon Johnstown, Pa. 

Dove, Addison Dovesville, Va. 

Dove, F. W Cabool, Mo. 

Dove, Geo. A Hotchkiss, Colo. 

Dove, Geo. L Dovesville, Va. 

Dove, J. A Cloverdale, Va. 

Downing, A. S Gridley, Kans. 

Dredge, D. S R. D. No. 7, Springfield, Ohio. 

Driver, C. M Barrenridge, Va. 

Driver, J. F Timberville, Va. 

Driver, S Barrenridge, Va. 

Driver, Samuel R. F. D. No. 2, Lima, Ohio. 

Driver, S. I R. D. 2, Herring, Ohio. 

Dunbar, L. M Darlington, Ind. 

Duncan, A. H McMinnville, Tenn. 

Duncan, N. A Norwood, Mo. 

Duncan, Preston Sydney, Va. 

Dupler, A. W Thornville, Ohio. 

Early, A. B Newhope, Va. 

Early, H. C Penn Laird, Va. 

Early, Isaac North Liberty, Ind. 

Early, John Kalispell, Mont. 

Early, Mark D Elgin, 111. 

Early, M. G Nokesville. Va. 

Early, S. P Union Bridge, Md. 

Eavey, George W R. F. D. No. 7, Lima, Ohio. 

Ebersole, Martin Kinzer, Pa. 

Eby, B. Z Manheim, Pa. 

Eby, D. B Sunnyside, Wash. 

Eby, D. F R. F. D. No. 21, Akron, Ohio. 

Eby, Enoch Lena, 111. 

Eby, Henry H Eldorado, Ohio. 

Eby, Ira P Poplar Bluff, Mo. 

Eby, J. G Beattie, Kans. 

Eby, Josiah Dayton, Ohio. 

Eby, L. H 2438 Smith St., Ft. Wayne, Ind. 

Eby, S. M Tustin, CaL 

Ecker, D. R Walnut Bottom, Pa, 

Ecker, G R. R. 15, Linwood, Md. 

Eckerle, P. F Lanark, 111, 

Edgec»nb, S Ripley, Okla. 

Edmister, J. F Nezperce, Idaho. 

Edris, E. W Fredericksburg, Pa. 

Edwards, F. G Chanute, Kans. 

Edwards, Robert. Erwin, Tenn. 

Eicher, J. K Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

Eikenberry, Edward Greene, Iowa. 

Eikenberry, Ephraim Greene, Iowa. 

Eikenberry, Harvey » Greene, Iowa, 

Eikenberry, I. M....18 Aberdeen St., Chicago, 111. 

Eikenberry, J R. R. No. 2, Huntington, Ind. 

'Eikenberry, J. E R. R. 2, Gowrie, Iowa. 

Eikenberry, J. F Greene, Iowa. 

Eikenberry, J. W Mound Valley, Kans. 

Eikenberry, Morris W Dallas Center, Iowa. 

Eikenberry, W. H Reading, Minn., 

Eikenberry, W. L 

4233 Russel Ave., St. Louis, Mo.. 

Filer, Calvin F Curry ville, Ind.. 

Eisenberg, J. L. I Royersford, Pa., 

Eisenberg, J. Y Royersford, Pa.. 

Eisenbise, John Morrill, Kans.. 

Eisenbise, P. J Sabetha, Kans., 

Eisenbise, T. A Morrill, Kans.. 

Eisenbise, W. G Waddams Grove, 111.. 

Eisenbise, W. H Mt. Carroll, IlL 

Eisenhour, M. A Nappanee, Ind.. 

Eldridge, William S Rose Hill, Va. 

Elgin, William Charity, Va. 

Ellenberger, G. W Turney, Mo. 

Ellenberger, J. E Polo, Mo. 

Ellenberger, W. S Prowers, Colo., 

Eller, C. E Salem, Va. 

Eller, D. Newton Daleville, Va. 

Eller, G. R R. R. i, Grenola, Kans. 

Elliott, G. W Nickerson, Kans. 

ElHott, J. M Rockyf ord, Colo. 

Elliott, L. E Welsh Run, Pa. 

Ellis, J. J 2537 York Road, Baltimore, Md. 

Ellis, O. C R. F. D. No. 2, Huntington, Ind. 

Elrod, S. L Piedmont, Kans. 

Elson, J. H R. R. No. i, Hudson, Ind. 

Emericic, I Stjrinestown, Pa. 

Emley, B. F Huntington, Ind. 

Emmert, Harvey Huntingdon, Pa. 

Emmert, M. W Mt. Morris, 111. 

England, W. F Ashland, Ohio. 

Englar, W. P R. R. 15, Linwood, Md. 

Engler, Samuel E. .R. F. D. z^, New Windsor, Md. 

Ennis, David E Olathe, Mo. 

Ennis, M. M Darlow, Kans. 

Erbaugh, G R, R. No. 4, Dayton, Ohio. 

Ernst, John J R. R. No. 3, Burroak, Kans. 

Eshelman, D. E Avon, 111. 

Eshelman, D. M R. R. 3, Mt. Joy, Pa. 

Etter, David Hanoverdale, Pa. 

Etter, Henry Mountain Grove, Mo. 

Evans, Alex Fayetteville, W. Va. 

Eversole, S. N R. R. i, Plymouth, Ind. 

Eversole, S. P Lapaz, Ind. 

Everson, T Whitesville, Ind. 

Everts, J. D Wilsons Mills, W. Va. 

Fadely, H. L R. R. No. 2, Middletown, Ind. 

Fahnestock, N. B Manheim, Pa. 

Fahnestock, S. B Manheim, Pa. 

Fahrney, Callo Prairie City, Iowa. 

Fahrney, L. E Sterling, Kans. 

Fahrney, P. D Frederick, Md. 


Fair, C. G Dekalb, Ind. 

Falkenstein, Geo. N Elizabeth town, Pa. 

Farneman, F DesMoines, Iowa. 

Fasnacht, Urias C Quarry villa. Pa. 

Faw, C. R Salem, N. C. 

Faw, Enoch North Yakima, Wash. 

Feightner, Levi....R. F. D. No. 3, Remsen, Iowa. 

Felthouse, J. V Elkhart, Ind. 

Ferguson, I. B R. F. D., Somerset, Pa. 

Ferrel, A. J Culver, Ind. 

Fesler, Frederick Anderson, Ind. 

Fidler, J. W .• Brookville, Ohio. 

Field, Louis Pilgrim, Ky. 

Figgers, Robert Buenavista, Va. 

Fike, Aaron Eglon, W. Va. 

Fike, B. J Nezperce, Idaho 

Fike, D. M 29th & R St., Lincoln, Nebr. 

Fike, Emra T Eglon, W. Va. 

Fike, Geo. D Nampa, Idaho. 

Fike, Jonas Eglon, W. Va. 

Fike, J. H Middlebury, Ind. 

Fike, John S Eglon, W. Va. 

Fike, Moses Eglon, W. Va. 

Fike, S. A : Eglon, W. Va. 

Fike, S. K Grantsville, Md. 

Fike, S. W Elliottsville, Pa. 

Fike, Tobias S Brookside, W. Va. 

Filbrun, B. F Auburn, 111. 

Filbrun, D. S R. R. 5, New Carlisle, Ohio. 

Filbrun, J. J R. R. i, Reading, Minn. 

Fillmore, A. G Stanford, Okla. 

Fink, S Geneva, Ind. 

Finnell, Virgil C R. F. D. 17, Scenery Hill, Pa. 

Finney, Wm Ft. Wayne, Ind. 

Fiscel, Emmery Yale, Iowa. 

Fishbaugher, H R. R. No. i, Preston, Minn. 

Fishburn, Geo. A Overbrook, Kans. 

Fisher, Enos South Haven, Mich. 

Fisher, Frank Mexico, Ind. 

Fisher, Ira Darlington, Ind. 

Fisher, Irvin Mexico, Ind. 

Fisher, Noah Andrews, Ind. 

Fisher, Silas Mexico, Ind. 

Fisher, Wm. D Baltic, Ohio. 

Fitz, Conrad Redcloud, Nebr. 

Fitzwater, L. W Beverly, Kans. 

Fitzwater, P. B , Xenia, Ohio. 

Fitzwater, S. W Dovesville, Va. 

Flack, L. H Ottawa, Kans. 

Flanagan, Robert Red Creek, W. Va. 

Fleming, Jas. W Purgitsville, W. Va. 

Fleshman, L. A Lindside, W. Va. 

Flohr, John R R. F. D. No. 3, Fairfield, Pa. 

Flohr, Leonard J Thurmont, Md. 

Flora,- A. W Maxwell, Iowa. 

Flora, George B R. F. D. No. 3, Wirtz, Va. 

Flora, John W R. R. 2, Kappa, Ind. 

Flora, M. A Helms, Va. 

Flora, Riley Bringhurst, Ind. 

Flora, Riley Dugwell, Va. 

Flory, David Nashville, Mich. 

Flory, D. C Newhope, Va. 

Flory, Ezra R. F. D. No. i. Union, Ohio. 

Flory, Geo. B..R. F. D. No. i, Stuarts Draft, Va. 

Flory, Geo. W Nokesville, Va. 

Flory, Henry Defiance, Ohio. 

Flory, Jacob Jewell, Ohio. 

Flory, James Shickley, Nebr. 

Flory, John Jewell, Ohio. 

Flory, J. S Box 1022, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Flory, Michael Girard, 111. 

Flory, N. B Pleasantdale, W. Va. 

Flory, Samuel South English, Iowa. 

F ory, S. H Nokesville, Va. 

F ory, S. I Stuarts Draft, Va, 

Fluck, J. B Loysburg, Pa. 

Fogelsanger, J. R Shippensburg, Pa. 

Folger, W. W R. R. i, Osceola, Iowa. 

Folhs, John Lenox, Iowa. 

Foltz, S. M Bostetter, Md. 

Forney, Benj Navarre, Kans. 

Forney, IX H Ord, Nebr. 

Forney, D, L Lordsburg, Cal. 

Forney, E Lordsburg, Cal. 

Forney, Henry Chenoa, 111. 

Forney, Hiram Goshen, Ind. 

Forney, J. C Kenmare, N. Dale. 

Forney, Milton G R. D. 8, Lancaster, Pa. 

Forney, Peter . Glendale, Ariz. 

Forney, S. M Kearney, Nebr. 

Forrer, John Stuarts Draft, Va. 

Forrer, Samuel Herington, Kans. 

Foss, Louis Lagrange, N. C. 

Foster, Joseph F Luray, Va. 

Foster, Jos., Jr Luray, Va. 

Foster, O, D North Manchester, Ind. 

Foust, Daniel Johnson City, Tenn. 

Foust, D. A Lemasters, Pa. 

Fonts, S. S Salem, 111. 

Fox, E. S Box 69, Earned, Kana. 

Francis, J. G 139 Walnut Alley, Lebanon, Pa. 

Franklin, W. H., R. R. No. 8, New Windsor, Md. 

Franklin, W. K Lordsburg, Cal. 

Frantz, Abram Dawson, W. Va. 

Frantz, David Cerrogordo, 111. 

Frantz, E McPherson, Kans. 

Frantz, Elmer E. North Manchester, Ind. 

Frantz, H. A Firth, Nebr. 

Frantz, Isaac Pleasant Hill, Ohio. 

Frantz, John F Wabash, Ind. 

Frantz, J. L Belief ontaine, Ohio. 

Frantz, J. R Beattie, Kans. 

Frederic, C Grundy Center, Iowa. 

Frederick, John D Goshen, Ind. 

Frederick, J. E Rodney, Mich. 

Freeman, D. R Winamac, Ind. 

Fretz, William South Hatfield, Pa. 

Friedly, John Gooseneck, W. Va. 

Friend, G. H Edmond, Kans. 

Friend, S. M R. F. D. No. 2, Spencer, Ohio. 

Fruit, G. L R. R. No. 2, Viola, Wis. 

Fry, Henry Atwood, Kans, 

Fry, W. H Scalp Level, Pa. 

Frye, A. B Maryville, Tenn. 

Fryfogle, Addison Wright, Kans. 

Frymoyer, C. T East Salem, Pa, 

Fulk, George H Genoa, Va, 

Fuller, Harry Oakwood, Ohio, 

Fultz, A. H Indian Camp, W. Va, 

Funderburgh, J. C Rockyford, Colo. 

Funk, Boyte H Bedford City, Va. 

Funk, J Conway Springs, Kans. 

Funk, S. W Glendora, Cal. 

Fyock, Abram R. F. D. No. 3, Johnstown, Pa. 

Fyock, J. W Purchase Line, Pa. 

Gable, Eli South Bend, Ind. 

Gans, Lewis A York, N. Dak, 

Garber, A. D Mt, Sidney, Va, 

Garber, B, B Waynesboro, Va, 

Garber, B, F Hybla, Va, 

Garber, C. S Sta. D., St. Joseph, Mo, 

Garber, D. B Brethren, Mich. 

Garber, J Greenmount, Va. 

Garber, Jacob Dayton, Ohio. 

Garber, Joel.R. F. D. No. 3, Grand Junction, Colo, 

Garber, J. A Greenmount, Va, 

Garber, John A 

220 Eighth St., S. E., Washington, D. C, 

Garber, J. C. ..23 Churchville Ave., Staunton, Va, 

Garber, J. H Newmarket, Va. 

Garber, J. R Clifton, Colo. 

Garber, Levi Mt. Sidney, Va. 

Garber, P Weyers Cave, Va, 

Garber, Simon Fremont, Ohio. 

Garber, S. D R. R. i, Mosheim, Tenn. 

Garber, S. H Jonesboro, Tenn. 

Garber, S. W loii N. Church St., Decatur, 111. 

Garland, John C Pleasantridge, Pa. 

Garman, P. S Lawrenceburg, Tenn. 

Garner, C. M Grundy Center, Iowa. 

Garner, Uriah Moline, Ohio, 

Garns, J, D R, F. D. No. 3, Chambersburg, Pa. 

Garst, Isaac B R, R. i , Overbrook, Kans. 

Garst, J. H Blountville, Tenn. 

Garst, J. O R. R. No. 6, Dayton, Ohio. 



Garst, Levi .R. F. D. No. i, Salem, Va. 

Garst, N. H Medley, Va. 

Garst, N. N Sevensprings, N. C. 

Garst, Samuel H Blountville, Tenn. 

Garst, T. C Jonesbqro, Tenn. 

Garver, D. M Farmersville, Ohio, 

Garver, J. E Cora, Pa. 

Garver, Samuel Spencer, Ohio. 

Gauby, J. M Washington, Kans. 

Gauby, M. D...R. F. D. No. 2, Morrowville, Kans. 

Gault, Samuel Bowbells, N. Dak. 

Gaunt, W. A Huntingdon, Pa. 

Gearhart, Jos. A Worden, Wis. 

George, T. Ezra Quinter, Kans 

Gephart, J. W Arkadelphia, Ark. 

Gerdes, David R. R. 3, Morrison, 111. 

Gibble, C. R Brunnersville, Pa. 

Gibble, Hiram Manheim, Pa. 

Gibble, Isaac Hemet, Gal. 

Gibble, Isaac S R. F. D. 3, Elizabethtown, Pa. 

Gibbs, Chas. B Bolar, Va. 

Gibson, Chas. C Chatham, 111. 

Gibson, Cullen C Girard, 111. 

Gibson, D. B Girard, 111. 

Gibson, Javan Girard, 111. 

Gibson, Walter Topeka, Ind. 

Giffin, E. J ■ Ottawa, Kans. 

Gilbert, Elmer H North Manchester, Ind. 

Gilbert, Frank Brethren, Mich. 

Gilbert, G. B Margaretville, Tenn. 

Gilbert, J. Z..3300 Grififin Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Gilbert, Silas Grundy Center, Iowa. 

Gillett, C. E Glendale, Ariz. 

Gillett, Ola E Glendale, Ariz. 

Gilliam, H Fredericksburg, Iowa. 

Gingrich, A. B R.R. No. 4, Lebanon, Pa. 

Gish, J. W Holmesville, Nebr. 

Gish, R. G Nelson, Kans. 

Gish, W. B Thomas, Okia. 

Click, David Fruita, Colo. 

Click, , Joel Roanoke, La. 

Click, Jos Ames, Okla. 

Click, J. A Bridgewater, Va. 

Click, Jacob D R. F. D. No. 19, Dayton, Va. 

Glotfelty, Wm. N Batavia, Iowa. 

Gnagey, A. L Sugden, Ind. Ter. 

Gnagey, Joel Meyersdale, Pa. 

Gnagy, Harvey Garrison, Iowa. 

Cochenouer, E R. F. D. No. 4, East Berlin, Pa. 

Gochenour, Frank Balch, Ark. 

Goldizen, John C Hopeville, W. Va. 

Good, M. J New Market, Va. 

Gordon, -D. A Mansfield, Mo. 

Gordon, J. H Sterling, Colo. 

Gorham, A. L Gushing, Okla. 

Goshorn, E. F Clay City, Ind. 

Goshorn, E. N Ladoga, Ind. 

Goshorn, G. V Clay City, Ind. 

Goshorn, R. R Clay City, Ind. 

Goubeau, J. C Mendon, Ohio. 

Goughnour, J. Q Ankeny, Iowa. 

Goughnour, S. M Ankeny, Iowa. 

Grady, George W Riverton, W. Va. 

Grady, Isaac S Syracuse, Ind. 

Graham, J. H Snowville, Ohio. 

Grater, A. L Royersford, Pa. 

Grater, J. W 359 Walnut St., Pottstown, Pa. 

Grater, W. H Morrison, 111. 

Gray, E. D Limestone, Tenn. 

Gray, S. S Warriorsmark, Pa. 

Graybill, Geo R. R. 3, Troutville, Va. 

Graybill, Israel Penn, Pa. 

Graybill, J Brughs Mill, Va. 

Graybill, Jacob F. 1463 Market St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

Graybill, John G Brunnerville, Pa. 

Graybill, J. H Nampa, Idaho. 

Graybill, R R. R. No. 2, Lititz, Pa. 

Green, J. T Lonaconing, Md. 

Green, Louis F., Jr Cubage, Ky. 

Greenawalt, W. H Topeka, Ind. 

Greenwood, J. W Cabool, Mo. 

Griffeth, H. M Brummett, N. C. 

Gripe, N. S Thomas, Okla. 

Grisso, Jacob Moomaw, Va. 

Groff, Hershey Bareville, Pa. 

Grofif, Joseph Covington, Ohio. 

Groff, J. C R. F. D. No. i. Firth, Nebr. 

Groif , Nathan D 

R. F. D. No. I, New Weston, Ohio. 

Gross, Jesse Rogersville, Tenn. 

Grossnickle, S. P Edenton, Ohio.' 

Groves, C. M Overhill, W. Va. 

Groves, J Hartford City, Ind. 

Gruber, C. A Fairfield, 111. 

Guinn, Isaiah Heath, Ind. 

Gump, H Tippecanoe City, Ohio. 

Gump, Jeremiah R. R. 4. Churubusco, Ind. 

Gump, Jesse A Churubusco, Ind. 

Gump, John B 

R. F. D. No. I, Tippecanoe City, Ohio. 

Gump, S. S R. R. 4, Dayton, Ohio. 

Gustin, D. W Sulphur Springs, Ind. 

Guthrie, J. A Bluff ton, Ohio. 

Guthrie, Joseph Fearer, Md. 

Guthrie, J. L R. F. D. No. 2, Nevada, Ohio. 

Guthrie, W. R Herring, Ohio, 

Guyer, Herman S Loysburg, Pa. 

Gwin, J. N Lewiston, I daho. 

Hackman, Jacob Disston, Pa. 

Hagerman, Geo Toddville, Iowa. 

Hahn, J R. R. No. 2, Winamac, Ind. 

Hahn, M. L Pleasant Mound, 111. 

Hahn, M. W North Georgetown, Ohio. 

Haines, A. H Huntingdon, Pa. 

Haldeman, Samuel Morrill, Kans. 

Hale, Darlin Bourbon, Ind. 

Hall, J. Frank Poskin, Wis. 

Hall, S. D Valley, Ark. 

Hall, Wm. I. R. F. D. No. i, Gladys, Va. 

Hamm, David Rockyford, Colo. 

Hamilton, W. J 

R. F. D. No. 3, Morgantown, W. Va. 

Hamstead, Obed Eglon, W. Va, 

Hanawalt, Geo Lordsburg, Cal, 

Hanawalt, Harvey M Lordsburg, Cal. 

Hanawalt, W. C Lordsburg, Cal. 

Handy, Wm. H Parsons, N. C. 

Hanson, Edward M Cedar, Ind. 

Hantz, J. F Abilene, Kans. 

Harader, C Arkansas City, Kans. 

Harader, I. L Payette, Idaho. 

Harader, L Arkansas City, Kans. 

Harden, T Hyndman, Pa. 

Hardma^, Martin...' Bronson, Mich. 

Hardy, James Edgerton, Kans. 

Harman, A Falcon, Va. 

Harman, Asa, Sr Harman, W. Va. 

Harman, B. J Bladensburg, Iowa. 

Harman, S. P Harman, W. Va. 

Harman, Wm Tontogany, Ohio. 

Flarnish, Jacob Laton, Cal. 

Harp, Geo. S R. R. 50, Myersville, Md. 

Harp, James Mifflin, Ohio. 

Harrell, E. B Brummett, N. C. 

Harris, Isham Grangeville, Mo. 

Harris, I. L Cabool, Mo. 

Harris, James P David, Mo. 

Harris, Robert Roanoke, La. 

Harris, W. D R. R. i, Granada, Colo. 

Harrison, John C Vinco, Pa. 

Harrold, A. W Columbiana, Ohio. 

Harshbarger, C. W. R. F. D. No. 2, Johnstown, Pa. 

Harshbarger, Isaac Girard, 111. 

Harshbarger, J. M..R. F. D. No. 2, Johnstown, Pa. 

Harshbarger, J. P McPherson, Kans. 

Harshbarger, John W Jeffersonville, 111, 

Harshbarger, J. W Girard, 111. 

Harshbarger, Wm. R Ladoga, Ind, 

Hart, David M..R. F. D. No. 4, Churubusco, Ind. 

Harter, A. L Carrier, Okla. T. 

Hartman, D. B South Bend, Ind. 

Hartsough, J Nappanee, Ind. 

Hartsough, J Grand Harbor, N. Dak. 

Hartsough, John Knox, Ind. 

Harvey, Amos Jasper, Mo. 



Harvey, Henry M Wilson, W. Va. 

Harvey, William . . * . » * Jasper, Mo. 

Haskell, Harvey P Ingalls, Ind. 

Hatcher, Wm. L R. R. No. 12, Marion, Ind. 

Haughtelin, Irving Panora, Iowa. 

Haughtelin, J. D Panora, Iowa. 

Hawbaker, A. W..R. F. D. No. i, Copemish, Mich. 

Hawke, M. R Indian Springs, Tenn. 

Hay, Frank E R. R. 20, Hagerstown, Ind. 

Hays, Daniel Broadway, Va. 

Hays, J. S Cherrybox, Mo. 

Hazlett, James L North Manchester, Ind. 

Heagley, Geo. A Frederick, S. Dak. 

Heckler, J. Y Alvo, Nebr. 

Heckman, C. T R. R. No. 2, Pomona, Kans. 

Heckman, John Polo, 111. 

Heckman, K Beaver City, Nebr. 

Heckman, S. J Michigan Valley, Kans. 

Heckman, Wm. T. .R. F, D. No. 2, Cerrogordo, 111. 

Heestand, A. I Smithville, Ohio. 

Heestand, Eli L Elkhart, Ind. 

Heeter, G. B Burnetts Creek, Ind. 

Heeter, N. B R. R. No. 3, Goshen, Ind. 

Heim, Elmer N North Liberty, Ind. 

Heistand, Jacob R. R. i, Middlepoint, Ohio. 

Heisy, Martin Cornwall, Pa. 

Heitz, S Cerrogordo, 111. 

Heifer, P Granger, Ohio. 

Heller, Jacob Decatur, Ind. 

Helm, C. A Ruggles, Ohio. 

Helman, Howard H 

1 21 2 Chance Ave., Canton, Ohio. 

Helman, J. Q R. R. 2, Union City, Ind. 

Hendrickson, D. C West Milton, Ohio. 

Henricks, S. F R. R. No. 6, Plymouth, Ind. 

Henry, Samuel Laton, Cal. 

Hensley, Joel Higgins, N. C. 

Herr, John Myerstown, Pa. 

Hershberger, I. A. B Vinton, Va. 

Hershberger, J. S Everett, Pa. 

Hershberger, S R. R. No. i, Everett, Pa. 

Hershey, Daniel Mt. Morris, 111. 

Hershey, E Gettysburg, Ohio. 

Hertzler, Ephraim, 141 1 Haskell, Lawrence, Kans. 

Hertzler, J , Pawnee Rock, Kans. 

Hertzler, S. H Elizabethtown, Pa. 

Hertzog, P. H 

112 N. Ahtanum Ave., North Yakima, Wash. 

Hess, Aaron Goshen, Ind. 

Hess, Wm Goshen, Ind. 

Hetrick, D. A Deanville, Pa. 

Hetrick, J. P Pottstown, Pa. 

Hiatt, Elihu Box 104, Conrad, Ind. 

Hicks, C. M R. F. D. 21, Williamsport, Md. 

Hicks, Oliver Z Brooklyn, 111. 

Hieshman, Geo W^ardensville, W. Va. 

Highbarger, O. S Hagerstown, Md. 

Hilary, C. S Winona, Minn. 

Hilbert, John B Jonesboro, Tenn. 

Hilbert, Robert Jonesboro, Tenn. 

Hildebrand, D Conemaugh, Pa. 

Hildebrand, Jacob Teegarden, Ind. 

Hilkey, J. E Overbrook, Kans. 

Hill, James R. R. i, Arcadia, Ind. 

Hillery, Lemuel Peace Valley, Mo. 

Himes, W. B Dorrance, Kans. 

Hinegardner, B. D Lost City, W. Va. 

Hire, Wm Defiance, Ohio. 

Hochstettler, D Cove, Md. 

Hochsettler J R. R., Millersburg, Ohio. 

Hockman, J Pleasantdale, W. Va. 

Hodge, Josiah Pineyflats, Tenn. 

Hodgden, D Huntington, Ind. 

Hodgden, M. O Galesburg, Kans. 

Hoff, C. S Waldo, Kans. 

Hoff, E. B..-.-.I3IS Monticello Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Hofifert, H. A Carleton, Nebr. 

Hofifman, J. P Argos. Ind. 

Hoffman, Martin Onward, Ind. 

Hohf , D. B Smiths Station, Pa. 

Hoke, Henry Rehoboth, Ind. 

Hoke, Jonas Leetonia, Ohio. 

Hoke, Levi Goshen, Ind. 

Holder, Daniel Batavia, Iowa. 

Holder, Joseph Hagerstown, Ind. 

Holderman, C R. F. D. No. i, Reeds, Mo. 

Holderman, Jacob Lost Springs, Kans. 

Holler, George Dayton, Ohio. 

Holler, George Huntington, Ind. 

Hollinger, Adam Allen, Pa. 

Hollinger, Albert Vienna, Va. 

Hollinger, A. M Mooredale, Pa. 

Hollinger, D Greenville, Ohio. 

Hollinger, Daniel Astoria, 111. 

Hollinger, Henry R. R. 4, Lebanon, Pa. 

Hollinger, J Greenspring, Pa. 

Hollinger, Jacob North Manchester, Ind. 

Hollinger, Jesse Berthold, N. Dak. 

Hollinger, John Russell, Kans. 

Hollinger, John, 417 N Charlotte St., Lancaster, Pa. 

Hollinger, Moses R. R. 3, Greenville, Ohio. 

Holloway, J Chanute, Kans. 

Holmes, C. E Reeds, Mo. 

Holmes, Eli Smithville, Ohio. 

Holsberry, J. K Kirt, W. Va. 

Holsinger, C. S Laton, Cal. 

Holsinger, D. R Laton, Cal. 

Holsinger, J. L Bakers Summit, Pa. 

Holsinger, J. S Nokesville, Va. 

Holsinger, L. F New Enterprise, Pa. 

Holsinger, L. T Pyrmont, Ind. 

Holsinger, M Pyrmont, Ind. 

Holsinger, W. H Shellytown, Pa. 

Holsopple, F. F Huntingdon, Pa. 

Holsopple, Ira C Pottstown, Pa. 

Holsopple, J R. R. 3, Johnstown, Pa. 

Holsopple, Joseph Pennrun, Pa. 

Holsopple, W. W R. R., Versailles, Mo. 

Honberger, S. A Hotchkiss, Colo. 

Honeyman, B. F Dayton, Ohio. 

Hood, W. H Clarence, Iowa. 

Hooper, C. J Oakland, Kans. 

Hooper, J. E Oakland, Kans. 

Hoover, David E Garrett, Ind. 

Hoover, David F R. R. No. 2, Middletown, Ind. 

Hoover, David P Saxton, Pa. 

Hoover, Frederic Riddlesburg, Pa. 

Hoover, Isaac L Lone Star, Kans. 

Hoover, J. J Sabetha, Kans. 

Hoover, Jonathan R. R. i, Dawson, Ohio. 

Hoover, J. L Sulphur Springs, Ind. 

Hoover, O. P. ...2655 Russell Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Hoover, Silas Bills, Pa. 

Hoover, Tobias Spencer, Ohio. 

Hoover, W. I. T North Manchester, Ind. 

Hoover, W. N Holidaysburg, Pa. 

Hoppock, J. D Sergeantsville, N. J. 

Hopwood, G. W Deepriver, Iowa. 

Horn, Elijah Roseville, Ohio. 

Horner, D. D Jones Mills, Pa. 

Horner, Wilbert J Carlisle, Nebr. 

Horning, Jonas West Alexandria, Ohio. 

Horning, S R. R. 4, Brookville, Ohio. 

Horning, S. H Frederick, S. Dak. 

Horning, W. W Frederick, S. Dak. 

Horst, A. B R. F. D. No. 2, Spencer, Ohio. 

Horst, Jonas R. F. D., Calla, Ohio. 

Horst, M. Clyde R. F. D. No. 2, Spencer, Ohio. 

Hosf eld, C. F Shippensburg, Pa. 

Hostetler, D. W Onward, Ind. 

Hostetler, E. K Pocahontas, Pa. 

Hottel, Benj Richland Center, Pa. 

Hottenstein, Amos East Petersburg, Pa. 

Hougendougler, John Harrisonville, Mo. 

Houk, Peter R. R. i, Kappa, Ind. 

Hovatter, John Hovatter, W. Va. 

Howard, I. J Hartford City, Ind. 

Howard, L Stevensville, Mich. 

Howe, W. M 1803 Adams Ave., Tyrone, Pa. 

Hoxie, G. W Williams, Oregon. 

Huber, Calvin A Goshen, Ind. 

Huber, Lewis Berne, Ind. 

Hudson, J. L Grand Junction, Iowa. 

Huffman, J. B. F Brand, Va. 

Huffman, James W Luray, Va. 

Huffman, Lewis Mt. Zion, Ind. 



Huflfman, Peter Elkhart, Ind. 

Hughes, John R Ephesus, Va. 

Hull, A York Springs, Pa. 

Hull, R. T R. F. D. No,. 3, Somerset, Pa. 

Humbarger, John Abilene, Kans. 

Humbarger, Loren Cfildimbia City, Ind. 

Hummer, Fred R. R. No. 7, Portland, Ind. 

Hummer, S. S Colchester, 111. 

Hutchison, A McPherson, Kans. 

Hutchison, J. A Cordova, Md. 

Hutchinson, A Bluefield, W. Va. 

Hutchinson, Geo Lindside, W, Va. 

Hyer, E . R. R, No. 6, Dayton, Ohio. 

Hyer, Leonard Columbia City, Ind. 

Hylton, Austin Santos, Va. 

Hylton, A. N Topeco, Va. 

Hylton, B. B Idumea, Mo. 

Hylton, C. D Trinity, Va. 

Hylton, D. Price, Trinity, Va. 

Hylton, H. P Jericho, Va. 

Hylton, Jacob R. F. D. No. 2, Willis, Va. 

Hylton, John W. B Belpre, Kans. 

Hylton, Joseph , Pax, Va. 

Hylton, Joseph B Idumea, Mo. 

Hylton, S. E Santos, Va. 

Hylton, S. P Willis. Va. 

Idleman, R. T Maysville, W. Va. 

Ihrig, L. B Avery, Mo. 

Ikenberry, Chas. S Daleville, Va. 

Ikenberry, Henry Wirtz, Va. 

Ikenberry, John Quinter, Kans. 

Ikenberry, J. W Daleville, Va. 

Ikenberry, L. D North Manchester, Ind. 

Ikenberry, S. M R. F. D. No. 3, Wirtz, Va. 

Imler, T. F 154 Airy St., Norristown, Pa. 

Isenburg, W. D Gillenwater, Tenn. 

Ives, Allen Centralia, Wash. 

Jamieson, B. F Delta, W. Va. 

Jamison, John Potts Creek, Va. 

Jarboe, J. W Lovewell, Kans, 

Jellisori, J. H R. R. 5, Vincennes, Ind. 

John, C Dymond, N. Dak. 

John, E. E Leeton, Mo. 

John, J. J Union Bridge, Md. 

Johnson, Albert Sherr, W. Va. 

Johnson, I. C Waterloo, Iowa. 

Johnson, Stephen. Nezperce, Idaho. 

Johnson, Wm.... 154-3 Orange St., Wichita, Kans. 

Johnston. J. Edward Woodland, Iowa. 

Jones, Henry West Milton, Ohio. 

Jones, Hiram Cubage, Ky. 

Jones, J. E ._ Grundy Center, Iowa. 

Jones, Joseph Girard, 111. 

Jones, Lewis Walnut Hill, Va. 

Jones, S. P Brooklyn, S. C 

Jordan, John Exeter, Nebr. 

Jordan, J. L Griesel, Mo. 

Joseph, John E Bourbon, Ind. 

Joyce, E. E Altamont, Kans. 

Julius, Aaron Dospalos, Cal. 

Kagey, A. J Mt. Jackson, Va. 

Kagey, Jos. M Dayton, Va. 

Kahfe, Walter M 

Bible Institute Bldg., Canton, Ohio. 

Kahler, J. F Louisville, Ohio. 

Karns, Gabriel Eaton, Ind. 

Katherman, S. B Lawrence, Kans. 

Kauflfman, J. S R. R. 3, Nappanee, Ind. 

Kaylor, Hiram E. . R. D. No. 3, Elizabethtown, Pa. 

Keim, Howard H Ladoga, Ind. 

Keim, L. M 

2541 W. Lehigh Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Keiser, E. T Lordsburg, Cal. 

Keiser, J. W R. R. i, Alvordton, Ohio. 

Keiser, Thos Lordsburg, Cal. 

Keith, C. W Brethren, Mich. 

Keith, Jacob F Campcreek, Va. 

Keith, Z Santos, Va. 

Keller, D. H Lewiston, Minn. 

Keller, I. B R. R. 2, Ephrata, Pa. 

j^eller, J. E. .................... . .Tipton, Iowa. 

Keller, J. H R. F. D., Cherry Box, Mo. 

Keller, Jacob S Mercersburg, Pa. 

Keller, John H Tolna, Pa. 

Keller, Michael.. R. F. D. No. i, Nickerson, Kans. 

Keller, Samuel Bourbon, Ind. 

Keller, W. D. . Frederickstown, Ohio. 

Kelley, H. M Burlington, W. Va. 

Kelso, Jonathan Carleton, Nebr. 

Keltner,. Chas. H Mt. Morris, 111. 

Keltner, Lewis E Hygiene, Colo. 

Keltner, P. R 702 E. Ninth St., Sterling, 111. 

Kendall, Amos Plevna, Ind. 

Kendig, E. D Stuarts Draft, Va. 

Kennedy, James Camden, Ind. 

Kesler, B. E Leachville, Ark. 

Kesler, Jeremiah D Zion, N. Dak. 

Kessler, J West Salem, Ohio. 

Key, Isaac Fowlerton, Ind. 

Kidwell, E. M Decatur, Tex. 

Kiggins, J. T Pawnee, Okla. 

Kilhefner, D. K Ephrata, Pa. 

Kilhan, J. W Hicksville, Ohio. 

Killingsworth, A R. R. No. 2, Collins, Mo. 

Kilpatrick, J. W Saluda, N. C. 

Kimmel, H. H R. R. 3, Somerset, Pa, 

Kimmel, J. T Hartville, Ohio. 

Kimmel, Lewis Elderton, Pa. 

Kindig, J. J Roseland, Nebr, 

Kindig, J. R Waynesboro, Va, 

King, Joshua Y R. F. D. No. 3, Denton, Md. 

Kinsley, Chas Hartville, Ohio. 

Kintner, Edward, 752 W. High St., Lima, Ohio, 

Kintner, Jacob Sherwood, Ohio. 

Kintner, W. I , Raymond, Ohio, 

Kmtzel, Wm. Z Pine Grove, Pa. 

Kinzie, J. H Haxtum, Colo. 

Kinzie, W. A....R. F. D. No. i. Lone Star, Kans., 

Kirakofe, B. A Stover, Va. 

Kiriadjidis, Athanasius Muncie, Ind. 

Kirk, D. W Colfax, W. Va. 

Kirklin, J. R R. R. No. 7, Muncie, Ind. 

Kitchen, A. R Waukesha, Pa. 

Kitson, J. W Syracuse, Ind, 

Kitterman, G R. R. No. 3, Hartford City, Ind, 

Kittiger, B'. F 

2541 W. Lehigh Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Klein, Jesse R Johnsville, Md. 

Klepinger, A. L R. R. 10, Dayton, Ohio. 

Klepinger, Davis P Peru, Ind. 

Klepinger, W Nickerson, Kans. 

Klepper, Peter Alum well, Tenn. 

Kline, J. H Elizabethtown, Pa. 

Kline, J. H Broadway, Va. 

Kline, John L R, R. No. 2, Akron, Ind, 

Kline, John M Vienna, Va. 

Kline, J. Samuel Broadway, Va. 

Knavel, Peter Scalp Level, Pa. 

Kniesley, D. S Harbor Springs, Mich. 

Knopsnyder, William Freed, Pa. 

Kob, L. M Gardengrove, Iowa. 

Koch, D. P Karle, Ohio. 

Kolb, T. J Double Pipe Creek, Md. 

Kollar, G. V...R. F. D. No. 3, Canal Dover, Ohio. 

Kollar, P R. F. D. No. 3, Canal Dover, Ohio. 

Koontz, Jacob Loysburg, Pa. 

Koontz, Wm Shadygrove, Pa. 

Kopenhaver, Wm Pottsville, Pa. 

Krabill, C R. F. D. No. 3, Edgerton, Ohio. 

Krabill, J. P Prairie Depot, Ohio. 

Krabill, J. W R. F. D. No. 5, Bryan, Ohio. 

Kratz, William D R. R. 3, Telford, Pa. 

Kreider, D South Whitley, Ind. 

Kreider, Frank Goshen, Ind. 

Kreider, Ira North Manchester, Ind. 

Kreider, Landa N., R. R. i, South Whitley, Ind. 
Kreider, Lawrence ... R. R. No. 2, Bradford, Ohio. 

Kreps, Alfred Haven, N. Dak. 

Krieghbaum, H. W South Bend, Ind. 

Kuhns, Amos M Union Deposit, Pa. 

Kuhleman, August Pearl City, 111. 

Kulp, J. S Dunlap, Ind. 

Kulp, Samuel W Ephrata, Pa. 

Kuns, Geo. D Box 120, McPherson, Kans. 


Kurtz, J. H Poland, Ohio. 

Kurtz, L. P. 103 Park Ave., Logansport, ind. 

Kutz, D. C DeTurksville, Pa. 

Lackey, W. E Charity, Va. 

Lahman, C. W Franklin Grove, 111. 

Lair, John M R. F. D. No. 2, Custer, Mich. 

Lambert, Amby H 

....4413 Huntington Ave., Newport News, Va. 

Lampin, J. C R. F. D. No. 3, Dixon, 111. 

Lampin, Wm Polo, 111. 

Landes, B Hollowtown, Ohio. 

Landes, H Cerrogordo, 111. 

Landis, D R. F. D. No. 2, Mechanicsburg, Pa. 

Landis, D Hollowtown, Ohio. 

Landis, D. F Williston, N. Dak. 

Landis, G. W Chuckaho, Okla. 

Landis, Henry Flora, Ind. 

Landis, J. A Manadahill, Pa. 

Lanham, Ocia C Bowbells, N. Dak. 

Lanter, G. M R. R. 35, Union City, Ind. 

Lantz, S. E Thrall, Kans. 

Lapp, Christ Farnam, Nebr. 

Larick, Henry Longmont, Colo. 

Larimer, J Piney Flats, Tenn. 

Laughrun, A. M Erwin, Tenn. 

Laughrun, Marion "..Relief, N, C. 

Lauver, G. M Batavia, 111. 

Layman, J. T Newmarket, Va. 

Leaman, W. H Madison, Kans. 

Lear, John W Cerrogordo, 111. 

Leatherman, D New Carlisle, Ohio. 

Leatherman, E. K Gettysburg, Pa. 

Leatherman, G .Harmony, Md. 

Leatherman, Geo. W Keyser, W. Va. 

Leatherman, I. W Madison, Kans. 

Leatherman, J. B Burlington, W. Va. 

Leatherman, J. M Purgitsville, W. Va. 

Leatherman, J. N Purgitsville, W. Va. 

Leatherman, J. R . Delray, Fla. 

Leatherman, R. B Williamsport, W. Va. 

Leavell, O. W Idaho Falls, Idaho. 

Leckrone, Em Silverlake, Ind. 

Leckrone, Q Glenford, Ohio. 

Leckrone, S North Manchester, Ind. 

Ledbetter, W. S Rogersville, Tenn. 

Leedy, Amos Leedy, Okla. 

Leer, Benjamin Shipshewana, Ind. 

Lefever, Elias B 

712 E. Locust St., Pasadena, Cal. 

Leftwich, J. P Gillaspie, Va. 

Lehman, Franklin Pierson, Iowa. 

Lehman, J Guthrie, Okla. 

Lehman, J. B Crowson, Tenn. 

Lehman^ James P 

508 W. Philadelphia St., York, Pa. 

Lehman, L. J 624 Somerset St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Lehman, Peter Chambersburg, Pa. 

Lehmer, G. G Mechanicsburg, Pa. 

Lehmer, S. G., 1207 Downey Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Lehner, John Upton, Pa. 

Lentz, Chas. A Leeton, Mo, 

Lentz, G. W Adrian, Mo. 

Leonard, Bruce Hartford City, Ind. 

Lerch, James M Knox, Ind. 

Lerew, Isaac S Portis, Kans. 

Lerew, Lewis Portis, Kans. 

Leslie, Alonzo Chanute, Kans. 

Leslie, Eli R. R. 4, Chanute, Kans. 

Lewis, Arthur R. R. 2, Rochester, Minn. 

Lewis, A. J Medina, Va. 

Lewis, C. A 506 E. Vine St., Champaign, 111. 

Lewis, David H Solitude, N. C. 

Lewis, J. G Medina, Va. 

Lewis, S E Louise, Texas. 

Lewis, W. R Damascus, Va. 

Lichtenwalter, A. B Neutral, Kans. 

Lichty, W. H R. R., Waterloo, Iowa. 

Lierly, Wm. R Clayton, 111. 

Light, Caleb Decatur, Nebr. 

Light, H. E Mountville, Pa. 

Light, J. B Old Fort, Ohio. 

Lightner, B. F Gettysburg, Pa. 

Lilligh, Henry Mulberry Grove, 111. 

Lilly, Andrew J Lawson, Tenn. 

Lilly, H. J Lonoke, Ark. 

Lilly, T Johnson City, Tenn. 

Lind, Abraham Astoria, 111. 

Lingenfelter, M . . Canton, 111, 

Lint, C. G Meyersdale, Pa, 

Lockard, E. L BuUtown, W. Va. 

Long, Caleb Boonesboro, Md. 

Long, Daniel H Peru, Ind. 

Long, D. Victor Hagerstown, Md. 

Long, Em Bridgewater, Va, 

Long, Ira E 226 Summit St., Fostoria, Ohio, 

Long, J. A 800 W. Locust St., York, Pa. 

Long, M. Alva R. R. i, Hudson, Ind, 

Long, O. V R. R., Hanover, Pa. 

Long, Peter Lima, Ind. 

Long, W. H Garrison, Iowa. 

Long, W. J Clarence, Iowa, 

Long, Walter S 504 Fourth St., Altoona, Pa. 

Longanecker, Daniel Paola, Kans. 

Longanecker, H. C Berthold, N. Dak. 

Longanecker, J West Manchester, Ohio. 

Longanecker, J. H Palmyra, Pa. 

Longanecker, N Hartville, Ohio, 

Loomis, Ed New Philadelphia, Ohio, 

Love, L. F Cap- 
itol Hill Station, R. F. D. No. 2, Denver, Colo. 

Lovegrove, J. W Box 90, Creighton, Mo. 

Lowry, Wm. L Marlow, W. Va. 

Lucas, H. C Prairie City, 111. 

Luke, George Fruita, Colo. 

Lutz, Ezra Lena, 111, 

Lutz, G, H., !.... 

12 1 6 Guaranty Loan Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn, 

Lutz, Ornian H Columbus, Texas. 

Lytle, David Deshler, Ohio, 

McAvoy, E. W Onego,' W, Va. 

McCann, W. J Carrington, N, Dak. 

McCarthy, John S,.R. R. No. 2, Pendleton, Ind. 

McClane, John Knox, N. Dak. 

McCorkle, U. R R. R. No. 8, Sidney, Ohio. 

McCrea, James Berwyn, Nebr, 

McCue, B. M Garden City, Kans, 

McCune, R. F 

..Cor. 5th and Hickory Sts., Ottawa, Kans. 

McDonald, A. C Hardin, Mo, 

McDowell, C. A R. R. No. i, Johnstown, Pa. 

McKeehan, E. K Jonesboro, Tenn. 

McKimmy, J. A Beaverton, Mich. 

McKimmy, J. Wm R. R. i, Beaverton, Mich. 

McKimmej', Nathan Blissfield, Mich. 

McKimmey, P R. R. i, Blissfield, Mich. 

McLellan, W. P Litchfield, Nebr. 

McMaster, Thomas G Waukesha, Pa. 

McNutt, C. S Adel, Iowa. 

Macy, Lewis North Platte, Nebr. 

Maddocks, D Roaring Spring, Pa. 

Maddocks, T. B Clovercreek, Pa. 

Madeira, C Manheim, Pa. 

Mahle, Edward Fryburg, ,Pa. 

Mahon, J. L R. F. D. i, Montpelier, Ind. 

Mahorney, J. W R. D. 4, Cherryvale, Kans. 

Main, J. C Wagon A, Frederick, Md. 

Mahler, Geo Pioneer, Ohio. 

Mallow, W. D Austin, Ohio. 

Manon, Geo Gypsum City, Kans. 

Mansfield, M Frederick, S. DaK 

Mark, John Edon, O" 

Markey, E. A Warrensburg, Mo. 

Markley, John M Argos, Ind. 

Marshall, E Hartford City, Ind. 

Martin, A. L. B 

134 Sylvan Terrace, Harrisburg, Pa. 

Martin, Chas Antioch, W. Va. 

Martin, D. B Earned, Kans 

Martin, Harvey J Mason and Dixon, Pa 

Martin, Henry M Shannon, HI. 

Martin, Howard R. R. No. 39, Ingalls, Ind. 

Martin, J. F Yorkshire, Ohio. 

Martin, N Hagerstown, Md. 

Mason, John H R. F, D. No. 2, Norborne, Mo. 



Masters, Hoke H Red Hill, N. C. 

Masterson, B. F Inglewood, Cal. 

Masterson, E. K R. R. 4, Winfield, Kans. 

Masterson, J. M Chatham, 111. 

Masterson, J. S Cement, Okla. 

Mathias, Oscar Glendora, Cal. 

Mathias, S Mathias, W. Va. 

Mathis, J Bondurant, Iowa. 

Maul, John Constance, Ky. 

Maupin, Geo. A. . .R. F. D. No. i, Free Union, Va. 

Maust, C. H Station B, Seattle, Wash. 

Maust, H. F Ireton, Iowa. 

Maust, S. P Meyersdale, Pa. 

May, C. E. (colored) Washington, Ohio. 

May, J. (colored) Circleville, Ohio. 

May, Saram Dovesville, Va. 

Mays, J. C Cedarville, Mo. 

Meek, Levi L Octavia, Nebr. 

Merkey, J Washington, Kans. 

Merrill, D. M Lonaconing, Md. 

Messner, Peter B Lake Odessa, Mich. 

Metz, C. W Kennewick, Wash. 

Metz, Daniel O Johnsville, Md. 

Metzler, David JSiappanee, Ind. 

Metzler, Crist Wakarusa, Ind. 

Metzler, J Wakarusa, Ind. 

Meyer, J. W., Jr Fredericksburg, Pa. 

Meyer, J. W., Sr Fredericksburg, Pa. 

Meyers, J. D Robinson, Pa. 

Meyers, Samuel Codorus, Pa. 

Mickle, Thos. B Ryot, Pa. 

Miller, Abednego Degraff, Ohio. 

Miller, Alex Nappanee, Ind. 

Miller, Alfred Carroll, Pa. 

Miller, Andrew Eldorado, Ohio. 

Miller, Anthony A Bolar, Va. 

Miller, A. C R. F. D. No. 39, Grottoes, Va. 

Miller, A, F Booth, Kans. 

Miller, Andrew G Walton, Kans. 

Miller, A. L Ottobine, Va. 

Miller. , Benjamin Greenmount, Va. 

Miller, B. B Greenmount, Va. 

Miller, B. F Dallas Center, Iowa. 

Miller, B. F R. F. D. 39, Grottoes, Va. 

Miller, Bruce Darlow, Kans. 

Miller, B. W Advance, Pa. 

Miller, Chas. A R. R. No. 4, McCune, Kans. 

Miller, C. L Martinsburg, W. Va. 

Miller, D Weyers Cave, Va. 

Miller, Daniel Fruitdale, Ala. 

Miller, David Gaston, Ind. 

Miller, D. A R. F. D. No. i, Winston, Mo. 

Miller, David A Filmore, N. Dak. 

Miller, D. B .R. F. D. No. 2, Bradford, Ohio. 

Miller, D. Elmer 

1214 Sixth Ave., Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

Miller, David J Overhill, W. Va. 

Miller, D. L Mt. Morris, 111. 

Miller, D. M Milledgeville, 111. 

Miller, D. P North English, -Iowa. 

Miller, D. P South Bend, Ind. 

Miller, D. W Robins, Iowa. 

Miller, E. C, 622 E. Wenger St., South Bend, Ind. 

Miller, E. J. Olathe, Kans. 

Miller, E. S R. R. 22, Lineboro, Md. 

Miller, George H Mt. Carmel, Pa. 

Miller, Geo. H Point, Pa. 

Miller, Geo. K Cando, N. Dak. 

Miller, Geo. W Clifton, N. C. 

Miller, Geo. W Cerrogordo, 111. 

Miller, G. W Frisco, Mo. 

Miller, Henderson Chester, N. C. 

Miller, Howard Elgin, 111. 

Miller, H. G Bridgewater, Va. 

Miller, Isaac. North Manchester, Ind. 

Miller, Isaac A Nokesville, Va. 

Miller, Isaac H Nashville, Okla. 

Miller, I. B Gettysburg, Ohio. 

Miller, I. N Norborne, Mo. 

Miller, I. Wm Singersglen, Va. 

Miller, Jonathan Comet, N. C. 

Miller, Jos. A Sangerville, Va. 

Miller, J. A. ." Bridgewater, Va. 

Miller, J. A Manvel, Tex. 

Miller, J. A New Lisbon, Ind. 

Miller, J. A Landess, Ind. 

Miller, J. A Wawaka, Ind. 

Miller, John A Oakville, Pa. 

Miller, J. B Woodbury, Pa. 

Miller, John B New Paris, Pa. 

Miller, J. C Moores Store, Va. 

Miller, John E Mt. Morris, 111. 

Miller, John G Waverly, Wash. 

Miller, J. H Berkey Ave., Goshen, Ind. 

Miller, J. H Comet, N. C. 

Miller, John H Williamsport, Md. 

Miller, J. Kurtz, ... 5901 3rd Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Miller, J. M Sunnyside, Md, 

Miller, J. R Nappanee, Ind. 

Miller, J. W Stockport, Ind 

Miller, John W Morrison, 111. 

Miller, Lewis Clarks, La. 

Miller, L. E Wenatchee, Wash. 

Miller, L. H Lost River, W. Va. 

Miller, Martin R. R. No. 4, Marion, Ind. 

Miller, M. B Spring Creek, Va. 

Miller, Monroe B 347 W. 44th St., New York. 

Miller, N. J Mt. Morris, 111. 

iNIiller, Peter Jonesboro, Tenn. 

Miller, P. S Roanoke, Va. 

Miller, P. U Lull, Pa. 

Miller, S West Alexandria, Ohio. 

Miller, S. A Engles Mills, Md. 

Miller, S. B. 1060 Third Ave., Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

Miller, S. C Brooklyn, Iowa. 

Miller, S. D Mt. Sidney, Va. 

Miller, S. G Bolivar, Pa. 

Miller, S. H. . Sunnyside, Wash. 

Miller, S. J McPherson, Kans. 

Miller, S. M R. R., Waterloo, Iowa. 

Miller, S. P New Sharon, Iowa. 

Miller, S. S Laplace, 111. 

Miller, Sam'l T. . R. F. D. No. 2, Weyers Cave, Va. 

Miller, Thos. H Sellers, W. Va. 

Miller, T. J St. John, Kans. 

Miller, William Dillsburg, Pa. 

Miller, Wm South Bend, Ind. 

Miller, W. H R. R. i, Hiattville, Kans. 

Miller, W. R 466 Jackson Boul., Chicago, 111. 

Miller, W. T Keyser, W. Va. 

Millspaugh, H. E R. R. No. 2, Muncie, Ind. 

Minix, Jos Roanoke, La. 

Minnich, David R. R. 5, Union City, Ind. 

Minnich, G. W ^ Trotwood, Ohio. 

Minnich, Wm R. R.' 2, Brookville, Ohio. 

Mishler, Geo Cambridge, Nebr. 

Mishler, Ira R. R. No. 5, South Whitley, Ind. 

Mishler, John Middlebury, Ind. 

Mishler, J. D Collamer, Ind. 

Mishler, J. E R. F. D. Navarre, Ohio. 

Mishler, J. G Suffield, Ohio. 

Mishler, M. J R. R. No. 2, Conway, Kans. 

Mitchel, John C . . . . R. R. 2, Center Point, Ind. 

Moats, John W Altoona, Iowa. 

Moherman, T. S Canton, Ohio. 

Mohler, Dan Cerrogordo, 111. 

Mohler, D. L Leeton, Mo. 

Mohler, D. M Warrensburg, Mo. 

Mohler, George... R. F. D. No. 2, Bradford, Ohio. 

Mohler, Harvey H Knobnoster, Mo. 

Mohler, J Warrensburg, Mo. 

Mohler, J. E., 1643 E. Lyon St., Des Moines, Iowa. 

Mohler, J. M Leeton, Mo. 

Mohler, J. M Lewistown, Pa. 

Mohler, J. S Mound City, Mo. 

Mohler, Levi Lansing, N. Dak. 

Mohler, Levi S Dillsburg, Pa. 

Mohler, M. S Leeton, Mo. 

Mohler, Paul Cando, N. Dak. 

Mohler, Wm Falls City, Nebr. 

Moll, John T Constance, Ky. 

Molsbee, A Nocona, Tex. 

Montgomery, A. S R. R. i, Boone Mill, Va. 

Montgomery, B. F Little York, 111. 

Montgomery, Riley Bringhurst, Ind. 

Montis, S , Fredericktown, Ohio, 



Mootnaw, A i 

..3121 2d Highland Park, Des Moines, Iowa. 

Moomaw, J. P Ashland, Oregon. 

Moomaw, R. M. Weilersville, Ohio. 

Moore, J. B Octavia, Nebr. 

Moore, J. E Hecla, S. Dak. 

Moore, J. H Elgin, 111. 

Moore, James M Elgin, 111. 

Moore, John Delhi, S. Dak. 

Moore, P. A Inglewood, Cal. 

Moore, Wm. K Nora, 111. 

Morphew, J. E Copemish, Mich. 

Morris, James H Cypher, Pa. 

Morris, Richard Triplet, Mo. 

Mortin, Silas Mt. Etna, Iowa. 

Moss, Aaron Huntington, Ind. 

Moss, Owen C .Duffy, W. Va. 

Mote, Harvey. . R. F. D. No. i. Ft. Recovery, Ohio. 

Mourer, John H R. F. D. No. 20, Idaville, Ind. 

Mow, A. I Weiser, Idaho. 

Mowry, H. R. . . . R. F. D. No. i, Maurertown, Va. 

Moyer, H Dovesville, Va. 

Moyer, Moses Mathias, W. Va. 

Mummert, M Menges Mills, Pa. 

Munson, A. A Lagrange, Mich. 

Murphy, William Carlisle, Pa. 

Murray, Fred Champion, Pa. 

Murray, James Rittman, Ohio. 

Murray, Jacob A Rockford, 111. 

Murray, John Bean Station, Tenn. 

Murray, J. C 

337 N. C. Ave., S. E., Washington, D. C. 

Murray, Jos. H Boone Mills, Va. 

Murray, M. R St. Joseph, Mo. 

Murray, Samuel 

224 S. Ritter Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Murray, Wm. A R. F. D. Smithville, Ohio. 

Musser, I. N Columbia, Pa. 

Myer, John W 

343 N. Charlotte St., Lancaster, Pa. 

Myers, Abram Longmont, Colo. 

Myers, Ananias Box 25, Bedford, Pa. 

Myers, Andrew, 325 W. Philadelphia St., York, Pa. 

Myers, A. E R. R. No. i, Paola, Kans. 

Myers, Benton Bangor, Cal. 

Myers, C. E Shelocta, Pa. 

Myers, D. R New Cambria, Kans. 

Myers, Franklin Lanark, 111. 

Myers, G. S New Enterprise, Pa. 

Myers, George W Mexico, Ind. 

Myers, H. S Pennsville, Pa. 

Myers, Isaac L Centralia, Wash. 

Myers, I. C Greenmount, Va. 

Myers, John Lititz, Pa. 

Myers, John Sylvan, Pa. 

Myers, J. A Huntingdon, Pa. 

Myers, Jacob L Coleta, 111. 

Myers, Jacob M R. R. 2, Red Lion, Pa. 

Myers, J. M Cando, N. Dak. 

Myers, J. T Oaks, Pa. 

Myers, P. S. .3120 Baldwin Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Myers, R. T McVeytown, Pa. 

Myers, S. B R. F. D. 2, York, Pa. 

Myers, S. F Martinsburg, Pa. 

Myers, S. L Webber, Kans. 

Myers, Tobias, 2255 N. Park Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Myers, T. T. . .2260 N. Park Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Myers, Walter N Penn Run, Pa. 

Naff, Benj. T Centralia, Wash. 

Naff, Daniel Naffs, Va. 

Naff, D. C R. F. D. No. 3, Roanoke, Va. 

Naff, John A., R. R. No. i, Boone Mill, Va. 

Naff, John B R. F. D. No. 3, Roanoke, Va. 

Naff, W. H Epperly, Va. 

Nead, A, E Limestone, Tenn, 

Nead, Daniel P R. R. No. 18, Onward, Ind. 

Neal, Wm. F R. R. No. 2, Claypool, Ind. 

Nedrow, R. A Jones Mills, Pa. 

Neff, A. L Syracuse, Ind. 

Neff, B. W Mt. Jackson, Va. 

Neff, Henry Bremen, Ind. 

Neff, Henry New Paris, Ind. 

Neff, Henry J... 11 15 S, Church St., Rockfprd, 111. 

Neff, Isaac M Fairfax, Va. 

Neif, James Shakespeare, Ind, 

Neff, James M 

....21 N. Baltimore Ave., Kansas City, Kans. 

Neff, W. B Milford, ind 

Neher, Amos A San Dimas, Cal. 

Neher, Ananias R. F. D. No. i, Coyle, Okla. 

Neher, Andrew McCune, Kans, 

Neher, A, P E. Okla. Ave., Guthrie, Okla 

Neher, A. S 

R. F. D. No. 4, Tippecanoe City, Ohio. 

Neher, E. J Hollywood, Ala. 

Neher, J. C. Nampa, Idaho. 

Neher, J. F E. Okla. Ave., Guthrie, Okla. 

Neher, J. H Palestine, Ark, 

Neher, L, H North Manchester, Ind, 

Neher, L. M. ..Milford, Ind. 

Neher, Samuel Petroleum, Ind. 

Neher, Wm. D Chenoa, 111. 

Neibert, F, J Broadf ording, Md. 

Neikirk, D, H Lemasters, Pa. 

Nelson, N. B Hastings, Okla. 

Nelson, N. P Rosalia, Kans. 

Ness, Christian R. R. 2, York, Pa. 

Nester, C. L Bulltown, W. Va. 

Newcomer, E Mt, Morris, 111, 

Newcomer, M. S Polo, 111, 

Newcomer, S, I Lanark, 111. 

Nezzelrodt, Chas Belgrade, Va. 

Niccum, D. H Bordulac, N. Dak. 

Nicholson, C Hancock, Minn, 

Nickey, Amos J Alvo, Nebr, 

Nickey, S. G R. F. D. No. 2, Cerrogordo, 111. 

Nicodemus, R. H Potsdam, Ohio. 

Nicola, C, G Nicklow, W. Va, 

Nill, Joseph Lewisburg, Ohio. 

Nine, Garfield Gormania, W. Va. 

Nine, W. F Gormania, W, Va. 

Nininger, C. E Ashland, Oregon. 

Nininger, J. C Coyle, Okla. 

Nissly, Jacob Richland Sta., Pa. 

Niswander, I. B Tyrone, Okla. 

Noffsinger, E R. R. 41, Union City, Ind. 

Nofziger, J, P Lakeside, Cal. 

Norcross, D. A Newberg, Oregon. 

Norras, S. A Shirleysburg, Pa. 

Norris, E. O R. R. No. 38, Ingalls, Ind. 

Norris, James Donaldson, Ind. 

Numer, A. C. . ., Redfield, Kans. 

Numer, J. H . . .' Ft. Scott, Kans. 

Nusbaum, John '. Wakarusa, Ind. 

Nyce, W. G Royersfordj Pa. 

Oaks, L. C Woodland, Mich. 

Oberholtzer, W, H Myerstown, Pa, 

Oberlin, Allen A Easton, Md, 

Oblinger, S Waterville, Minn. 

Ockerman, Allen R. F. D. No. 3, Hillsboro, Ohio. 

Ockerman, J. E Lakeside, Ohio. 

Oellig, C. R Waynesboro, Pa, 

Ogden, Orlando Moulton, Iowa. 

Oren, A. W Trotwood, Ohio. 

Oren, Noah Carthage, Mo. 

Otto, John E Sharpsburg, Md. 

Overf elt, S Mountain Grove, Mo, 

Overholt, Jonas Dutton, Mich. 

Overholtzer, Derius Covina, Cal, 

Overholtzer, D, J Covina, Cal, 

Overholtzer, J Colton, Cal. 

Overholtzer, S. A Colton, Cal. 

Overhultz, J. N Keuka, Fla. 

Overton, B. F Edinburg, 111. 

Owen, R. M Great Bend, Kans. 

Owens. Martin G Transom. N. C. 

Painter, Geo. W Kountz, Va. 

Parish, J. A Elkins, W. Va. 

Parker, I. D North Manchester, Ind. 

Partch, A. H Stone, Oregon. 

Patrick, Thomas Hanoverdale, Pa. 

Patten, John Worden, Wis. 

Payton, S. W Connersville, Ind. 

Pearce, Samuel,.. 724 Horner St., Johnstown, Pa. 



PearsoU, A. L Dunlap, Kans. 

Peck, J. C Circleville, Kans. 

Peck, J. H Manvel, Tex. 

Peck, L. A Savage, Pa. 

Peebler, A. J Nampa, Idaho. 

Peek, Francis M Catalpa, Kans. 

Peifer, L. R R. F. D. No. 2, Springfield, Ohio. 

Pence, Daniel Ivy, W. Va. 

Pence, Geo. F Witts, Tenn. 

Pence, J Port Republic, Va. 

Pence, J. B Limestone, Tenn. 

Pence, Samuel Port Republic, Va. 

Peters, Amos B Wenatchee, Wash. 

Peters, Daniel R. R. i, Boone Mill, Va. 

Peters, Jesse Wenatchee, Wash. 

Peters, Morton H Manvel, Texas. 

Peters, Owen Holmesville, Nebr. 

Peters, Preston R. R. i, Boone Mill, Va. 

Peters, Riley L. R. R. 3, Wirtz, Va. 

Peters, Wm Detrick, Va. 

Peterson, Andrew P Payette, Idaho. 

Peterson, B. M Lamborn, Kans. 

Peterson, E Poplar, N. C. 

Peterson, J. H Relief, N. C. 

Peterson, Sol Relief, N. C. 

Peterson, P. C Herington, Kans. 

Petre, David R. . . R. F. D. No. 6, Hagerstown, Md. 

Petry, Benj. F R. R. 2, West Alexandria, Ohio. 

Petry, C. C Kitchel, Ind. 

Petry, Luther Girard, Ala. 

Petry, Samuel R. R. 33, Port Republic, Va. 

Petry, Steph. S Berthold, N. Dak. 

Pfautz, J. K R. F. D. No. i, Bareville, Pa. 

Pfouts, Daniel Piney Flats, Tenn. 

Pfoutz, A Crosskill Mills, Pa. 

Pfoutz, C. L Gettysburg, Pa. 

Pfoutz, Jacob Crosskill Mills, Pa. 

Phields, Samuel Lima, Ind. 

Phillippi, Wm. R Navarre, Kans. 

Phillips, G. A R. R. I, Waynesboro, Va. 

Phillips, W Meadowville, W. Va. 

Phillips, Wm. B Texas, W. Va. 

Pittenger, John Spencer, Ohio. 

Pittman, H. E Loraine, 111. 

Pitzer, John R Cordell, Okla. 

Plank, John M N. Yakima, Wash. 

Piatt, W. M Charter Oak, Cal. 

Plum, S. S Mt. Morris, 111. 

Poling, Godfrey J Kasson, W. Va. 

Pollard, R. T Garrett, Pa. 

Pollock, Alvin 137 Church St., Batavia, III. 

Pope, J. W Moorefield, W. Va. 

Popejoy, W^m. A Poneto, Ind. 

Porter, S. E Casstown, Ohio. 

Pottinger, L Claypool, Ind. 

Powell, E. M R. F. D. No. 2, Buena Vista, Va. 

Prather, H. M Trout, N. C. 

Prather, M Damascus, Va. 

Prather, O. J Creston, N. C. 

Pratt, E. W Hancock, Minn. 

Price, C. C Polo, 111. 

Price, David E Mt. Morris, 111. 

Price, Edward H Lordsburg, Cal. 

Price, E. W Franklin Grove, 111. 

Price, H. A Harleysville, Pa, 

Price, Joseph Hanover, Pa. 

Price, J. H Richland Center, Pa. 

Price, J . M Harleysville, Pa. 

Price, Wilson . Wynne, Ark. 

Priddy, Anson C R. F. D. No. 7, Muncie, Ind. 

Pringle, Joseph Edenton, Ohio. 

Prough, Daniel Conway Springs, Kans. 

Prowant, D Continental, Ohio. 

Puderbaugh, A Ozawkie, Kans. 

Puffenbarger, G. M Doehill, Va. 

Pursely, A. F Maple, Va. 

Pursely, W. T Saltpeter Cave, Va. 

Puterbaugh, D. B Lanark, 111. 

Pyle, W. H R. R. 5, Hampton, Iowa. 

Quick, C. L College Corner, Ohio. 

Quinn, Wm. H 417 High St., Canton, Ohio. 

Racer, John A Kimball, Va. 

Racer, J. A., Jr Kimball, Va, 

Raffensberger, Levi Franklin Grove, 111. 

Rairigh, Geo, S Denton, Md. 

Rairigh, Isaiah Woodland, Mich. 

Rairigh, I. F Lake Odessa, Mich. 

Rambow, Geo Douds Station, Iowa. 

Ranck, B. F 618 8th St., Altoona, Pa. 

Randolph, T. G Higgins, N. C. 

Rarick, Jacob W 

. 274 Holmes Ave., Indianapolis, Ind, 

Rarick, John G Eaton, Ind, 

Read, John Manette, Wash. 

Ream, James F Scalp Level, Pa. 

Reber, D. C Elizabethtown, Pa. 

Reber, Jno, G Centerport, Pa. 

Reece, Enos J Berwick, Mo. 

Redenbo, Oscar B 

R. F. D. No. 3, Mulberry Grove, 111. 

Redmon, S. S Nampa, Idaho. 

Reed, A. G Auburn, Nebr. 

Reed, A. J Scottville, N. C. 

Reed, Charley Wauseon, Ohio. 

Reed, E. M R. F. D. No. 2, Brock, Nebr. 

Reed, Henry R F. D. No. 3, Floyd, Va. 

Reed, Isaac Alumridge, Va. 

Reed, Michael R. F. D. No. 3, Floyd, Va. 

Reed, P. D Limestone, Tenn. 

Reed, Richard Dulany, Va. 

Reed, R. E Morgantown, W. Va. 

Reed, Samuel P Dulany, Va. 

Reed, S Myrtlepoint, Oregon. 

Reed, VVyatt Alumridge, Va, 

Reed, Wm. A Vox, N. C. 

Reese, A. W.627 Woodland Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

Reese, J. W Prairie Depot, Ohio. 

Reeves, Alfred H Barnum, Minn. 

Reeves, C. D Barnum, Minn. 

Reichard, W. S Hagerstown, Md. 

Reidenbach, R. S Hinkleton, Pa. 

Reiff, J. B Holmesville, Nebr. 

Renner, Eli Burroak, Kans. 

Renner, F. C New Midway, Md. 

Rensberger, Melvin....R. R. 35, Union City, Ind. 

Replogle, Chamicey L Laporte, Ind. 

Replogle, D. H R. R. No. i, Mooreland, Ind. 

Replogle, H. S 

1316 Virginia Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Replogle, J. B Woodbury, Pa, 

Replogle, M Udell, Iowa. 

Reynolds, W. \\ Rogers, Ala. 

Rhodes, D. B R. R. 2, Norborne, Mo. 

Ribblett, David Conemaugh, Pa. 

Richard, J. H Maitland, Pa. 

Richards, D. R R. R. 38, Ingalls, Ind. 

Richardson, J Meadowbluff, W. Va. 

Richardson, S Millgrove, Ind. 

Richcreek, F. O North Webster, Ind. 

Richey, Henry North Manchester, Ind. 

Riddlesberger, I., 30 E. 3rd St., Waynesboro, Pa. 

Ridenour, John Garrison, Iowa. 

Ridgley, Dow A Parkersburg, 111. 

Rife, Joseph D Converse, Ind. 

Riggleman, J Monterville, W. Va. 

Riggleman, W. L Gortner, Md. 

Rinehart, Abram Onward, Ind. 

Riner, James A Oakhill, W. Va. 

Riner, Samuel Oakhill, W. Va. 

Risk, Lawrence 

23 N. Bochee St., Kansas City, Kans. 

Ritchey, S Yellow Creek, Pa. 

Ritchey, Samuel Tatesville, Pa. 

Ritchey, W. S R. R. No. i, Everett, Pa. 

Rittenhouse, E. M R. F. D., Alvordton, Ohio. 

Ritter, H. H R. R. 5, Guthrie, Okla. 

Ritzins, H Leiters Ford, Ind. 

Ritzins, Noah Bisbee, N. Dak. 

Roberts, D. W Bonsacks, Va. 

Roberts, Frank Fredric, Iowa. 

Roberts, I. F New Creek, W. Va. 

Robertson, J. F Winston- Salem, N. C. 

Robeson, Jesse I Lonaconing, Md. 

Robinson, T. A Mansfield, 111. 

Robison, Joseph Carey, Ohio. 



Rock, James O Navarre, Kans. 

Rodabaugh, A R. F. D., Collins, Mo. 

Rodabaugh, E. G. . . R. F. D. No. 4, Fairfield, Iowa. 

Rodabaugh, Willis Fredric, Iowa. 

Rodahaver, J. J Somerfield, Pa. 

Roddis, Charles Ipava, 111, 

Rodecker, Thomas Mendon, Ohio. 

Rodgers, J. C .' Matthews, Ind. 

Rogers, Levi Ryot, Pa. 

Rogers, Thomas .Windfall, Ind. 

Roller, J. S Timberville, Va. 

Rolston, J. E Sheldon, Iowa. 

Roop, Alfred B......2220 Pitt St., Anderson, Ind. 

Roop, Israel Attica, Ohio. 

Roop, W. E Westminster, Md. 

Roose, Eli Nappanee, Ind. 

Roose, Hiram Wakarusa, Ind. 

Root, A. C Cashion, Okla. 

Root, C. C Ames, Okla. 

Root, E. D Eudora, Kans. 

Root, John A Ozawkie, Kans. 

Root, Jos. A Ames, Okla. 

Root, J. S Arago, Oregon. 

Rose, W. A R, R., Partridge, Kans. 

Rosenberger, A. S Covington, Ohio. 

Rosenberger, E. H McComb, Ohio. 

Rosenberger, I. J Covington, Ohio. 

Ross, Henry H Peru, Nebr. 

Ross, J. F Simpson, W. Va. 

Ross, W. L R. R. 2, Seymour, Ind. 

Roth, David Blain, Pa. 

Rothenberger, D North Webster, Ind. 

Rothgeb, M Massanutton, Va, 

Rothrock, E. S Carlisle, Nebr. 

Rothrock, H. M Weiser, Idaho. 

Rotruck, W. D Antioch, W. Va. 

Row, W. J Junior, W. Va. 

Rowe, C. B. . . R. F. D., Dallas Center, Iowa. 

Rowland, A Reid, Md. 

Rowland, C. P Lanark, 111. 

Rowland, David Lanark, 111. 

Rowland, D. A Viola, Wis. 

Rowland, J R. F. D. No. 19, Clearspring, Md. 

Royer, A. H Talmage, Pa. 

Royer, Galen B Elgin, 111. 

Royer, Henry D Lincoln, Pa. 

Royer, Harvey L Dallas Center, Iowa. 

Royer, J. Abraham 

R. F. D. No. I, Clackamas, Oregon. 

Royer, Jesse E Holliday, Mo. 

Royer, J. G Mt. Morris, 111. 

Royer, John L. .R. F. D. No. i, Newmanstown, Pa. 

Royer, S. D Bradford, Ohio. 

Royer, U. S Newton, Kans, 

Royer, Wm R. R. i. Arcanum, Ohio. 

Ruble, Lawrence McVeytown, Pa. 

Ruff, Edward Okmulgee, Ind, T. 

Rufner, G Auburn, Ind. 

Rupel, Andrew North Liberty, Ind. 

Rupel, C. F North Liberty, Ind. 

Rupert, S. G 100 S. Laflin St., Chicago, 111. 

Rush, John S Tatesville, Pa. 

Rust, Rayburn S . R. R. 3, Longmont, Colo. 

Ruthrauff, J. B., 46 Clayton Ave, Waynesboro, Pa. 
Ryman, J. L Saumsville, Va. 

Sadler, J Kidder, Mo. 

Sadler, J. W . . . Cherry Grove, Minn. 

Salsbury, C. L^ Barron, Wis. 

Sanders, A. W Perry, Okla. 

Sandy, J. D Springfield, Ohio. 

Sanger, Anthony Keota, Iowa, 

Sanger, M. G R. F. D. 34, Spring Creek, Va. 

Sanger, S. A R. R. 2, Vienna, Va, 

Sanger, S. F ' 

....549 N. Gushing St., South Bend, Ind. 

Sanger, W. H Elizabethtown, Pa. 

Sappington, G. K Ladiesburg, Md. 

Sargent, C, H Dunlap, Kans. 

Sargent, E, B R. F, D, No. i, Payette, Idaho. 

Sargent, Frank Dunlap, Kans. 

Satterfield, J. R R. R. 5, Dandridge, Tenn. 

Saunders, S. R Chamblissburg, Va. 

Sawyer, W. H. H Morrill, Kans. 

Sayler, Levi Marshalltown, Iowa. 

Saylor, F. D Zion, N. Dak. 

Scaggs, Lewis C Sydney, Va. 

Scalf , James E Rural, Ky. 

Schechter, Joshua, Jr Worthington, Minn. 

Schechter, S^fuel H Hancock, Minn. 

Schlosser, JoMi Scheneck, Pa. 

Schlotman, S Missouri Valley, Iowa. 

Schmidt, Chas. C Strawberry Point, Iowa. 

Schowalter, S Northumberland, Pa. 

Schrock, . Elias Middlebury, Ind. 

Schrock, J. H R. R, No. i, Goshen, Ind. 

Schrock, W. G Berlin, Pa. 

Schwalm, H. M Wakarusa, Ind. 

Secrist, Caleb Cordova, Md. 

Secrist, Jacob S Myrtlepoint, Oregon. 

Seibert, J. C Cando, N. Dak. 

Sell, Arthur R. R. 2, Conway, Kans. 

Sell, Brice Newry, Pa. 

Sell, David . Newry, Pa. 

Sell, Daniel D Plattsburg, Mo. 

Sell, James A McKee Gap, Pa. 

Sellers, G. W Bryan, Ohio. 

Sellers, John H Bourbon, Ind. 

Senger, D. B Franklin Grove, 111. 

Sergeon, S Jonesville, Va. 

Setty, Sanford Banner, N. Dak. 

Shaff:er, J. B Valley Furnace, W. Va. 

Shaffer, J. J Berlin, Pa. 

Shaffer, Levi Hudson, Iowa. 

Shaffer, L. G Windber, Pa. 

Shahan, Geo Hovatter, W. Va. 

Shamberger, J Sheridan, Mo. 

Shamberger, J. H Medicine Lodge, Kans. 

Shank, C. A Prowers, Colo. 

Shank, E Dayton, Ohio. 

Shank, J. B Ellison, N. Dak. 

Sharp, A. M Hyland, N. Dak. 

Sharp, B. F Arcanum, Ohio. 

Sharp, S. Z Fruita, Colo. 

Shatto, A Denbigh, N. Dak. 

Shatto, Luther Denbigh, N, Dak. 

Shaver, Daniel ..Bent Mountain, Va. 

Shaver, Isaac Copperhill, Va. 

Shaver, S. A , Maurertown, Va. 

Shaw, Oliver Harleysville, Pa. 

Shaw, O. F Adel, Iowa. 

Shearer, Samuel S R. F. D. No. i, Rheems, Pa. 

Sheets, Andrew Gray, N. C. 

Sheets, E. M Clifton, N. C. 

Sheets, Henry Clifton, N.' C. 

Shellabarger, J Mendon, Ohio. 

Shellenberger, J. B Bannerville, Pa. 

Shelley, P. G Richfield, Pa. 

Shelton, Joel Stultz, Mo. 

Shenk, D. M Dorrance, Kans. 

Shepfer, E Sugarcreek, Ohio. 

Shepherd, John Viola, Wis. 

Shepherd, Joseph Ingalls, Ind. 

Shepherd, J. M R. D. 38, Ingalls, Ind. 

Shepler, Joseph Nead, Ind. 

Sherf y, Ernest F Westphalia, Kans. 

Sherf y, J Westphalia, Kans. 

Sherfy, N. B Blountville, Tenn. 

Sherrick, J. F Ithaca, Mich. 

Sherrick, M. M North Manchester, Ind. 

Shick, J. N R. R., Waterloo, Io\ya. 

Shick, Urias Holmesville, Nebr. 

Shickel, Jos ■. Roanoke, Va. 

Shideler, Daniel R. R. No. 3, Warren, Ind. 

Shideler, Henry R. R, No. 2, McCune, Kans. 

Shirk, D. C R. R. I, Polo, Mo. 

Shirk, Jacob B Ramona, Kans. 

Shirk, Nelson Mt. Morris, 111. 

Shirkey, J. B Scottville, Mich, 

Shirkey, J. H R. R. 4, Norborne, Mo. 

Shirkey, S. B R. R. 4, Norborne, Mo, 

Shisler, J. B Harleysville, Pa. 

Shively, Aaron Bayard, Ohio, 

Shively, Daniel New Paris, Ind. 



Shively, David Etna Green, Ind. 

Shively, E. E R. D. 21, Bremen, Ind. 

Shively, G Whitesprings, Pa. 

Shively, J. K Etna, N. Dak. 

Shively, J. W Bourbon, Ind. 

Shively, J. Will Newville, N. Dak. 

Shober, S. U ; . . Somerset, Pa. 

Shoemaker, C. W R. R. i, Overbrook, Kans, 

Shoemaker, Solomon Greentown, Ohio. 

Shong, David Sherwood, Ohio. 

Shook, R. M Talent, Oregon. 

Shoop, S. B Mapleville, Md. 

Shope, A. J R. F. D. No. i, Penbrook, Pa. 

Shorb, D. M Surrey, N. Dak. 

Shotts, M. C Helmer, Ind. 

Showalter, J. S Troutville, Va. 

Showalter, P. H R. R. ZZ, Port Republic, Va. 

Showalter, Simon Northumberland, Pa. 

Shower, R. B Oakland, Kans. 

Shrader, J. E Greencastle, Pa. 

Shreve, R. J Buchanan, Mich. 

Shroyer, Daniel Carroll, Pa. 

Shroyer, Reuben Canton, Ohio. 

Shuck, J. F Ft. Collins, Colo. 

ShuU, W. H R. R. 41, Virden, 111. 

Shultz, John F Chenoa, 111. 

Shutt, M. H Baltic, Ohio. 

Shutt, N. H R. R. 2, Lima, Ind. 

Simmons, A. L Henrietta, Pa. 

Simmons, Thos. J Osceola, Mo. 

Simmons, W. K R. R. 35, Union City, Ind. 

Simons, J, B Lyle, Wash. 

Sines, Grant Canaan, W. Va. 

Sines, H. B Sines, Md. 

Sines, W. T Swallow Falls, Md. 

Sink, D, F R. F. D. No. 3, Lenox, Iowa. 

Sink, Henry A 915 E. 23d St., Anderson, Ind. 

Siple, Geo. L Doe Hill, Va. 

Sites, S. G Petersburg, W. Va. 

Sizemore, Jos. I R. R. 27, Itson, Tenn. 

Slabaugh, Warren Riga, N. Dak. 

Slifer, G. H McPherson, Kans. 

Slingluff, John U Sidney, Nebr. 

Sloniker, Jacob Burroak, Kans. 

Smeltzer, Elias .Arcadia, Ind. 

Smeltzer, M Noblesville, Ind. 

Smith, Aaron Wauseon, Ohio. 

Smith, A. J Perry, Okla. 

Smith, B. W Shanks, W. Va. 

Smith, C. B MiUedgeville, 111. 

Smith, Daniel Cuba, Kans. 

Smith, E. J Ames, Okla. 

Smith, H. J Holland, Kans. 

Smith, H. W Vermontville, Mich. 

Smith, H. Z Bradford, Ohio. 

Smith, John Trotwood, Ohio. 

Smith, John Woodbury, Md, 

Smith, J. D Chicora, Miss. 

Smith, J. E Surrey, N. Dak. 

Smith, J. H R. F. D. No. i, Maurertown, Va. 

Smith, John I R. F. D. No. i, Ohio, Mo. 

Smith, J. M Woodland, Mich. 

Smith, Jacob O Swales, Pa. 

Smith, L. S 1548 Pacific Ave., Atchison, Kans. 

Smith, P. A 1060 N. 6th St., Reading, Pa. 

Smith, S. M Clarksville, Mich. 

Smith, S. Z Union City, Ind. 

Smith, T. M Solitude, Tenn. 

Smith, Wm Ames, Okla. 

Snader, A. P New Windsor, Md. 

Snader, David Akron, Pa. 

Snader, Edwin A Taneytown, Md. 

Snavely, Iv C Kearney, Nebr. 

Snavely, John L., 3041 S St., Lincoln, Nebraska. 

Snavely, S. U R. F. D. No. i. Republic, Ohio. 

Snell, Daniel Sidney, Ind. 

Snell, Geo. W R. R. 5, South Whitley, Ind. 

Snell, Levi Cambridge, Nebr. 

Snell, Samuel Union, Ohio. 

Snider, G. A Fostoriaj Ohio. 

Snively, J. S Lanark, 111. 

Snowberger, A. C R. R. 11, Anderson, Ind. 

Snowberger, A. L Newton, Kans. 

Snowberger, Isaac N Helmer, Ind. 

Snuffer, Matt. P Beckley, W. Va. 

Snyder, B, F. , Belle fontaine, Ohio. 

Snyder, David Laton, Cal. 

Snyder, J. M McPherson, Kans. 

Snyder, J. S Brooklyn, Iowa, 

Snyder, L. S Missouri Valley, Iowa. 

Solenberger, J R. R. 3, Warrenville, 111. 

Sollenberger, Aaron D R, R. i, Pickrell, Nebr. 

SoUenberger, D, P Fidelity, Ohio. 

Sommers, H. A Asherville, Ind. 

Sonefrank, Geo Loree, Ind. 

Sonon, H. S East Petersburg, Pa, 

Souders, J. F R. F. D. No. 2 Preston, Minn. 

Sower, D. E R. F. D. No, i, Clarksville, Mich. 

Spacht, Alva J Findlay, Ohio. 

Spacht, J. R Williamstown, Ohio, 

Spall, James J Seymour, Ind, 

Spangler, John Huff ville, Va. 

Spangler, S. G Floyd Court House, Va. 

Spanogle, A Lewistown, Pa. 

Spanogle, H, A Lewistown, Pa, 

Spicher, John W Wilgus, Pa. 

Spicher, M. H Independent Hill, Va. 

Spidle, W. F Shirleysburg, Pa. 

Spitler, D. N Stony Man, Va. 

Spitzer, J. F Summitville, Ind. 

Sprague, Byron Lablanche, Kans. 

Sprang, G White Pigeon, Mich. 

Sprankle, S Massillon, Ohio. 

Spurgeon, J. B Adel, Iowa. 

St. John, W. R Kunkle, Ohio. 

Stafford, John Spencerville, Ind. 

Stahl, H. A Glade, Pa. 

Stair, M, E Polo, Mo. 

Stambaugh, G. W Carrington, N. Dak. 

Stambaugh, Jacob Virginia, Nebr. 

Stamy, J. F Lees Crossroads, Pa. 

Starkey, J. H Griffithsville, W . Va. 

Stauffer, E. H Rosedale, N, Dak. 

Stauffer, Geo Woburn, 111. 

Stayer, D. A Tatesville, Pa. 

Stayer, J. C Woodbury, Pa. 

Stayer, J. R Woodbury, Pa. 

Stearman, C. H Overhill, W. Va. 

Steele, Laf ayette . . R. R. No. i. North Liberty, Ind, 

Stees, Israel Lena, 111. 

Steffen, Conrad Newark, Mo. 

Steinberger, A, C Vira, Pa. 

Stevens, Jas. F Myrtlepoint, Oregon, 

Stevens, S. M Mountain Grove, Mo. 

Steward, Edward Dunlap, Kans. 

Stickler, W, E Centerville, Iowa, 

Stieneke, F. S Aurelia, Iowa. 

Still, David R. R, i, Jonesville, Va. 

Stine, A, M Adel, Iowa. 

Stinebaugh, J. G R. F. D. No. i, Camden, Ind. 

Stinson, N. E R. R. No. 38, Ingalls, Ind. 

Stitzel, Joseph Lanark, 111. 

Stiverson, J. U. G Weiser, Idaho. 

Stone, C. H Edgewood, Iowa. 

Stone, Geo. E Crystal, Mich. 

Stone, Henry Aline, Okla. 

Stoneburner, J. W Peterson, Ind. 

Stoneburner, Levi ; Pierceton, Ind. 

Stoner, David Johnsville, Md. 

Stoner, D. W Vesper, Kans, 

Stoner, E. W Union Bridge, Md. 

Stoner, J. C R. R- No. 2, Palestine, 111. 

Stoner, Levi Mammoth, Pa. 

Stoner, Samuel D Ladoga, Ind, 

Stong, G. W Newville, N. Dak. 

Stookey, ' Sherman R. R. No, 3, Plymouth, 111, 

Stouder, D. W Emporia, Kans, 

Stouder, Jas, A R. R. 2, Falls City, Nebr. 

Stouff er, E. H Rosedale, N Dak. 

Stouffer, M Mansfield, 111.- 

Stouffer, S, M Greenspring, Pa, 

Stout, Jerry .Lacey, Iowa. 

Stout, John C .S.r^^y^,^' M- 

Stout, Thos. J; .Windfall, Ind. 

Stover, D. E Champaign, 111. 



Stover, H, M 

136 Cleveland Ave., Waynesboro, Pa. 

Stover, J. H Tekoa, Wash. 

Stover, John M Bradford, Ohio, 

Strausburg, Geo. S R. F. D. i, Republic, Ohio. 

Strausburg, John Landess, Ind. 

Strawser, George Oriental, Pa. 

Streeter, John O Octavia, Nebr. 

Strickler, B. H Loraine, 111, 

Sirickler, D. H Vicksburg, Pa. 

Strickler, Ellis Ramona, Kans, 

Strickler, H. P Grundy Center, Iowa. 

Strickler, H. W Loraine, 111. 

Strickler, Walter Luray, Va. 

Strycker, Geo Minot, N. Dak. 

Stucker, Wm Hillard,' Mo. 

Stuckey, D. F Osnaburg, Ohio. 

Stuckey, L. T New Enterprise, Pa. 

Stuckman, P » Nappanee, Ind. 

Studebaker, G. E 

1319 Northern Ave., Pueblo, Colo. 

Studebaker, Geo. L., 117 S. Consil St., Muncie, Ind'. 

Studebaker, G. W Fredonia, Kans. 

Studebaker, J i . Mont Ida, Kans. 

Studebaker, S Pearl City, 111. 

Stump, George C Palestine, Ohio. 

Stump, John Miami, Tex. 

Stump, Sol Waynesville, Mo. 

Sturgis, John Perrin, Mo. 

Stutsman, D. C 15 Wroe Ave., Dayton, Ohio. 

Stutsman, Jesse R. R. 4, Arcanum, Ohio. 

Stutsman, J. R Harbor Springs, Mich. 

Stutsman, Wm Glendale, Cal. 

Stutzman, C. W Metamora, Ohio. 

Summer, A. E R. F. D. No. i. Sowers, Va. 

Summy, A R. F. D. No. 2, Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

Sunderland, H Jasper, Mo. 

Suter, CM Franklin Grove, 111, 

Sutter, A. A Roanoke, La. 

Sutter, P. J R. F. D., Marathon, Iowa. 

Swab, John Valley, Pa. 

Swartz, E. J Wakarusa, Ind. 

Swayne, G. H. ..1711 Oneida St., Huntingdon, Pa. 

Swigart, G. H McVeytown, Pa, 

Swigart, J. C Strodes Mills, Pa. 

Swigart, M. C McVeytown, Pa. 

Swigart, S.J Lewistown, Pa. 

Swigart, W. J Huntingdon, Pa. 

Swihart, David Roann, Ind. 

Swihart, Geo Mayville, N. Dak. 

Swihart, Geo. E..R. F. D. No. 28, Pettysville, Ind. 

Swihart, George T Goshen, Ind. 

Swihart, Neri Tippecanoe, Ind. 

Swihart, Walter R. R. i, Churubusco, Ind. 

Swinger, Jacob Palestine, 111. 

Swinger, W Dayton, Ohio. 

Switzer, John W Roanoke, 111. 

Swoveland, J. S R. R. No. 2, Pendleton, Ind. 

Talhelm, Byron Elmo, Kans. 

Tannreuther, W. O Waterloo, Iowa. 

Tawzer, J. J Pierson, Iowa. 

Taylor, Allen Bangor, Cal. 

Taylor, H. R Lordsburg, Cal. 

Taylor, I. W New Holland, Pa. 

Taylor, S. W Springgrove, Pa. 

Teeter, B. Y. S Shaf ter, W. Va. 

Teeter, D. W Jasper, Mo. 

Teeter, J. L Terlton, Okla. T. 

Teeter, L. L Losantville, Ind. 

Teeter, L. W Hagerstown, Ind 

Teeter, W. C 17 Horace St., Dayton, Ohio. 

Teets, L. W Lost City, W. Va. 

Tennison, K. G Weatherford, Tex. 

Terwilleger, Samuel Blue Springs, Nebr. 

Thomas, A Springcreek, Va. 

Thomas, Allen Pleasant Valley, N. Dak. 

Thomas, D. D McClure, Ohio. 

Thomas, David Bangor, Mich. 

Thomas, H Alvada, Ohio. 

Thomas, J Springcreek, Va. 

Thomas, Jer Clifton Mills, W. Va. 

Thomas, J. A Peabody, Kans. 

Thomas, J. L R. R. No. 11, Argos, Ind, 

Thomas, P. S Harrisonburg, Va. 

Thomas, V Florence, W. Va. 

Thomas, Wm .• . Gibbons Glade, Pa. 

Thomas, W. J Inglewood, Cal. 

Thompson, S. E Garden City, Kans. 

Thompson, G. C..R. F. D. No. 4, Darlington, Ind. 

Throne, G. M Princeton, Kans. 

Tilsman, A. L Lindside, W. Va. 

Tingley, H Tingley, Mo. 

Tisdale, W. D., 1539 E. Ave, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

Titler, Geo Continental, Ohio. 

Toney, Carey R. R. 8, Kitchel, Ind. 

Toney, W. S .Walton, Ind. 

Tooker, Grant Delhi, S. Dak. 

Tow, William Cana, Va. 

Trimmer, Peter Mulberry, Pa! 

Trostle, Eph Mt. Morris, 111 

Trostle, J. W Glendora, Cal. 

Trostle, L Franklin Grove, 111. 

Trostle, W. E San Gabriel, Cal. 

Troup, Henry H . . . Maxwell, Iowa. 

Trout, I. Bennett Lanark, 111. 

Troxel, David Cerrogordo, 111. 

Troxel, D. E Conway Springs, Kans. 

Troxel, J Conway Springs, Kans. 

Troxel, Joseph Caldwell, Okla. 

Troxel, J. J Conway Springs, Kans. 

Truax, Wm. R Pleasant Ridge, Pa. 

Tucker, J Hagers Grove, Mo. 

Turner, D Genoa, Va. 

Turner, L. F Genoa, Va. 

Tyson, G Gait, Mich. 

Tyson, G Ted, Ohio. 

Ulery, Gabriel R. R. No. 2, Claypool, Ind. 

Ulery, Jacob C McPherson, Kans, 

Ulery, J. Edson .... Bible Institute, Canton, Ohio. 
Ulrey, S. S North Manchester, Ind. 

Ullery, Daniel Mezo, 111. 

Ullery, Forest Harrison ville. Mo. 

Ullom, Homer , Prowers, Colo. 

Ulrey, John C Oakland, Kans. 

Ulrey, John P Pyrmont, Ind. 

Ulrich, W. M North Manchester, Ind. 

Umble, S Uniontown, Pa. 

Urey, J. H R. R. i, Hudson, Ind. 

Utz, Franklin N Port, Va. 

Utz, J. H Martinsburg, W. Va. 

Utz, John H Taneytown, Md. 

Utz, S. H Newmarket, Md. 

Utz, Silas K .Newmarket, Md. 

Van Buren, T. D Phillips, Wis. 

Van Dyke, Archibald Michigan City, Ind. 

Van Dyke, G. H 

657 S. Ashland Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Van Dyke, Irvin C . .- 

1700 Mifflin St., Huntingdon, Pa. 

Van Dyke, S. P R. R. No. 5, Alva, Okla. 

Vanhorn, D. M R. R. No. i, Everett, Pa. 

Vansickle, Geo. W Fearer, Md. 

Varner, John P Travelers Repose, W. Va. 

Varner, Wm Doehill, Va. 

Vest, Willie Howerys, Va. 

Vines, A. J Jonesboro, Tenn. 

Viney, Fred College Corner, Ohio. 

Wagenman, J. G Williston, N. Dak. 

Wagner, D. T Beecher City, 111. 

Wagner, J. C R. R. No. 2, Smith Center, Kans. 

Wagoner, Isaac N Ramey, Minn. 

Wagoner, N. B Redcloud, Nebr. 

Wakefield, R. M Mount Union, Pa. 

Wakeman, J. W Fishers Hill, Va. 

Wakeman, L. D Lantz Mill, Va. 

Wales, G. E Sedgwick, Kans. 

Walker, Daniel H R. R. 5, Somerset, Pa. 

Walker, Ira D. S Berlin, Pa. 

Walker, S. A Bloomville, Ohio. 

Wallace, Lewis Mt Morris, 111. 



VVallick, A. B Bloomingdale, Mich. 

Walter, Charles Summum, 111. 

VValtman, J. K Nampa, Idaho. 

VVampler, A Knobnoster, Mo. 

Wampler, C Olathe, Kans. 

Wampler, D. B Penn Laird, Va. 

Wampler, D. J R. R. No. 5, Union City, Ind. 

Wampler, D. S Lonaconing, Md, 

Wampler, Jos. W •. Edom, Va. 

Warner, J. (colored) Cordova, Md. 

Warren, Isaac Edw. . . R. F. D. 25, Pettysville, Ind. 

Warstler, J. H New Paris, Ind. 

Wassam, J. J Peace Valley, Mo. 

Watkins, L Mont Ida, Kans. 

Watkins, T. J Sunnyside, Wash. 

Watkins, W. C R. R. i, Grenola, Kans. 

Watson, Geo. W Solitude, Tenn. 

Watts, Wm. S Brentwood, Ark. 

Waybright, Geo. W Circleville, W. Va. 

Wayland, J. W Bridgewater, Va. 

Weaver, A. A. .R. R. No. 2, Grand Junction, Colo. 

Weaver, Chr Brimfield, Ind. 

Weaver, D. H Covina, Cal. 

Weaver, David W. .321 N. Mary St., Lancaster, Pa. 

Weaver, G. E Buchanan, Mich. 

Weaver, Joseph Ligonier, Ind. 

Weaver, J. A Bowbells, N. Dak. 

Weaver, John E Goshen, Ind. 

Weaver, Josiah Scalp Level, Pa. 

' Weaver, M. J Scalp Level, Pa. 

Weaver, S. P Ames, Okla. 

Webb, J. E Newmarket, Iowa. 

VVeber, J Dallas Center, Iowa. 

Webster, C. F R. R. No. i, Salem, Va. 

Weddle, Andrew J Santos, Va. 

Weddle, G. W Larned, Kans. 

Weddle, Harvey Topeco, Va. 

Weddle, Joel Burks Fork, Va. 

Weddle, L. M Topeco, Va. 

Weddle, R. M Dunlap, Kans. 

Wegley, J. W Somerset, Pa. 

Weidler, D. W Ashland, Ohio. 

Weidman, Silas R. R. i, Wooster, Ohio. 

Weily, Wm Franklintown, Pa. 

Weimer, Asa H Petersburg, W. Va. 

Weimer, Dennis Bealton, Va. 

Weimer, F. B Rittman, Ohio. 

Weimer, Israel ; Hopeville, W. Va. 

Weimer, Samuel Jerico, Mo. 

Weirich, Jacob Osnaburg, Ohio. 

Weller, D. P Continental, Ohio. 

Weller, M. J Farmington, Pa. 

Wellington, J. R 

23 1 1 W. Jackson St., Muncie, Ind. 

Wells, James McDonalds Mill, Va. 

Wells, J. M Kalamazoo, W. Va. 

Wells, N. A ..Jackson, Tenn. 

Wenger, E. M Fredricksburg, Pa. 

Wenger, Israel R. R. i, Ephrata, Pa. 

Wenger, Perry Mt. Sidney, Va. 

Wertenbaker, Harrison Lordsburg, Cal. 

Wertenberger, A. J Norcatur, Kans. 

Wertz, W. Clay 721 R. R. St., Johnstown, Pa. 

West, Ellis H Moscow, Idaho. 

West, George Clayton, 111. 

West, L Pleasant Hill, Ohio. 

West, W. E Ankeny, Iowa. 

Westrick. Ohio Dubois, Nebr, 

Weybright, J. S Double Pipecreek, Md. 

Weybright, Wm R. R. i. Lone Star, Kans. 

Wheeler, F. M. . . R. R. No. 7, Marshalltown, Iowa. 

Whetstone, D Minnesota City, Minn. 

Whetzel, Lee H Moorefield, W. Va. 

Whisler, H. A. Inglewood, Cal. 

Whisler, S North Liberty, Ohio. 

Whistler, Levi Centralia, Wash. 

Whitcher, W. E Manvel, Tex. 

White, A. M Covina, Cal. 

Whitehead, Clayton S Warsaw, Ind. 

Whitmer, B. B .Morrill, Kans. 

Whitmer, Merrill I Tioga, N. Dais. 

Whitmer, Daniel R. R. i. South Bend, Ind. 

Whitmer, Peter Princeton, Kans. 

Widdowson, J Dixonville, Pa. 

Wieand, A. C Smithville, Ohio. 

Wieand, T. C R, F. D., Wooster, Ohio. 

Wiedman, Fred Longmont, Colo. 

Wike, Henry R, R. No. 2, Huntington, Ind. 

Wike, I. B Huntington, Ind. 

Wiley, Wm Bigmount, Pa. 

Wilfong, Benj Edray, W. Va. 

Wilhelm, J, L Lebanon, Pa. 

Wilkins, C. L Middleton, Mieh. 

Wilkinson, Wm. T Parkersburg, 111. 

Williams, Bruce Plattsburg, Mo. 

Williar, Jacob O ..Route 2, Mt. Airy, Md. 

Williford, Wm Kansas, Tenn. 

Willis, John Beelog, N, C. 

Williams, C. A New Plymouth, Idaho. 

Williams, C. E Epperly, Va. 

Williams, J. Henry B McPherson, Kans. 

Williams, Oliver Scottville, Mich. 

Wills, Chas. E Paris, Tenn. 

Wilmoth, WilHam L Travelers Repose, W. Va. 

Wilson, Jerey D Upton, Pa. 

Wilson, Josiah S Junior, W. Va. 

Wilson, Nute Bertig, Ark. 

Wilt, J. W Altoona, Pa. 

Wimmer, John H Copperhill, Va. 

Wimmer, N. P Copperhill, Va. 

Winand, G York Springs, Pa. 

Wine, A. J Ft. Worth, Texas. 

Wine, C Tropico, Cal. 

Wine, D. D Covington, Ohio. 

Wine, Daniel D Nevada, Mo. 

Wine, D. G Octavia, Nebr. 

Wine, D. P Moores Store, Va. 

Wine, G. S Olpe, Kans. 

Wine, George S Laton, Cal. 

Wine, Geo. W Ottobine, Va. 

Wine, Jacob Oakgrove, Tenn. 

Wine, John M David City, Nebr. 

Wine, J. W Ottobine, Va. 

Wine, Madison Fruitdale, Ala. 

Wine, Samuel .Jasper, Mo. 

Wine, W. M Union Bridge, Md. 

Wineman, D. B R. F. D. 4, Chambersburg, Pa. 

Winey, C. G East Salem, Pa. 

Winey, Thomas R. R. No. 4, Lawrence, Kans. 

Winger, H. H Palisade, Colo. 

Winger, Otho Sweetser, Ind. 

Wingert, H. H Tonic, Nebr. 

Winklebleck, Levi Hartford City, Ind. 

Wirt, Jacob Lewiston, Minn. 

Wirt, James Girard, 111. 

Wirt, John H Lewiston, Minn. 

W^ise, A. A Middlebury, Ind. 

Wise, Geo. E North Yakima, Wash. 

Wise, J Penalosa, Kans. 

Wise, W. M Garden City, Kans. 

Witmer, John H Union Deposit, Pa. 

Witmer, Samuel Z Elizabethtown, Pa. 

Witmore, Ira Adrian, Mo. 

Witmore, J McPherson, Kans, 

Witmore, J. C Longley, Ohio. 

Wolf, Abraham Udell, Iowa. 

Wolf, C. E., 22Z S. Moore St., S. Ottumwa, Iowa. 

Wolf, D. A ; Unionville, Iowa. 

Wolf, David B R. R. 9, Peru, Ind. 

Wolf, D. S Surrey, N. Dak. 

Wolf, F. B Preston, Minn. 

Wolfe, E. M R. F. D. 4, McCune, Kans. 

Wolfe, Leonard McCune, Kans. 

Wolford, Wm. E Boucher, Pa. 

Wood, C. A Haynie, Pa. 

Wood, Chas. H Snowden, Va. 

Wood, Charles S Summitville, Ind. 

Woodie, H. J Beldon, N. C, 

Woodie, John C Scottville, N. C. 

Woodiel, T. L Austin, Ark. 

Woodiel, W. L Austin, Ark. 

Woods, M. F Glenwood, Wash. 

Woodard, A. B Crocus, N. Dak. 



Workman, A. S Loudonville, Ohio. 

Workman, C. J Buckeye City, Ohio. 

Workman, David Columbia City, Ind. 

Workman, James Danville, Ohio. 

Workman, J. T R. F. D. No. 2, Howard, Ohio. 

Workman, L. . Pierceton, Ind. 

Workman, Philip Mabel, Oregon. 

Workman, S. J Ankneytown, Ohio. 

Workman, W." Loudonville, Ohio. 

Worst, David... R. F. D. No. i, West Salem, Ohio. 

Wray, Benjamin Bringhurst, Ind. 

Wright, A. L North Manchester, Ind. 

Wright, J. C Miller, Nebr. 

Wright, J. H North Manchester, Ind. 

Wright, N. D Lawford, W. Va. 

Wrightsman, P. R Saginaw, Tex. 

Wyland, Washington Harlan, Iowa. 

Wyne, Jacob R. R. i, Lintner, 111. 

Wysong, Daniel Nappanee, Ind. 

Wysong, H Nappanee, ind. 

Yaney, I. F New Corydon, Ind 

Yankey, F. A Dovesville, Va. 

Yarbaha, J. A Celynda, Mo. 

Yearout, Chas. M Christiansburg, Va. 

Yoder, John Jr R. R. No. 2, Spencer, Ohio. 

Yoder, J. J Conway, Kaifts, 

Yoder, Nathaniel Centreport, Pa. 

Yoder, R. A Sabetha, Kans. 

Yoder, S. ...2304 Michigan Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Yoder, Samuel E Hemet, Cal 

Yoder, Y. D. Lima, Ind. 

Yong, George Alumwell, Tenn. 

Younce, Samuel Clarion, Mich. 

Young, A. C Shideler, Ind. 

Young, David Hartville, Ohio. 

Young, E. S Canton, Ohio. 

Young, George Choptack, Tenn. 

Young, H. S R. R. 28, Inland, Ohio. 

Young, I. R Lanark, 111 

Young, J. E Beatrice, Nebr. 

Young, M. S R. R., East Akron, Ohio. 

Young, Theo. B Wichita, Kans. 

Yount, W. B Bridgewater, Va. 

Yourtee, Eli Brownsville, Md. 

Yundt, S. E Lordsburg, Cal. 

Zern, Jacob Holyoke, Colo. 

Ziegler, D. P Royersford, Pa. 

Ziegler, J Royersford, Pa. 

Ziegler, J. C Royersford, Pa. 

Ziegler, Levi Royersford, Pa. 

Zigler, D. C .R. F. D. No. i, Churchville, Va. 

Zigler, D. H R. F. D. No. 14, Broadway, Va. 

Zigler, John P Broadway, Va. 

Zigler, S. D Harrisonburg, Va. 

Zigler, W. H R. F. D. No. i, Churchville, Va. 

Zimmerman, J Mt. Solon, Va. 

Zimmerman, j. S Waterloo, Iowa. 

Zimmerman, S Davids ville. Pa. 

Zimmerman, W. B Nook, Pa. 

Zollers, Geo. D 

545 Gushing St., South Bend, Ind. 

Zuck, D. M Mercersburg, Pa. 

Zuck, John Clarence, Iowa. 

Zug, H. S Mastersonville, Pa. 

Zug, S. R Mastersonville, Pa. 

Zumbrum, C. K R. D., Albion, Ind. 


Best line of Bibles yet offered. Ministers and 
others in need of a Bible will do well to drop us a 
line for our new Catalog. 


Elgin, Illinois. 



The special terms mentioned below are limited to 
the ministers of the German Baptist or Brethren 
church. Those whose names are not in the Breth- 
ren's Almanac will please send reference. Wheth- 
er books for ministers be ordered by mail, express 
or freight, by single copy, or a number together, 
the amounts named for " cost of postage and pack- 
ing " must invariably accompany all orders. 

The Eternal Verities.— By D. L. Miller. 

A series of plain talks in support of the author- 
ity of the Scriptures. Price, $1.25. To min- 
isters, 19 cents. 

Trine Immersion as the Apostolic Form 

of Christian Baptism. — By James Quinter. 
Price, 90 cents. To ministers, 15 cents. 

Bible Dictionary. — By Smith and Pelou- 

bet. Price, $2.00. To ministers, 25 cents. 

Pocket Reference Testament. — No. 16, 

French Seal, divinity circuit. Price, 50 cents. 
To any minister not able to pay 50 cents, 8 

Life and Labors of Elder John Kline, 

the Martyr Missionary. — Price, $1.25. To min- 
isters, 25 cents. 

A Square Talk about the Inspiration of 

the Bible. — By H. L. Hastings. Price, 50 cents. 
To ministers, 9 cents. 

The Brethren Tracts and Pamphlets. — 

Price, $1.00. To ministers, 4 cents. 

Seven Churches of Asia.— By D. L. Mil- 
ler. Price, 75 cents. To ministers, 14 cents. 

Doctrine of the Brethren Defended. — By 

R. H. Miller. Price, 75 cents. To ministers, 

14 cents. 

The Bulwarks of the Faith. — By James 

M. Gray, D. D. Price, 75 cents. To minis- 
ters, ID cents. 

Brethren Lesson Commentary on the In- 
ternational S. S. Lessons for 1905. — By Eld. I. 
Bennett Trout. Price, cloth, $1.00. To min- 
isters, 18 cents. 

Alone with God. — By J. H. Garrison. 

Price, 75 cents. To ministers, 10 cents. 

Nave's Topical Bible. — Regular price of 

Bible, $7.50. To ministers, $3.16, delivered. 

Lord's Supper, The.— By D. B. Gibson. 

Price, 35 cents. To ministers for postage and 
packing, 10 cents. 

Modern Secret Societies. — By Chas. A. 

Blanchard, D. D. Price, 75 cents. To minis- 
ters, 10 cents. 

Book of Books. — By Wm. Evans. Price, 

$1.00. To ministers, 12 cents. 

Cruden's Concordance. — Price, $1.00. 

To ministers, 30 cents. 

Bible Manners and Customs. — By G. M. 

Mackie. Price, $1.00. To ministers, 12 cents. 
Address : 

Elgin, Illinois. 


Buying by the Name 

When you go to buy shoes, soap, a spool of thread, or a 
piano, you consult the label and buy by the name. The same 
rule should be applied to the purchase of medicines. You 
probably know less about them than about any of the articles 
named ; you have to take more for granted. When you see 
the title, "Dr. Pctcr's Blood Vitalizcr," on a bottle of 
medicine, be satisfied ; it's your guarantee that it is standard. 
It stands for quality, like the *' sterling mark " on silver. It 
represents prestige earned by over a century of actual cures. 

Mr. W. F. Clawson, of Anderson, Ind., voices the senti- 
ment of many when he says : *' We have tried using other and 
cheaper (?) medicines than the Blood Vitalizcr, but find they 
do not give the satisfaction, neither can they do the work that 
Dr. Peter's Blood Vitalizer does." 

Dr. Peter's Blood Vitalizer is a natural remedy made 
from healing herbs, leaves and roots — nothing else. It is not a 
drugstore medicine, but is supplied direct from the laboratory to 
the people through local agents. It is one of the few medicines 
you can safely buy by the name. Prepared only by 


112=114 South Hoy ne Ave., 





Chas. D. Bonsack, Westminster, Md. 

H. P. Albaugh, 1369 Monticello Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Levi Minnich, Gen. S. S. Sec, Greenville, Ohio. 

4^ ♦ <♦ 



First District — B. E. Kesler, Farrenburg, Mo. 

Wm. Piatt, Inglewood, Cal. 


Northern — Noah Blough, Mt. Carroll, 111. 
Southern — Chas. C. Gibson, Chatham, 111. 


First District — ^Jesse Emmert, Bulsar, India. 


Northern — Christian Metzler, Wakarusa, Ind 
Middle — Frank Fisher, Mexico, Ind. 
Southern — E, N. Goshorn, Ladoga, Ind. 


Middle — Mrs. S. B. Miller, 1026 3rd Ave., 

Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 
Southern — H. C. Wenger, South English, 



Northeastern — Viola Cline, 21 12 N. loth St., 

Kansas City, Kans. 
Northwestern and Northern Colorado — A. W. 

Ross, Sterling, Colo. 
Southeastern — D. P. Neher, R. R. No. 4, Mc- 

Cune, Kans. 
Southwestern — S. J. Miller, McPherson, Kans. 


Eastern — W. P. Englar, Uniontown, Md. 
Middle — Caleb Long, Boonsboro, Md. 
Western — James W. Beeghly, Accident, Md. 


Jerome J. England, R. F. D. No. i, Woodland, 


Northern — S. C. Taylor, Bolckow, Mo. 
Middle — Ada Kircher, Harrisonville, Mo. 
Southern — R. F. Bowman, Carthage, Mo. 


H. A. Frantz, Firth, Nebr. 


H. J. Woodie, Beldon, N. C. 

J. M. Myers, Cando, N. Dak. 



Phoebe Foft, Pierson, Iowa. 

Northeastern — S. M. Friend, R. R. 2, Spen- 
cer, Ohio. 
Northwestern — Mary Cook, Watson, Ohio. 
Southern — R. H. Nicodemus, Potsdam, Ohio. 

Lydia Cripe, Mounds, I. T. 

J. A. Eby, Sunnyside, Wash. 


Eastern— Edward Wenger, Fredericksburg, Pa. 
Middle — Irvin VanDyke, Huntingdon, Pa. 
Southern — Wm. A. Anthony, Shady Grove, Pa. 
Western — L. J. Lehman, Geistown, Pa. 


Chas. A. Bowman, Johnson City, Tenn. 


A. J. Wine, Saginaw, Texas. < 


First District — ^J. H. Murray, Boone Mill, Va. 
Second District — I. S. Flory, Stuarts Draft, 


First District — J. B. Leatherman, Burlington, 

W. Va. 
Second District — J. F. Bosely, Fallsmill, W. 

^ ^ ^ 


In the following to make as complete a record 
as possible has been the end sought After two at- 
tempts the results are as shown herewith. A 
number of Boards made no report whatever and 
hence the organization goes in as it appeared in 
last year's Almanac. It has been thought use- 
ful to indicate the time when each one's term 
expires. It is hoped that next year all Boards 
will make a complete report. 

General Missionary and Tract Committee. 

D. L. Miller, Mt. Morris, Illinois, 1905. 

John Zuck, Clarence, Iowa, 1905. 

S. F. Sanger, South Bend, Indiana, 1906. 

A. B. Barnhart, Hagerstown, Maryland, 1904. 

H. C. Early, Penn Laird, Virginia, 1904. 

Chairman, D. L. Miller, Mt. Morris, Illinois. 
Vice-Chairman, H. C. Early, Penn Laird, Va. 
Secretary and Treasurer, Galen B. Royer, Elgin, 

All correspondence for the Committee should be 
addressed to its office as follows: The General 
Missionary and Tract Committee, Elgin, 111. 

The regular meetings of the Committee are the 
Monday before the convening of Standing Com- 
mittee at Annual Meeting, and the second Mon- 
day of February and October. 

District Mission Boards. 

District Board. 

Pres., A. C. Smith, Palestine, Ark., 1907. 
Sec, H. I. Btiechley, Carlisle, Ark., 1906. 
Treas., J. H. Whitcher, Austin, Ark., 1906. 

District Board. 

Pres., E. T. Keiser, Lordsburg, Cal., 1908. 
Sec, J. Overholtzer, Coiton, Cal., 1905. 
Treas., W. E. Trostle, San Gabriel, Cal., 1909. 

C. W. Guthrie, 342 N. Main St., Los 
Angeles, Cal., 1906. 

D. J. Overholtzer, Covina, Cal., 1907. 



ILLINOIS, Northern. 
District Board. 

Pres., M. W. Emmert, Mt Morris, 111., 1908. 
Sec, C. H. H^becker, Franklin Grove, 111., 

Treas., J. W. Buck, Franklin Grove, 111., 1907. 
J. H. Rohrer, Mt. Carroll, 111., 1905. 
" Wm. Lampin, Polo, 111., 1906. 

ILLINOIS, Southern. 
District Board. 

Pres., Jacob Wyne, Laplace, 111., 1907. 
Sec, W. H. Shull, Virden, 111., 1905. 
Treas.. G. W. Senseubaugh, Oakley, 111., 1906- 
C. Mummert, Leesburg, 111., 1908. 
E. E. Brubaker, Virden, 111., 1909. 

INDIANA, Northern. 
, District Board. 

Pres., D. J. Whitehead, New Paris, Ind., 

Sec, R. W. Davenport, R. R. 6, Goshen, 

Ind., 1906. 
Treas., D. J. Whitehead, New Paris, Ind. 

Leyf Weaver, Goshen, Ind., R. R. i, 

INDIANA, Middle. 
District Board. 

Pres., David Dilling, Monticello, Ind., 1908. 
Sec, John H. Neff, Huntingdon, Ind., 1907. 
Treas., Aaron Mishler, South Whitley, Ind., 

Irvin Fisher, Mexico, Indiana, 1905. 
Geo. E. Swihart, Pettysville, Ind., 

INDIANA, Southern. 
District Board. 

Pres., J. S. Alldredge, Anderson, Ind., 1906. 
Sec, D. E. Bowman, Hager^town, Ind., 

Treas., John F. Shumaker, Shideler, Ind., 

IOWA, Northern and Minnesota. 
District Board. 

Pres., O. S. Gilbert, Eldora, Iowa, 1905. 
Sec, A. G. Messer, Grundy Center, lowh, 

Treas., J. S. Albright, Eldora, Iowa, 1905. 

IOWA, Middle. 
District Board. 

Pres., W. E. West, Ankeny, Iowa, 1906. 
Sec, Geo. B. Royer, Dallas Center, Iowa, 

Treas., C. Z. Reitz, Maxwell, Iowa, 1905. 

IOWA, Southern. 
District Board. 

Pres., David Sink, Lenox, Iowa, 1907. 

Sec, J. D. Coffman, South English, Iowa, 

Treas., W. D. Grove, South English, Iowa, 
KANSAS, Northeastern. 
District Board. 

Pres., R. A. Yoder, Sabetha, Kans., 1905. 
Sec, S. J. Heckman, Michigan Valley, 

Kans., 1907. 
Treas., C. H. Sargent, Dunlap, Kans., 1906. 

I. L. Hoover, Lone Star, Kans., 1908. 
Benj. Forney, Navarre, Kans., 1909. 
KANSAS, Northwest and Northern Colorado. 
District Board. 

Pres., A. C, Dagget, Covert, Kans., 1907. 
Sec, Chas. Sloniker, Burroak, Kans., 1906. 
Treas., Chas, A, Ball., Belleville,, Kans., 1905. 

KANSAS, Southeastern. 
District Board. 

Pres., John Sherfy, R. R. 2, Westphalia, 

Kans., 1906. 
Sec, D. P. Neher, R. R. 4, McCune, Kans., 

Treas., J. B. Wolfe, Monmouth, Kans., 1907. 

KANSAS, Southwestern. 
District Board, 

Pres., J. J. Yoder, R. R. 2, Conway, Kans., 

Sec, M. J. Mi«hler, R. R. 2, Conway, Kans., 

Treas., F. A. Vaniman, McPherson, Kans., 


S. J. Miller, McPherson, Kans., 1903. 

Jno. Dresher, Lyons, Kans., 1905. 

MARYLAND, Eastern. 
District Board. 

Pres., C. D. Bonsack, Westminster, Md., 1995. 
wSec, Jesse P. Weybright, Double Pipe 

Creek, Md., 1906. 
Treas., Ed. A. Snader, Taneytown, Md., 1905. 
S. H. Utz, New Market, Md. 
W. M. Wine, Union Bridge, Md., 1907. 

District Board. 

Pres., David Ausherman, Burkettsville, Md., 

Sec, W. S. Reichard, 136 S. Potomac St., 

Hagerstown, Md., 1905. 
Treas., Caleb Long, Boonsboro, JVid., 1907. 

John Rowland, R. R. 19, Clearspring, 

Md., 1908. 

David Zuck, Mercersburg, Pa., 1909. 

MARYLAND, Western. 
District Board. 

Pres., S. K. Fike, Grantsville, Md., 1907. 
S.&T., James Beeghly, Accident, Md., 1909. 

W. T. Sines, Swallow Falls, Md., 


John T. Green, Lonaconing, Md., 1905. 

I. W. Abernathy, Wilson, W. Va., 


District Board. 

Pres., I. F. Rairigh, Lake Odessa, Mich., 

Sec, Peter B. Messner, Woodland, Mich., 

Treas., J. W. Smith, Woodland, Mich., 1905. 

A. W. Hawbaker, Copemish, Mich., 


David B. Mote, Beverton, Mich., 1905. 

MISSOURI. Northern. 
District Board. 

Pres., S. E. Hogan, Rockingham, Mo. 
Sec, G. W. Ellanberger, Turney, Mo. 
Treas., J. E. Shamberger, Sheridan, Mo. 

M. E. Stair, Polo, Mo. 

Jacob Kuhn, Mound City, Mo. 

District Board. 

Pres., D. L. Mohler, Leeton, Mo., 1906. 
Sec, C. A. Lentz, Leeton, Mo., 1905. 
Treas., E. S. Katherman, Warrensburg, Mo., 

MISSOURI, Southern. 
District Board. 

Pres., J. P. Harris, David, Mo., 1904. 
Sec, A. P. Peterson, Reeds, Mo., 1905, 
Treas,, Samuel Wine, Jasper, Mo., 1905, 



District Board. 

Pres., A. D. Sollenberger, Pickrell, Nebr., 

Sec, C. J. Liclity, Davenport, Nebr., 1906. 
Treas., A. J. Nickey, Alvo, Nebr., 1907. 

District Board. 

Pres., J. C. Seibert, Cando, N. Dak., 1903. 
Sec., Isaac Wagoner, Newville, N. Dak., 1905. 
Treas., Wm. Kessler, Zion, N. Dak., 1904. 

OHIO, Northeastern. 
District Board. 

Pres., H. S. Young, New Berlin, Ohio, 1907. 
Sec, S. M. Friend, R. R. 2, Spencer, Ohio, 

Treas., Israel Hoover, R. R. 2, Weilerville, 

Ohio, 1906. 

S. S. Shoemaker, Greentown, Ohio, 


James Murray, R. R. 2, Rittman, Ohio, 


OHIO, Northwestern. 
District Board. 

Pres., G. W. Sellers, Bryan, Ohio, 1906. 
Sec, G. A. Snyder, Fostoria, Ohio, 1906. 
Treas., J. I. Lindower, Alvada, Ohio, 1905. 
Hugh Miller, DeGraff, Ohio, 1905. 
J. M. Brenneman, Tiffin, Ohio, 1907. 

OHIO, Southern. 
District Board. 
Pres., D. M 

S.&T., H. C. Royer, R. R 
ville, Ohio, 1909. 

D. S. Filburn, R. R. 5 
lisle, Ohio, 1907. 

Sylvan Bookwalter, New Paris, Ohio, 


Adam Peifer, West Milton, Ohio, 1905 

District Board. 

Pres., Samuel Edgecomb, Ripley, Okla., 1905. 
Sec, A. J. Smith, Perry, Okla., 1900. 
Treas., J. H. Cox, Coyle, Okla., 1904. 

Jacob Appleman, Hydro, Okla., 1906. 
J. B. Nininger, Coyle, Okla., 1907. 

District Board. 

Pres., D. B. Eby, Sunnyside, Wash., 1905. 
Sec, J. Harmon Stover, Tekoa, Wash., 1906. 
Treas., T. J. Beckwith, Payette, Idaho, 1905. 
J. H. Partch, Stone, Oregon, 1904. 

E. L. Withers, Newljurg, Oregon, 1906. 

District Board. 

Pres., Jno. Herr, Myerstown, Pa., 1906. 
Sec, I. W. Taylor, New Holland, Pa., 1905. 
Treas., Wm. Oberholtzer, Myerstown, Pa., 


E. M. Wenger, Fredericksburg, Pa., 


Jno. H. Whitmer, Union Deposit, Pa., 


J. W. Myer, Lancaster, Pa., 1907. 

Garver, Farmersville, Ohio 
No. I, Green 
New Car 

District Board. 

Pres., Geo. S. Myers, New Enterprise, Pa. 
Sec, J. B. Brumbaugh, Huntingdon, Pa. 
Treas., J. B. Miller, Woo«lbury, Pa. 

District Board. 

Pres., Jos. A. Long, York, Pa., 1905. 
Sec, W. A. Anthony, Shady Grove, Pa., 1905. 
Treas., Henry Beelman, Dillsburg, Pa., 1906. 
S. M. Stoufifer, Greenspring, Pa., 1907. 
C. L. Baker, East Berlin, Pa., 1907. 

District Board. 

Pres., D. H. Walker, Lull, Pa., 1909. 
Sec, V. E. Mineely, Johnstown, Pa., 1908 
Treas., P. J. Blough, Hooversville, Pa., 1905. 
Harvey Griffith, Myersdale, Pa., 1906. 
J. B. Miller, New Paris, Pa., 1907. 

District ^oard. 

Pres., J. B. Bowman, Jonesboro, Tenn. 
Sec, J. B. Pence, Limestone, Tenn. 
Treas., C. H. Diehl, Jonesboro, Tenn. 

S. J. Bowman, Jonesboro, Tenn. 
A. E. Nead, Limestone, Tenn. 

District Board. 

Pres., W. B. Buckley, Weather ford, Texas, 

Sec,. Geo. Marchand, Manvel, Texas, 1906. 
Treas., Dan Bowman, Saginaw, Texas, 1904. 

District Board. 

Pres., S. M. Ikenberry, R. R. 3, Wertz, Va., 

Sec, D. N. Eller, Daleville, Va., 1906. 
Treas., N. H. Garst, R. R. i, Salem, Va., 1908. 

C. E. Eller, R. R. 2, Salem, Va., 1905. 

R. G. Layman, Cloverdale, Va., 1908. 

J. Bowman, Callaway, Va., 1907. 

A. N. Hylton, Willis, Va., 1906. 

J. F. Keith, Camp Creek, Va., 1907. 

VIRGINIA, Second. 
District Board. 

Pres., D. H. Zigler, Broadway, Va., 1905- 
Sec, J. Carson Miller, Moores Store, Va., 

Treas., J. M. Kagey, Dayton, Va., 1904. 

Geo. Miller, Goods Mills, Va., 1906. 
A. B. Click, Dayton, Va., 1906. 

District Board. 

Pres., Peter Arnold, Burlington, W. Va. 
Sec, John F. Miller, Eglon, W. Va. 
Treas., John S. Fike, Eglon, W. Va. 
Treas., Peter Arnold, Burlington, W. Va. 
Jacob Beery, Augusta, W. Va. 
Albert Frantz, Laureldale, W. Va. 

District Board. 

Pres., G. W. Annon, Thornton, W. Va., 1906. 
S\&T.,J. F. Ross, Simpson, W. Va., 1907. 
J. K. Holsberry, Kirt, W. Va., 1905. 


complete Commentary yet published by the house. No Sunday-school worker can afford 
to be without this most helpful work. It contains 322 pages and is bound m substantial 
cloth. Price, prepaid, $1.00. 




Oxford Reference Bibles 

With Index> Concordance 
and Maps. 

MINION TYPE, 8vo. Size, 8x5^ 

03471 French Morocco, divinity circuit, 
round corners, red under gold edges, . . 

03473 French Morocco, divinity circuit, 
leather lined, round corners, red under 
gold edges, $2.00§ 

BREVIER TYPE, Svo. Size, 8^x5^ 

Self -Pronouncing. " Oxford India Paper " 

03552X French Morocco, divinity cir- 
cuit, linen lined, round corners, red un- 
der gold edges, $4.00| 

03553X French Morocco, divinity cir- 
cuit, leather lined to edge, silk sewed, 
round corners, red under gold edges, . . 
, $4.50| 

03554X Alaska Seal, divinity circuit, 
leather lined to edge, silk sewed, round 
corners, red under gold edges, $5.50^ 

7Y\x5% inches. 

03583 French Morocco, divinity circuit, 
round corners, red under gold edges, . . 


03584 French Morocco, divinity circuit, 
leather lined to edge, round corners, red 
under gold edges, $2.40§ 


81^x6x15-16 inches. 

Self -Pronouncing. " Oxford India Paper " 

03684X French Morocco, divinity cir- 
cuit, leather lined to edge, round cor- 
ners, red under gold edges, $5.50| 

03681 X Alaska Seal, divinity circuit, 
leather lined to edge, silk sewed, round 
corners, red under gold edges, ....$6.50| 

Oxford Teachers' Bibles 

MINION TYPE, 8vo. Size, 8x5^ 

Self-Pronouncing. An Entirely New Series 

on an Improved Plan. 
04423 French Morocco, divinity circuit, 
round corners, red under gold edges, . . 

04428 Same as No. 04423, linen lined,. 

04424 French Morocco, divinity circuit, 
leather lined, round corners, red under 
gold edges, $2.00§ 

04429 American Morocco, divinity cir- 
cuit, leather lined to edge, silk sewed, 
round corners, red under gold edges, . . 

BREVIER TYPE, Svo. White paper. 
Size, SysxS% inches. 

Self-Pronouncing. Beautifully Printed on 
Fine White Paper. 

04470 French Morocco, divinity circuit, 
round corners, red under gold edges. . . 


04471 Same as No. 04470, linen lined,. 

04472 French Morocco, divinity circuit, 
leather lined, round corners, red under 
gold edges $2.20§ 

04475 American Morocco, divinity cir- 
cuit, leather lined to edge, silk sewed, 
round corners, red under gold edges, . , 

BREVIER TYPE, 8vo. Size, 
8J^x5i^x^ inches. 

Self-Pronouncing. " Oxford India Paper " 

0828X French Morocco, divinity circuit, 
linen lined, round corners, red under 
gold edges, $4.00^ 

0825 X French Morocco, divinity circuit, 
leather lined to edge, round corners, red 
under gold edges, $4.50| 

0834X Persian Levant, divinity circuit, 
leather lined to edge, silk sewed, round 
corners, red under gold edges $5.00| 

8^x6 inches. 

Self -Pronouncing. 

04528 French Morocco, divinity circuit, 
round corners, red under gold edges, lin- 
en lined, $2.10§ 

04524 French Morocco, divinity circuit, 
leather lined, silk sewed, round corners, 
red under gold edges, $2.35§ 

04529 American Morocco, divinity cir- 
cuit, leather lined to edge, silk sewed, 
round corners, red under gold edges, . . 


04540 Alaska Seal, divinity circuit, leath- 
er lined to edge, silk sewed, round cor- 
ners, red under gold edges .$4.00§ 


85^x6x1^4 inches. 

Self-Pronouncing. "Oxford India Paper" 


0923X French Morocco, divinity circuit, 
linen lined, round corners, red under 
gold edges, $5.00| 

0925X French Morocco, divinity circuit, 
leather lined to edgi, round corners, red 
under gold edges, $6.00| 

0933X Alaska Seal, divinity circuit, 
leather lined to edge, silk sewed, round 
corners, red under gold edges,. .7. .$7.00J 


Methrm family almanac. 


The Mail Order House, 


The largest makers of plain clothing in the world. 
We guarantee satisfaction, or money refunded. 
Everything is strictly tailor-made to your measure. 

We have been represented at all the late conferences 
and expect to be on hand at Bristol with a larger assort- 
ment of goods to select from than ever before. 

We will be prepared to take care of the hundreds of 
people who now are ordering their clothing for the year 
during the conference. 

We carry a full line of cloth on hand and will take 
pleasure in mailing you samples, tape, measure, and 
measuring blanks free of charge. You can follow in- 
structions, take your own measure, and we will do the 
rest. We fill orders for anything in the clothing line. 
Suits in full or part, cloth by the yard or bolt. Ladies' 
suits, cloaks, skirts, etc. 


stamped Rogers' Special Silverware 
Hand Burnished 

27-piece set fully warrant- 
ed Rogers' Silverware in fine 
lined case at only $3.50. 

We have worked 3 years to 
get the right thing at lowest 
price in a complete silverset 
and now we have it. You 
cannot make a mistake on 
this set and we guarantee 
satisfaction. 6tnives,6forks, 
6 tablespoons, 6 teaspoons, 1 
butter knife, 1 sugar shell and 
1 pickle fork, all v^ry line 12 
dwt. goods, heavy silver plate 
on solid German silver base. 
Always able to fill orders. 
Complete, guaranteed, fine 
lined case, only $3 50. 


Bonnet and Cap Goods. 

Fourteen styles of straw for bonnets. Prices one-half what 
you have been paying. Fine assortment of goods for winter 
bonnets also, and prices very low. Prices and samples sent 
free on application. We furnish bonnet patterns and make 
bonnets to order. Chiffon, Braid, Tie Goods, Rice Net, Silk- 
covered Wire, etc., always kept in stock in large quantities. 
We carry a full line of Cap Goods. Samples and prices 
sent on request. 

pnpp Our three-pound new Mail Order Catalogue will be sent absolutely free 
rlyJuC* to each reader of the Almanac. We know our prices are right and that it 
will be to your advantage to consult our catalogue before buying. 

ALL FREieiiT AND EXPRESS REFUNDED. ^;i.l7n ^^:l°^^t ^^ 

for doing this, or printed explanation sent on request. 

CriPMTlPfr Cf\ APPDATTAIVF ^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ S^^^ to press we have over 
dtlCiliirit VU=Uri;ilAllUll. looo co-operators all sharing in the profits of 
the business. If you are interested write for particulars. 


*♦ That's the Place," Chicag:o, 111. 




Largest Assortment. 
Best Values. 

Send Postal Card for free Samples and 
Premium List. 

A. L GARDNER, ??e'J"C ,44. 

Washington, D. C. 


FOR CAP GOODS. 1 trust you will give me 
your patronage, as in the past. I guarantee satis- 
faction in quality of goods and prices. Samples 
sent on application. Miss Mary A. Brubaker, 
Box 331. Virden III. 


t All sizes and kinds. I sell men's Elgin watches t 
\ as low as $4.95 each. Others from 88 cents to % 
t $35.00. Have been 15 years in the watch business t 
\ and have sold hundreds of watches to Brethren all \ 
t over North America. You can buy all kinds of t 
\ good watches cheap if you send your order to me. 

C"" alogue free upon application. Address: 
H. E. NEWCOMER, Mt. Morris, 


Send letter or postal for free SAMPLE 


We cure you of chewing and smoking 
for 50c., or money back. Guaranteed perfectly 
harmless. Address Milford Drug Co., Milford, 
Indiana. We answer all letters. 


On select book lists for Sunday schools, 
etc. Let us quote you on a list of your 
own selection. Send us your list. 



Elgfin, Illinois. 

THB iingubnook: 

THE INGLENOOK is an illustrated weekly magazine, printed at Elgin, 111. Its 
arrangement is unique, and is suited to all classes of people. Those of a literary turn will 
appreciate the first twelve pages, for they are filled each week with new, clean, bright, spark- 
ling matter, consisting of the best thoughts of authors of note as well as other able contrib- 
utors, upon |the live subjects of the day. THE EDITORIALS are written to meet the 
wants of the constituency in the line of current issues. For the busy people who do not 
have time to digest the voluminous dailies, we have two pages set apart for the CURRENT 
NEWS, boiled down so that the readers may keep in touch with the world and yet not re- 
quire so much of their time. For the lover of nature we reserve two pages of NATURE 
STUDY. No family magazine is complete without a HOME DEPARTMENT, so we 
have amply provided for our women folks. In order that the LITTLE PEOPLE may be- 
come readers and ardent lovers of good literature, we give them a page which is highly 
appreciated by them. To encourage Christian work we give space to CHRISTIAN 
WORKERS' AND READING CIRCLE WORK. For the curious we keep one page for 
QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. Last but not least, a MISCELLANEOUS page is re- 
served. Subscription price, $1.00 per annum. 

The subscription list is growing rapidly, because the people are finding out that they 
can get a twenty-four page weekly for the regular price of a monthly. Write us for sam- 
ple copy, testimonials; and our special inducements to new subscribers. 

Elgin, Illinois, 



Eureka Indestructible Post 

Cheap as cedar. 
iMade where used. 
No freight to pay. 
I I I • I I I I I Great inducements 
to agents who can work territory. For terms, etc., 
address with stamp, 

W. A. DICKEY, North Manchester, Ind. 


:ake pure home-made 

Ohio Apple Butter 

None Better Made. 

Safely shipped everywhere. Write for 
particulars to 

Wayne Co. 

C. J. MILLER & CO., 


Postal card will 
bring it and all 
about the Old Re- 
liable Rocky Mountain " Salvia." We 
placed it on the market 30 years ago and 
still it goes as nature's remedy in nature's 
form. No Family Medicine like it. Still 
room for agents. Big pay. Write at once 

Ing-lewood, Cal. 



We make a specialty of selling CAP 
GOODS by mail. We are sending goods 
into every State and Territory in the U. 
S. where our members are located. We 
have the goods that please our customers, 
and our prices are low. Your money will 
be refunded if not satisfied. Write us for 
a booklet of unsolicited testimonials and a 
full line of free samples. 

- R. E. ARNOLD, Elgin, III. ^ 

p. S. — Mention Brethren Almanac. 
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ 

10 to 20 


If you have ten dollars or 
more to invest in a good, 
legitimate, well-established enterprise, paying lo to 
20 per cent per annum on the investment, regularly 
and safely, write us at once for full particulars. This 
is somettiing that will interest you if you have any 
idle funds. Will bear the closest investigation. Ad- 
dress: NEWCOMER & PRICE, Mt. Morris, 111. 


The progress of the Gospel, the reforms which it brings about, the efforts of 
missionary societies along these lines in the United States are carefully discussed 
in the Missionary Visitor. 

In Addition, 

India, Japan, China, Africa, South America and the Isles of the Sea come in for 
their share. 

The letters from the field are so lifelike and interesting that many say they 
alone are worth the price of the paper. 

If you have not seen a copy of this stirring 48-page, illustrated monthly maga- 
zine, just drop a card asking to see a copy. It will be sent free. 

Some copies of the Biographical number for free distribution. This contains 
a short account of the lives of the missionaries who sailed for India this fall and of 
D. L. Miller who with his wife accompanied them. Address, 


Elgin, Illinois. 




A weekly religious journal, 16 large pages, is published in the interest of the 
Brethren church, and is the only church paper published by the authority of the Con- 
ference. Price, $1.50 per annum. 

It most earnestly pleads for a return to the apostolic order of worship and prac- 

It holds that the Bible is a divinely-inspired book, and recognizes the New Testa- 
ment as the only infallible rule of faith and practice for the people of God. 

It also holds to the doctrine of the Trinity; teaches future rewards and punish- 
ment, and emphasizes the importance of a pure, holy and upright life before God and 

It maintains that only those who remain faithful until death have the promise of 
eternal life; 

That Faith, Repentance and Baptism are conditions of pardon, and hence for the 
remission of sins; 

That Trine Immersion or dipping the candidate three times face-forward is Chris- 
tian Baptism; 

That Feet- Washing, as taught in John 13, is a divine command to be observed in the 

That the Lord's Supper is a meal, and, in connection with the Communion, should 
be taken in the evening, or after the close of the day; 

That the Salutation of the Holy Kiss, or Kiss of Charity, is binding upon the fol- 
lowers of Christ; 

That War and Retaliation are contrary to the spirit and self-denying principles of 
the religion of Jesus Christ; 

That a Nonconformity to the world in daily walk, dress, customs and conversation 
is essential to true holiness and Christian piety. 

It maintains that in public worship, or religious exercises. Christians should ap- 
pear as directed in 1 Cor. 11: 4, 5. 

It also advocates the Scriptural duty of Anointing the sick with oil in the name 
of the Lord. 

In short, it is a vindicator of all that Christ and the Apostles have enjoined upon 
us, and aims, amid the conflicting theories and discords of modern Christendom, to 
point out ground that all must concede to be infallibly safe. 

The first page of the Messenger contains well-rounded-up news from most parts 
of the world. This page is highly prized by all the readers of the paper. 

Several pages are filled with good essays from the best writers in the Broth- 
erhood. Here nearly every phase of the Christian religion is considered. 

Three pages each week are filled with editorials, and a wide range of subjects is 
discussed from week to week. 

The Home and Family, Prayer Meeting, Christian Workers' and Missionary De- 
partments have each their special merit. 

The paper contains special news from every part of the Brotherhood, including re- 
ports from Denmark, Sweden, France, Switzerland and India. 

The General Missionary financial report is to be published every month. This will 
prove interesting to many. 

One of the editors, Bro. D. L. Miller, is on a trip around the world and contrib- 
utes regularly for the columns of the Messenger. We also publish interesting cor- 
respondence from the Bible Lands. 

The contents of the paper are clean, well prepared and make pure, entertaining 
and most instructive reading. 

We shall be pleased to send sample copies to those wishing to know more about 
the paper. 

If you want a journal that contends earnestly for the good old Gospel ways, do 
not fail to secure the Gospel Messenger. 



Elgin, Illinois. \ 





Over 50 Superb Illustrations in Colors. 17 Maps. Collins* Art Edition 

of the Red Letter Bible. Reference and Teachers' Edition 

Beautifully Illustrated. 

The only complete Authorized Version of the Scriptures. Printed in Red Letters -with 
numerous Colored Illustrations. Having all the Prophecies concerning- Christ in the Old 
Testament and all the words of Jesus in the New Testament printed in Red I^etters. Also 
all references to portions of the Old Testament quoted or referred to by Jesus being print- 
ed in red. All the references to portions of the Old Testament quoted or referred to in the 
New Testament being marked by a star (*). Size, 41^x61^x1 inches. 


22490 Freneh Morocco, divinity circuit, 
round corners, red under gold edges, silk 
head band and marker, extra grained lin- 
ing $2.55| 

224905^ Alsatian Morocco, divinity cir- 
cuit, round corners, red under gold 
edges, silk head band and marker, linen 
lined $2.70;!; 

22492 Egyptian Morocco, divinity cir- 
cuit, round corners, red under gold 
edges, silk head band and marker, 
grained leather lining, silk sewed, .$3.40| 


23420 French Morocco, divinity circuit, 
round corners, red under gold edges, 
silk head band and marker, extra 
grained lining, $2.70| 

2342054 Alsatian Morocco, divinity cir- 
cuit, round corners, red under gold 
edges, silk head band and marker, linen 
lined, $3.00 

23^22 Egyptian Morocco, divinity cir- 
cuit, round corners, red under gold 
edges, silk head band and marker, 
grained leather lining, silk sewed, . $3.50J 



These beautiful editions of the New Testament are printed in red and black ink, the 
portions in red being the words uttered by our Savior when on earth. Beautifully printed 
on extra quality thin Bible paper and handsomely bound. Illustrated with five colored 


03RL Cloth Grained, in imitation of 
leather, round 2ornerw, gilt edge, gold 
lettering on side, 70 cents| 

IIRL Leather Limp, red under gold 
edges, round corners, gold lettering on 
side, silk marker (a soft and pliable 
binding), $1.00| 

09 RL Divinity Circisit, round corners, 
red under gold edges, silk head band and 
marker, $1.25;^ 




45^x65^ inches. 

(For size of type see No. 9.) 

05RL Cloth, grained in imitation of 
leather, round corners, gilt edges, gold 
lettering on side, $1.00| 

01 RL Leather Limp, red under gold 
edges, round corners, gold lettering on 
side, silk marker (a soft and pliable 
binding) $1.25| 

90RL French Morocco, divinity circuit, 
round corners, red under gold edges, silk 
head band and marker $1.50$ 

Any of the abpve Testaments supplied with Patent Index for 35 cents additional. 




The South Platte Valley, traversed by 
the Union Pacific, offers unsurpassed 
opportunities to homeseekers and 
others. This Valley possesses a perfect 
soil and will have in a few years an 
irrig-ation system capable of supplying- 
water to every foot of its arable land. 
The climate is an ideal one, crops 
always being* saved entire. 




is better fitted for producing- such yields 
per acre of the three crops that g-ive the 
largest yearly profits— potatoes, alfalfa 
and sugar beets. 

Homeseekers Excursion Rates, one 
fare plus $2.00 for round trip, on 
sale the first and third Tuesdays in 
March, Aprils May^ -Aug.^ Sept, 
and Oct, 

Inquire of any Union Pacific ticket 
agent, or 

E. L. LOMAX, G. P. & T. A., 
Omaha, Neb. 




Is intended to remind Messenger readers 

Dr. Wrightsman's 
Sovereign Balm of Life 

is still prepared by the undersigned. The 
space here is too small to tell what it does 


Expectant Mothers, 

for young girls blooming into womanhood, 
and for all other ills so common to woman. 
Hence we want ladies who are interested in 
any manner to write for samples of the 
medicine and booklet giving particulars. 

D. B. SENQER & CO., 
Box 400. Franklin Grove, IH. 

Save the Babies-.. 

By Using 






It relieves them of all stomach and bowel 
trouble. It aids digestion; tones, strength- 
ens and invigorates the stomach and bow- 
els; acts as a gentle laxative if given in 
small doses, or a physic if given in larger 

Green discharges are always an indica- 
tion that baby's food is not properly digest- 
ed and such condition may result in diar- 
rhoea or cholera infantum. The Powder 
will put the child's stomach in a good, 
healthy condition, so that it can properly 
digest and assimilate its food. Much of the 
vomiting and wind colic common with in- 
fants is prevented by its use. Send for a 
bottle. Price, 25 cents. Six bottles, $1.25. 


D. B. SENGER & CO., 
Box 400. Franklin Grove, IH. 


Never fails to prevent the growth 
horns on calves when applied as directt 
Has been on the market over ten yea; 
Seventy-five cents per bottle by mail pr 
paid to any address. Special induceme 
to agents. It sells and is a mon- 
maker. Send for circular. 


Mfg. Chemist, Mt. Morris, I 

Cheviot Shccf 

Arc Hardy, 

The ewes are good mothers. Tl 
rams are superior for crossing on Mei 
nos or Mutton breeds. 

A good supply of rams and ewes f 
sale. Write to-day. Have bred the 
for 15 years. 


Wild Rose Sheep Farm, 



' «^ -^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 

^ Manchester College ^ 


^ Brethren Historical ^ 



'^^ "^^ "^ «-^ c^ «=^ r<|^ 

.CAJ^ . OO .CX^ -cX!> .CA5 .C-A^ .CXD, 



^ - 

^A '/*#'"': 


-.-• Ti- 

' •/ 

X 4